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Helskanki – Nikata (Quextal remix) out now!

10 September 2012

My latest tune is out today on VIM (VIMBREAKS 172) 🙂

Listen to it here:

Helskanki – Nikata (Quextal remix) [preview] by Quextal

Buy on Beatport here

The promo is getting some awesome positive feedback, and I’ve once again been blessed with great feedback and support from both fellow producers and fans – thanks to you all!

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Gigs: Southampton 7th Sep, London 8th Sep

7 September 2012

Two gigs in two nights coming up, and in both cases I’m privileged to be among an all-star cast of psybreaks and psytrance.

First up, on Friday 7th September, Psychoactive Records brings a stellar lineup to the Talking Heads in Southampton for Higher Dimensions II. Featuring the mighty Neurodriver, Unconscious Mind(s), Re:Creation in both his live A/V psytrance and DJ psybreaks (Peak) guises, and Snook and Quextal complete the lineup. No fillers here – and it’s only a fiver.

Facebook Event Page for Higher Dimensions II.

Then the next evening up at the Union club in Vauxhall, London, a very special night with two rooms of psytrance, psybreaks, progressive and more. It’s a kinda wedding and birthday celebration but this lineup is too good to keep to ourselves to it’s open to the public. Just £10 for 10 hours of entertainment! Check this lineup: Neuroplasm (Live), Organic Hybrid (Live), Savage Circuit (Live), Beatnik, Liquid Ross, Mr Strangelove, Zarvox, Fordy, Niquid, Mr Mush, Andrew Rushton, Katty Grooves, Misskey Piskey, Spindrift, Azuhax23, Filthy Peasant, Amethyst and of course myself Quextal.

There’s no advance tickets for this, and limited capacity so make sure you get down early!
Facebook Event Page for PsySphere

Psysphere flyer front

PsySphere flyer back

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Forthcoming gig:
Higher Dimensions @ Music Box, Salisbury

14 June 2012

This is going to be epic… On Friday 22nd June 2012, Psychoactive Records presents two rooms of the very finest psybreaks and psytrance. Packed full of names you know well from my mixes and shows: Re:Creation (2 hour live A/V set), Bad Tango, Unconscious Mind(s), Peak, Snook, Phase13 and yours truly. Don’t miss it!
Higher Dimensions Flyer Front
Higher Dimensions Flyer Front

EDIT: The correct date is 22nd June, not July. Sorry for any confusion!

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Gig: Sunrise @ Leeds this Saturday

21 November 2011

I’m rather looking forward to this one. If you’re in the vicinity of the north of England, get yourself down to the West Indian Centre in Leeds for Sunrise this Saturday 26th November. I’ll be playing in the psybreaks/progressive/glitch room alongside the awesome Unconscious Mind(s), Magiclantern, Mouldysoul and more; meanwhile room 1 features the mighty Lunar Seed, Compressor and many more laying down the big room psytrance ting.
Flyer image

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Gig: BassInvaders vs Synthplicity
@ Soul Cellar, Southampton
Fri 21st Oct 2011

18 October 2011

Get yourselves down to the Soul Cellar in Southampton this Friday for what promises to be an epic night of underground sounds, including breaks, psytrance, techno and more (and that’s just my set!) from a huge number of very talented producers and DJs, plus amazing decor and the south’s friendliest, most up-for-it crowd!
BassInvaders vs Synthplicity Flyer

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Add me on Google+

13 July 2011

If you’re on Google+, you can now add Quextal to your circles.

Because G+ currently lacks any equivalent of Facebook “Page”s, what I’ve done is to set this up as a separate acccount, purely for my music-related activities. This should ensure that I don’t drown you, my beloved fans, in irrelevant updates about my other interests, while conversely not pestering those of my friends who aren’t into my music (I know, right?) with news of my latest mix or gig.

As with all my social networking, my policy is to supply you with infrequent, high-quality, informational updates about things that you are likely to be interested in as a devoted Quextalyte 🙂

The observant may also have noticed a Google ‘+1’ icon taking its place at the top of every article alongside the Facebook ‘Like’ button. As I understand it, using the ‘+1’ button is a Google rather than a Google+ thing (although it does integrate with the latter). So if you have a Google account, feel free to click on it as a way of recommending the article 🙂

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Quexotic Adventures dates for July/Aug

6 July 2011

Just for this month (July 2011), my NSB Radio show Quexotic Adventures will be swapping places with the Yellowfinger Variety Show, ie it will be on the second and fourth Saturdays (at the usual time, 7pm BST), then revert to the first and third for August. I have a hectic gig schedule in September so there might be other changes then – follow me on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with the latest.

So the revised dates are: 9th July; 23rd July; 6th August; 20th August.

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Tales Of The Interstitial returns TONIGHT
LIVE with special guests
Re:Creation and Unconscious Mind(s)!

14 June 2011

It’s been a few months… so to mark the return of Quextal to Psymusic Radio, I’ve bagged not one but TWO special guests who’ll be joining me live at the Towers Of The Interstitial high-rise studio on Tue 14th Jun….

> > > RE:CREATION < < <
…returning for a second visit to these shores after rocking the show back in February of last year (gosh, has it been that long?) and rocking dancefloors up and down the land with his high-octane mind-blending psytrance and psybreaks.

And joining us for the first time, a man who in a very short space of time has established himself as one of the foremost psybreaks producers at large today (though rumour has it you might start hearing some psytrance from him at some point…)

Together they are the evil geniuses behind Psychoactive Records, so expect plenty of EXCLUSIVE future tunes from that label, plus just generally some of the sickest psychedelic breaks and doof in the known galaxy.

DO NOT MISS THIS. Tune in live from 7.30pm UK time by going to Psymusic Radio and clicking on the icon for your player. Don’t forget to join us in the chatroom too, using the Chat link on that page.

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Technosis vs Decayed @ Soul Cellar 28/04/11

27 April 2011

Hope to see some of you at Technosis vs Decayed at the Soul Cellar in Southampton on Thu 28th April 2011. Featuring Chris Liberator upstairs, Mobius and Quextal downstairs plus many more…

Technosis Flyer front

Technosis Flyer Back

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Forthcoming Gigs

22 April 2011

Several gigs coming up in the next few weeks 🙂

Sat 23rd Apr Charity All-dayer @ The King Alfred, Southampton 3pm-2am £2 (Quextal playing chilled beats 6.30-7.30pm) Facebook Event Page

Thu 28th Apr Technosis vs Decayed @ Soul Cellar, Southampton 9pm-3am £6adv (Quextal playing psybreaks and techno 1-2am) Facebook Event Page

Fri 13th – Sun 15th May Something Else Tent @ Bearded Theory Festival, Derbyshire (Slots TBA, officially I’ve been booked to play “chillout” but we’ll see 🙂 )

Fri 20th May AutomAte @ Basement45, Bristol 10pm-4am £tba (Quextal playing psybreaks)

Hope to see you on a dancefloor soon 🙂

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