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Mix: xtalline sunshine ~
spring-loaded progressive & psytrance

21 February 2013

IMG_5728_square_med Bouncy progressive trance and psytrance to put a spring in your step and sunshine in your soul… Gradually evolving from 135 to 145 bpm, taking you from morning to evening in one CD-length mix 🙂

Sorry it’s been so long since my last promo mix. I actually did this one almost exactly a year ago, but for various reasons (not very good ones) it’s been languishing on my hard disk since then. But as the sun re-emerges from its winter hibernation, it’s time to let it loose. I find it’s particularly good for driving on a sunny day, but I’m sure you’ll find other uses for it… enjoy!

Download for free in a choice of bitrates:

# Artist Title Label
1 Flowjob Jessica Lee (Motion Drive rx) Iboga Trance
2 Symbolic Crystal Clear Iboga Trance
3 Pop Art Tribalism Trancelucent
4 Double Click & Numb Flashlight Blue Tunes
5 Timelock Xtractor Iboga
6 Pop Art Ilite Blue Tunes
7 Zen Mechanics & Egorythmia Dragonfruit Iboga Trance
8 Avalon ft Sinerider Cruise Control Nano
9 Amd Morning Glory Nano
10 Lucas O’Brien & Eat Static Troglodyte Tip
11 Re:Creation Infinite Expansion Psychoactive
12 Lucas O’Brien & Dickster Dirty Tackle Tip
13 Amd Pretty Trippy Nano
14 Metaphase & DJ Peace The Universe Point Zero

Quextal – xtalline sunshine (prog/psy mix) 192kbps
Quextal – xtalline sunshine (prog/psy mix) 320kbps

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Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode XIII:
live on PsyMusic 17th Aug 2010
with special guest Fat Mandy / Mr Faster

20 August 2010

TOTI is one year old! To celebrate, I was delighted to welcome Jon Ward, in his Fat Mandy and Mr Faster guises, to join me in the studio for both live PA and DJ sets.

After a brief intro from yours truly, Fat Mandy kicked off the show in future-retro style with an Ableton set of electro-swing. I spun a set of progressive and psybreaks after that, then it was the mighty Fat Mandy Live PA, lush evolving breakbeat squelch, interstitially poised somewhere between breaks, dnb and chill. Then Jon switched hats to his Mr Faster persona and we went back to back for nearly three hours of psytrance, rolling, dark, forest, bouncy, you name it. Wicked fun times!

Thanks to Jon for coming along (he’ll be back!), and for all the shoutbox crew for keeping us company!

(In the tracklists below, Jon’s selections are this colour).

Download (437.0MB 192kbps MP3 318’13”) 1009 downloads (This is the archive of the whole 5+ hour show. Alternatively you can download individual sections below.)

0. Intro

# Artist Title Label
1 Psilodump The Droidduck Demon Tea
2 Normalize Nevermind Spin Twist

1. Fat Mandy electro-swing DJ set

Download (75.5MB 192kbps MP3 54’59”) 937 downloads

# Artist Title Label
3 Flanger Music To Begin With
4 Lena Horne I Want A Little Doggie
5 Chinese Man Artichaut
6 Dunklebunt Cinnamon Girl
7 Orquesta Del Plata Montserrat
8 Gramophonedzie Why Don’t You
9 Red Nichols Strike Up The Band
10 Benny Berigan Snake Charmer
11 Analogik Gipsy Kings
12 Der Dritte Raum Swing Dub
13 Kormac Kormac’s House
14 Frohlocker Hipbrass
15 Parov Stelar Hotel Axos
16 Chinese Man I’ve Got That Tune
17 Dirty Sole Skattered Jazz

2. Quextal progressive/techno/psybreaks DJ set

Download (55.6MB 192kbps MP3 40’27”) 1077 downloads

# Artist Title Label
18 Sun Control Species Serenaii Iboga
19 Psilodump Faculties In Dreams Demon Tea
20 Philter Rise (Klopfgeister rx) Spin Twist
21 Chris Nemmo Nightshade (Fletric rx) Digital Sensation UK
22 Home Alone Asshole (Audiohazard rx) Ego Shot
23 Neurodriver Church Of The Plasma Christ Flying Rhino Digital [promo]
24 Jellyfish & Andrey Mute Sweet Acid (dub mix) Bombtraxx

3. Fat Mandy Live PA

Download (69.6MB 192kbps MP3 50’42”) 978 downloads

# Artist Title Label
25 Fat Mandy FAT MANDY LIVE PA [unreleased]

4. Mr Faster vs Quextal psytrance DJ set

Download (223.2MB 192kbps MP3 162’31”) 931 downloads

# Artist Title Label
26 Sensient Northern Lights Zenon
27 Sensient Cluster Fuck Zenon
28 Kiwa On The Frequency Exogenic
29 Sensient Crystal Rain Highly Evolved
30 Electrypnose Le Cri Du Donanubis
31 8220 GOA No Strings Attached
32 Troll Scientists Disco Doctor Exogenic
33 Encephalopaticys Athma PsyLife
34 ? ? ?
35 Loose Connection Track 2 [unreleased]
36 Atriohm Rings Of Fairy Auraquake
37 Electrypnose Erimesa Digital Psionics
38 ? ? [unreleased]
39 Bombax Remedy comp [unreleased]
40 Techtonic ft Quantum Zuma
41 Loud Subinya (album version)
42 Comadust
43 Scorb MDMA
44 Dickster & Lucas Living Dangerously
45 Sensient Zoltan Futureaudio
46 cosmo something…1st album
47 1200 Mics Mescaline TIP World
48 Eat Static & Lucas Primitive Earthlings TIP World
49 Scorb Ipso Fvcto Trick
50 Sensient Offworld PsyTropic
51 Schatsi Radio Schatsi (Perfect Stranger rx) Iboga
52 Highpersonic Whomen Push The Limit

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Artists: 1200 Mics, 8220 GOA, ?, Analogik, Andrey Mute, Atriohm, Audiohazard, Benny Berigan, Bombax, Chinese Man, Chris Nemmo, Comadust, Der Dritte Raum, Dickster, Dirty Sole, Dunklebunt, Eat Static, Electrypnose, Encephalopaticys, Fat Mandy, Flanger, Fletric, Frohlocker, Gramophonedzie, Highpersonic Whomen, Home Alone, Jellyfish, Kiwa, Klopfgeister, Kormac, Lena Horne, Loose Connection, Loud, Lucas, Neurodriver, Normalize, Orquesta Del Plata, Parov Stelar, Perfect Stranger, Philter, Psilodump, Quantum, Red Nichols, Schatsi, Scorb, Sensient, Sun Control Species, Techtonic, Troll Scientists, album, cosmo, dub

Labels: ?, Auraquake, Bombtraxx, Demon Tea, Digital Psionics, Digital Sensation UK, Ego Shot, Exogenic, Flying Rhino Digital, Futureaudio, Highly Evolved, Iboga, PsyLife, PsyTropic, Spin Twist, TIP World, Trick, Zenon

Glade Psy Lineup Flyer

2 April 2010

Yeah I can stand being in a line-up like this….

Glade Flyer with Quextal amongst a stellar lineup :)

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Mix: iSpyBreaks

12 October 2009

I was asked to do a guest mix by Dead Famous Records (home of Robosapiens et al) label manager Daniella Downs for the “Dead Radio” show on iBreaks Radio. The deal is I get one in return at some point, so watch out for that… Anyway, I’d intended to do about 45 mins but it came out a shade under 80 and went out on iBreaks in full last Saturday, so I now offer it here as an all too rare burn-to-CD promo mix 🙂

The name, iSpyBreaks, is a pun on iBreaks of course, and a recognition that while most of the tunes here are not exactly what most people would call psybreaks, they are varied representatives of the kind of epic, progressive breaks with tech edges and psy twists that has always been my main squeeze for the past 2 years. Some tunes are new, some are old but were so ahead of their time that they still fit. Hope you enjoy it.

Download (107MB 192k MP3 78’06”) 2938 downloads

# Artist Title
1 Mad-Tek Meteor Shower
2 Semi-Detached Who Da Fuck (False Prophet rx)
3 Lifecycle Do Not Pass (Flack.Su rx)
4 Ghettface & Yanix Wikked Wayz (BETA rx)
5 BSD You Must Find Strength
6 Rektchordz Left Behind (BETA rx)
7 Neo Aura (Cosmonaut rx)
8 Santos Combination
9 Phil K & Habersham Cloudbrake
10 Amb Rust
11 Rennie Pilgrem Rich Rule Us (BSD rx)
12 Koma & Bones Morpheus
13 Introspective Skanky (Splitloop rx)
14 Robosapiens Infected (LuQas rx)
15 Future Funk Squad RaveUlator

Download (107MB 192k MP3 78’06”) 2938 downloads
Link to generate podcast enclosure

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Psychedelic Saturday @ The Hobbit 31st Jan 2009

19 January 2009

If you’re in the Southampton area get yourselves down to The Hobbit on Saturday 31st January where I’m playing at a night called Psychedelic Saturday. All psy-styles are represented from the 60s to now, but with an emphasis on the more modern and danceable stuff 🙂 I’ll be playing…well…the psy edge of what I normally play, ie psy-breaks, psy-trance, psy-techno, psy-wonk, psy-dnb… you get the picture… should be an awesome party 🙂 Music runs 8pm – 1am, it’s free entry before 10pm, £2 after, and the bar stays open until 3. See you there!

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