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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #093:
4/4 special! prog/tech/psytrance
live on NSB 23rd Aug 2014

4 December 2014

Something a bit different… an entire show dedicated to 4-to-the-floor music, no breakbeats at all! Certainly the first time I’ve done this on NSB, but it went down rather well 🙂 Starting in the mid-130s with chunky techy and progressive stuff, and building up to full-on psytrance by the end. Judging by the reaction I ought to do this more often…
Download (218.2MB 192kbps MP3 158’54”) 612 downloads

# Artist Title
1 The Commercial Hippies Underground Overground
2 Interactive Noise & Durs Black Hole
3 Lucyd Conflux
4 Kliment Ascension
5 Monk3ylogic Control The Void (Tongue & Groove rx)
6 Nok Silent Sleeper
7 Phaxe Angels Of Destruction
8 Behind Blue Eyes & Phaxe Medusa (Static Movement rx)
9 Symphonix Sick (Tezla rx)
10 Perfect Stranger & Captain Hook Perfect Hook (Joujouka rx)
11 Symphonix Time Of Punk (Protonica rx)
12 Phaxe Unforgotten
13 Ace Ventura & Rocky Serotonin Overdose (Gaudium rx)
14 Dickster & Perfect Stranger Quantum Physics At Dick’s Attic
15 Perfect Stranger No.1 (Shayman rx)
16 Perfect Stranger Easy
17 Yotopia & Perfect Stranger Twist In Hell
18 Liquid Soul & Zyce ft Solar Kid We Come In Peace
19 Durs Mind Games
20 Protonica Subground
21 Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics Digital Beings
22 Flowjob Jessica Lee (Motion Drive rx)
23 The Commercial Hippies Wave After Wave
24 Zen Mechanics Off The Grid
25 Eskimo My Rave

Download (218.2MB 192kbps MP3 158’54”) 612 downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2014-08-23

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Artists: Ace Ventura, Behind Blue Eyes, Captain Hook, Dickster, Durs, Eskimo, Flowjob, Gaudium, Groove, Interactive Noise, Joujouka, Kliment, Liquid Soul, Lucyd, Monk3ylogic, Motion Drive, Nok, Perfect Stranger, Phaxe, Protonica, Rocky, Shayman, Solar Kid, Static Movement, Symphonix, Tezla, The Commercial Hippies, Tongue, Yotopia, Zen Mechanics, Zyce

Mix: xtalline sunshine ~
spring-loaded progressive & psytrance

21 February 2013

IMG_5728_square_med Bouncy progressive trance and psytrance to put a spring in your step and sunshine in your soul… Gradually evolving from 135 to 145 bpm, taking you from morning to evening in one CD-length mix 🙂

Sorry it’s been so long since my last promo mix. I actually did this one almost exactly a year ago, but for various reasons (not very good ones) it’s been languishing on my hard disk since then. But as the sun re-emerges from its winter hibernation, it’s time to let it loose. I find it’s particularly good for driving on a sunny day, but I’m sure you’ll find other uses for it… enjoy!

Download for free in a choice of bitrates:

# Artist Title Label
1 Flowjob Jessica Lee (Motion Drive rx) Iboga Trance
2 Symbolic Crystal Clear Iboga Trance
3 Pop Art Tribalism Trancelucent
4 Double Click & Numb Flashlight Blue Tunes
5 Timelock Xtractor Iboga
6 Pop Art Ilite Blue Tunes
7 Zen Mechanics & Egorythmia Dragonfruit Iboga Trance
8 Avalon ft Sinerider Cruise Control Nano
9 Amd Morning Glory Nano
10 Lucas O’Brien & Eat Static Troglodyte Tip
11 Re:Creation Infinite Expansion Psychoactive
12 Lucas O’Brien & Dickster Dirty Tackle Tip
13 Amd Pretty Trippy Nano
14 Metaphase & DJ Peace The Universe Point Zero

Quextal – xtalline sunshine (prog/psy mix) 192kbps
Quextal – xtalline sunshine (prog/psy mix) 320kbps

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Forthcoming Gig: Psysphere @ Union, Vauxhall
23rd Feb 2013

7 February 2013

I’m delighted to be making a return visit to Psysphere – the last one was a stellar night with great music, mind-blowing decor and a super-friendly crowd.

This time the main room plays host to a variety of psytrance, including the London debut of awesome Goa-Psy producer Lunar Seed, along with LIVE sets from Prognosis, Continuum, and Sprocket, and DJ support from Razzek, Zarvox, Fordy and Thall Om.

Meanwhile Room 2 provides the alternative psychedelic grooves, from psybreaks to progressive to glitch-hop, with Quextal, Spindrift, Andrew Rushton, Miff, Amethyst and Azuhax23.

With visuals from VJ Kaz, decor from Jumbo Arts and In Orbit, plus Mess Tent’s Chai Café and more.

The night runs from 10pm to 8am and it’s only £10 on the door – get down early as capacity is limited.

Union, 66 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, London.

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Quextal recommends: Free albums from
Re:Creation and
Unconscious Mind(s)

11 November 2011

Those lovely chaps over at Psychoactive Records have been busy bees lately. As well as furnishing us with some mighty fine psytrance and psybreaks EPs recently, label head honchos Re:Creation and Unconscious Mind(s) have both now released full-length LPs on the label for free on Soundcloud!

The Unconscious Mind(s) album Broken Dreams Of Euphoria [PSY007] is a 10-track tour-de-force of psychedelic breaks and tech-funk. It’s full of great grooves, chunky rolling basslines, powerful acid lines, and squelches galore!

Unconscious Mind(s) – Broken Dreams of Euphoria [PSY007] Free Download by Psychoactive Records

Hot off the presses today, 11/11/11, at precisely 11:11:11, the long-awaited debut album from Re:Creation was released to an unsuspecting world. Entitled Infinite Expansion, it offers up a smorgasbord of psychedelic sensory delights, from the convention-defying 5/4-signature 100bpm psystep of the opening track, to rolling and melodic soundscapes of full-on psytrance, to blistering high-octane psybreaks and more, this is a truly epic journey of the imagination!

Re:Creation – Infinite Expansion [PSY008] Free Download! by Psychoactive Records

You might also like: Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode XVIII: live on PsyMusic 14th Jun 2011 with special guests Re:Creation and Unconscious Mind(s)

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Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode XVIII:
live on PsyMusic 14th Jun 2011
with special guests Re:Creation
and Unconscious Mind(s)

17 June 2011

It’s been a while but TOTI returns with a bang, joined in the studio by the dudes that are Unconscious Mind(s) and Re:Creation for an epic 4-hour b2b2b session of mind-bending psybreaks and psytrance, including many exclusive tracks forthcoming on their label Psychoactive Records. Huge thanks to them for coming along, and to everyone who tuned in live and got busy in the chatroom.

TOTI is a moveable feast at the moment, ie I don’t yet know when the next one will be, but more fabulous guests are in the pipeline… follow Quextal on Facebook or Twitter to be notified about the next show!

Tracklist key: Re:Creation; Unconscious Mind(s); Quextal Taste the rainbow!

Download (326.4MB 192kbps MP3 237’39”) 681 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 The Analogeeks Psychofunk [promo]
2 Blazer Requiem Ayra
3 Parallax Breakz Thanks & Farewell soundcloud [free]
4 Unconscious Mind(s) Dimension 13 Psychoactive [free]
5 Jellyfish & Andrey Mute Trouble In The Attic Broken Robot
6 Retroid Last Seraphim (Peter Paul rx) Ego Shot
7 Blazer Toxic Girl (Unconscious Minds(s) rx) Ayra
8 RMS & Peak Ten Dimensions Broken Robot
9 Peak Quantum Leap [exclusive]
10 Unconscious Mind(s) & Peak 5D Hologram [exclusive]
11 Adam Faz Evil Circuitry (Unconscious Mind(s) rx) VIM
12 Blazer Robotek Ayra
13 Kwah Proton Perspective soundcloud [free]
14 RMS & Peak New Realm (Hedflux rx) Broken Robot
15 Big Mistake Paradigma Exogenic Breaks
16 Unconscious Mind(s) FD Psybreaks Ayra
17 Big Mistake Guenon Psychoactive
18 Rex Evil Buddha Comb Broken Robot
19 Robosapiens Bodies (Hedflux rx) Dead Famous
20 Big Mistake A Law Against the Law [unsigned]
21 The Boomzers Rowentha (Far Too Loud rx) Recovery House
22 Re:Creation String Theory (Unconscious Mind(s) rx) Psychoactive
23 Madmind Slaves of Consumption (Blazer rx) Psychoactive [exclusive]
24 Neelix Adaption (Captain Hook & Quantize rx) Plusquam
25 Aerospace Simple Words Blue Tunes
26 Re:Creation Arcturian Soul Psychoactive [exclusive]
27 Re:Creation Eclipse Psychoactive [free]
28 Unconscious Mind(s) Dimension 13 (Re:Creation rx) Psychoactive [free]
29 Unconscious Mind(s) & Re:Creation Inside the Simulation Psychoactive
30 Eat Static & Lucas Primitive Earthlings TIP World
31 Dickster & Burn In Noise Tumbleweed Nano
32 Toxical Formatting Your Brain Tactic
33 Re:Creation String Theory Psychoactive
34 Re:Creation Infinite Expansion Psychoactive [exclusive]
35 Highpersonic Whomen Push The Limit Exogenic
36 Eat Static Sin-Quest Solstice
37 Re:Creation Unity Nulled Psychoactive [exclusive]
38 Re:Creation Re:Construct Psychoactive [exclusive]
39 Save the Robot Battle of the Mind TIP World
40 Space Buddha Under Delusion Agitato
41 Chakra & Edi X-File (monkey mix) Dragonfly
42 DNA Signal 5 DNA
43 Re:Creation Binary Wakeup Psychoactive [exclusive]
44 Re:Creation Process of Creation Psychoactive [exclusive]

Download (326.4MB 192kbps MP3 237’39”) 681 downloads
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Artists: Adam Faz, Aerospace, Andrey Mute, Big Mistake, Blazer, Burn In Noise, Captain Hook, Chakra, DNA, Dickster, Eat Static, Edi, Far Too Loud, Hedflux, Highpersonic Whomen, Jellyfish, Kwah, Lucas, Madmind, Neelix, Parallax Breakz, Peak, Peter Paul, Quantize, RMS, Re:Creation, Retroid, Rex, Robosapiens, Save the Robot, Space Buddha, The Analogeeks, The Boomzers, Toxical, Unconscious Mind(s), monkey

Labels: Agitato, Ayra, Blue Tunes, Broken Robot, DNA, Dead Famous, Dragonfly, Ego Shot, Exogenic, Exogenic Breaks, Nano, Plusquam, Psychoactive, Recovery House, Solstice, TIP World, Tactic, VIM,, soundcloud

Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode XVII:
live on PsyMusic 20th Feb 2011

28 February 2011

Another chapter of Tales… this week featuring chunky rolling techno, blissed progressive, epic psybreaks and twisted psytrance in a slightly more compact show than has become typical for Tales, only slightly over 2 hours 🙂
Download (186.5MB 192kbps MP3 135’48”) 596 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Daniel Portman Rumour Has It Recovery House
2 DJ Fabio That Voice Blue Tunes
3 Lutzenkirchen Spec Ops Two Great Stuff
4 Rino Cabrera All Of A Sudden (Daniel Portman rx) Recovery House
5 Weekend Heroes Black Ops! (Daniel Portman rx) Unreleased Digital
6 Yotopia Mr Brotherman Iboga
7 Symphonix Orange (Interactive Noise rx) Blue Tunes
8 Double Click Tribal Waves Blue Tunes
9 Zen Mechanics Holy Cities (Ace Ventura rx) Neurobiotic
10 Fletric Control (Geon rx) Flextone
11 DBF & Retroid Nightfall (Kultur & Columbo rx) VIM
12 Geon Tutmosis Metamorph Muzik
13 DBF Going Back (Quextal rx) [unmastered] [exclusive]
14 Electrux EMP Top Drawer Digital
15 Big Mistake Grinder (remake) [unsigned]
16 Big Mistake Paradigma (Bad Tango rx) Exogenic Breaks
17 Dr Fish Influenza [promo]
18 Triple Agent Explorer (Projectsynthetic rx) Logariddim [promo]
19 Unconscious Mind(s) Far Beyond soundcloud [free]
20 Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics Digital Beings Echoes
21 Neelix Adaption (Captain Hook & Quantize rx) Plusquam
22 Neuroplasm Bewilderbeast Blue Hour Sounds
23 Brainiac Hyperphysics 247

Download (186.5MB 192kbps MP3 135’48”) 596 downloads

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Artists: Ace Ventura, Bad Tango, Big Mistake, Brainiac, Captain Hook, Columbo, DBF, DJ Fabio, Daniel Portman, Double Click, Dr Fish, Electrix, Fletric, Geon, Interactive Noise, Kultur, Lutzenkirchen, Neelix, Neuroplasm, Projectsynthetic, Quantize, Retroid, Rino Cabrera, Symphonix, Triple Agent, Unconscious Mind(s), Weekend Heroes, Yotopia, Zen Mechanics, remake

Labels: Logariddim, soundcloud

Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode XVI:
live on PsyMusic 30th Dec 2010

2 February 2011

Hey all. Sorry this has taken a while to upload – I had the small matter of moving house to attend to! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this epic show. It’s almost entirely 4/4s, from progressive gradually accelerating to banging psytrance with just a couple of psybreaks tracks to keep you on your toes – including the exclusive forthcoming psybreaks monster from Re:Creation (big ups Adam!) 🙂

Keep an eye on my Twitter or Facebook page for news of the next episode of Tales Of The Interstitial…

Download (267.0MB 192kbps MP3 194’23”) 553 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 DJ Fabio & Moon Centred Spin Twist
2 Kultur Robotiko Metamorph Muzik
3 Ace Ventura & Perfect Stranger Perfect Ace Plusquam
4 U-Prag Drummers & Even 11 Particles In Space Tribal Vision
5 Solid Snake Goonies Tribal Vision
6 Lutzenkirchen Stealth Run Sound Of Cologne
7 Tone Depth Ninja Pants Incorrect Music
8 Perfect Stranger & Pena Ode Ao Sol (live edit) [free]
9 DJ Fabio Things I Can’t Change Spin Twist
10 Neelix Adaption (Interactive Noise rx) Spin Twist
11 Interactive Noise Energy Spin Twist
12 Ace Ventura M.A.R.S. (Intelabeam rx) Echoes
13 Ace Ventura Rebirth (Loud rx part 1) Echoes
14 Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics Digital Beings Echoes
15 Aerospace Mega Pop Kit Digital Nature
16 Neelix Adaption (Captain Hook & Quantize rx) Plusquam
17 Sawtooth Dance With Me (Jade rx) Dead Famous
18 Audiomatic vs Magnetrixx Triebwagen PsyTropic
19 Sensient Loose Fingers Zenon
20 Ital Sun Vibe Desert Trax
21 Techtonic ft Quantum Zuma Kundalini
22 DNA Signal 5 DNA
23 Neuroplasm Bewilderbeast Blue Hour Sounds
24 Brainiac Hyperphysics 247
25 Re:Creation Eclipse soundcloud [free]
26 Dickster & Burn In Noise Tumbleweed Nano
27 Atriohm Spell Drops Auraquake
28 Eat Static Sin-Quest Solstice
29 Electrypnose Erimesa Digital Psionics
30 Re:Creation Binary Wake Up [exclusive]
31 Eskimo My Rave Sigma

Download (267.0MB 192kbps MP3 194’23”) 553 downloads

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Artists: Ace Ventura, Aerospace, Atriohm, Audiomatic, Brainiac, Burn In Noise, Captain Hook, DJ Fabio, DNA, Dickster, Eat Static, Electrypnose, Eskimo, Even 11, Intelabeam, Interactive Noise, Ital, Jade, Kultur, Loud, Lutzenkirchen, Magnetrixx, Moon, Neelix, Neuroplasm, Pena, Perfect Stranger, Quantize, Quantum, Re:Creation, Sawtooth, Sensient, Solid Snake, Techtonic, Tone Depth, U-Prag Drummers, Zen Mechanics, live edit

Labels: 247, Auraquake, Blue Hour Sounds, DNA, Dead Famous, Desert Trax, Digital Nature, Digital Psionics, Echoes, Incorrect Music, Kundalini, Metamorph Muzik, Nano, Plusquam, PsyTropic, Sigma, Solstice, Sound Of Cologne, Spin Twist, Tribal Vision, Zenon, soundcloud

Gig: Killertrax goes Psychoactive
/ Leeds / 4th Feb 2011

6 January 2011

Watch out Northerners… Quextal is playing the main room at the Beaver Works in Leeds on Fri 4th Feb 2011 as new label Psychoactive Records showcase their killer sounds with LIVE PAs from Re:Creation (A/V set), Unconscious Mind(s) and more, across two rooms of sheer psybreaks, psytrance, techno and electro awesomeness, plus the Killertrax boys and girls doing their hard dance thing in the basement.

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Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode XV:
live on PsyMusic 15th Oct 2010

19 October 2010

Techno -> Psybreaks -> Progressive -> Psytrance
Download (290.8MB 192kbps MP3 211’43”) 871 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Alexander Maier & Marius Lehnert Wrong Exit (Lutzenkirchen dub) BluFin
2 Umek Dementia (Dyno & Alex Di Stefano rx) Mantra Vibes
3 Khainz Edit 42 (Alex Di Stefano & Simone De Caro rx) Echoes
4 Neelix & Potter Good Evening Blue Tunes
5 Gabriel Ananda Doppelwhipper (Live) Platzhirsch Schallplatten
6 Hoffman Total Triple Trouble soundcloud [free]
7 Ebb Lowlife (Hoffman Remix) soundcloud [free]
8 Scapo Chemtrails Above (Geon Remix) Dirty Drop
9 Audiohazard Human Nature (orig) Ego Shot
10 Blazer Infected High Grade
11 Hedflux Rhythm Prism Broken Robot [promo]
12 Geon Transmit Logico Beatz
13 Wardian Magic Funndark
14 Geon Eclipse Logico Beatz
15 Hedflux Revolve Broken Robot [promo]
16 Normalize Nevermind Spin Twist
17 Philter Rise (Klopfgeister Remix) Spin Twist
18 Vaishiyas Mask Tamburine Audioload
19 Aerospace Re Entry Digital Nature
20 Electrypnose Seeking The Shape Digital Psionics
21 Aerospace Mega Pop Kit Digital Nature
22 Marmion Schoneberg (Man With No Name rx) Hooj Choons
23 DNA Think Different DNA
24 Dickster & Burn In Noise Tumbleweed Nano
25 DNA Signal 5 DNA
26 Brainiac Hyperphysics 247
27 Sensient Tea & Biscuits Zenon
28 Atriohm Rings Of Fairy Auraquake
29 Encephalopaticys Athma PsyLife
30 Kodama Nehehehearly [demo]
31 Atriohm Spell Drops Auraquake
32 Eat Static Ancient Teachers Of Mankind TIP World
33 Highpersonic Whomen Push The Limit Exogenic
34 Shimmon & Woolfson Evil Queen (full force mix) React

Download (290.8MB 192kbps MP3 211’43”) 871 downloads

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Artists: Aerospace, Alex Di Stefano, Alexander Maier, Atriohm, Audiohazard, Blazer, Brainiac, Burn In Noise, DNA, Dickster, Dyno, Eat Static, Ebb, Electrypnose, Encephalopaticys, Gabriel Ananda, Geon, Hedflux, Highpersonic Whomen, Hoffman, Khainz, Klopfgeister, Kodama, Live, Lutzenkirchen, Man With No Name, Marius Lehnert, Marmion, Neelix, Normalize, Philter, Potter, Scapo, Sensient, Shimmon, Simone De Caro, Umek, Vaishiyas, Wardian, Woolfson

Labels: 247, Audioload, Auraquake, BluFin, Blue Tunes, Broken Robot, DNA, Digital Nature, Digital Psionics, Dirty Drop, Echoes, Ego Shot, Exogenic, Funndark, High Grade, Hooj Choons, Logico Beatz, Mantra Vibes, Nano, Platzhirsch Schallplatten, PsyLife, React, Spin Twist, TIP World, Zenon, soundcloud

Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode XIV:
live on PsyMusic 21st Sep 2010

9 October 2010

Chunky progressive, psybreaks, dnb, and plenty of psytrance in this month’s trippy hop round the genres. Going out to everyone who caught my set at Waveform on the Kaplick Solar Stage… see you again next year!
Download (250.2MB 192kbps MP3 182’11”) 831 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Perfect Stranger Free Cloud (Sensient rx) Open
2 Perfect Stranger & Pena Ode Ao Sol (Live Edit) [free]
3 Way Out West Only Love (Jerome Isma-Ae rx) Armada
4 Sensient Bear Bones Vagalume
5 Tomcraft & Jerome Isma-Ae Trouble In The Redlight District (Weekend Heroes rx) Jee Digital
6 Alex D’Elia Didascalia (Lutzenkirchen rx) Frequenza
7 Aerospace Re Entry Digital Nature
8 Beatman & Ludmilla Leeroy Jenkins (Triple Agent rx) Ayra
9 Liquid Soul Devotion (Ace Ventura rx) Joof
10 Weekend Heroes Endless Candy Baroque
11 Aerospace Mega Pop Kit Digital Nature
12 Mute Mechanizm (Ace Ventura rx) Iono
13 Curl & Dean Bantha (Mesmer dub) Scarcity
14 OOOD Oddball (Hedflux rx) Broken Robot
15 Ilya Mosolov Connections (M Spark rx) Rune [promo]
16 B-Phreak X-Static (Mesmer rx) Dusted Breaks [promo]
17 Beat Rangers Frequency Riders (Triple Agent rx) VIM
18 Re:Creation Unity Nulled [unsigned]
19 Re:Creation String Theory [unsigned]
20 Atriohm Spell Drops Auraquake
21 Sensient Loose Fingers Zenon
22 Electrypnose Life Is A Sinus D-A-R-K
23 Zen Mechanics Mecha Neurobiotic
24 Re:Creation Neuron [unsigned]
25 LM1 Sargasso Absys
26 Nick Bee Careful Subculture
27 ? ? ?
28 Dom & Roland Odd Job
29 Opiuo Creamy Taco Addictech

Download (250.2MB 192kbps MP3 182’11”) 831 downloads

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Artists: ?, Ace Ventura, Aerospace, Alex D'Elia, Atriohm, B-Phreak, Beat Rangers, Beatman, Curl, Dean, Dom, Electrypnose, Hedflux, Ilya Mosolov, Jerome Isma-Ae, LM1, Liquid Soul, Live Edit, Ludmilla, Lutzenkirchen, M Spark, Mesmer, Mesmer dub, Mute, Nick Bee, OOOD, Opiuo, Pena, Perfect Stranger, Re:Creation, Roland, Sensient, Tomcraft, Triple Agent, Way Out West, Weekend Heroes, Zen Mechanics

Labels: ?, Absys, Addictech, Armada, Auraquake, Ayra, Baroque, Broken Robot, D-A-R-K, Digital Nature, Dusted Breaks, Frequenza, Iono, Jee Digital, Joof, Neurobiotic, Open, Rune, Scarcity, Subculture, VIM, Vagalume, Zenon