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Quextal recommends: Free albums from
Re:Creation and
Unconscious Mind(s)

11 November 2011

Those lovely chaps over at Psychoactive Records have been busy bees lately. As well as furnishing us with some mighty fine psytrance and psybreaks EPs recently, label head honchos Re:Creation and Unconscious Mind(s) have both now released full-length LPs on the label for free on Soundcloud!

The Unconscious Mind(s) album Broken Dreams Of Euphoria [PSY007] is a 10-track tour-de-force of psychedelic breaks and tech-funk. It’s full of great grooves, chunky rolling basslines, powerful acid lines, and squelches galore!

Unconscious Mind(s) – Broken Dreams of Euphoria [PSY007] Free Download by Psychoactive Records

Hot off the presses today, 11/11/11, at precisely 11:11:11, the long-awaited debut album from Re:Creation was released to an unsuspecting world. Entitled Infinite Expansion, it offers up a smorgasbord of psychedelic sensory delights, from the convention-defying 5/4-signature 100bpm psystep of the opening track, to rolling and melodic soundscapes of full-on psytrance, to blistering high-octane psybreaks and more, this is a truly epic journey of the imagination!

Re:Creation – Infinite Expansion [PSY008] Free Download! by Psychoactive Records

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Tales Of The Interstitial returns TONIGHT
LIVE with special guests
Re:Creation and Unconscious Mind(s)!

14 June 2011

It’s been a few months… so to mark the return of Quextal to Psymusic Radio, I’ve bagged not one but TWO special guests who’ll be joining me live at the Towers Of The Interstitial high-rise studio on Tue 14th Jun….

> > > RE:CREATION < < <
…returning for a second visit to these shores after rocking the show back in February of last year (gosh, has it been that long?) and rocking dancefloors up and down the land with his high-octane mind-blending psytrance and psybreaks.

And joining us for the first time, a man who in a very short space of time has established himself as one of the foremost psybreaks producers at large today (though rumour has it you might start hearing some psytrance from him at some point…)

Together they are the evil geniuses behind Psychoactive Records, so expect plenty of EXCLUSIVE future tunes from that label, plus just generally some of the sickest psychedelic breaks and doof in the known galaxy.

DO NOT MISS THIS. Tune in live from 7.30pm UK time by going to Psymusic Radio and clicking on the icon for your player. Don’t forget to join us in the chatroom too, using the Chat link on that page.

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Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode VIII:
live on PsyMusic 16th Feb 2010
with special guest Re:Creation

17 February 2010

A real treat for you this month as it was my pleasure to welcome Adam Goodlet, aka Re:Creation into the studio for a full live psytrance set, followed by 3 hours of b2b mixing across the psychedelic genres in true Interstitial style. Many thanks to Adam for coming in. I hope you all enjoy the results as much as we did!

We were unfortunately struck by a couple of broadband dropouts – fortunately they occurred either side of Adam’s live set so that’s not interrupted, but it means the evening’s proceedings have ended up split into three chunks. Adam’s selections are in this colour (although all the psyDnB/neurofunk — from Chook & Phace onwards — is from my stash 🙂 )

Download Part 1 (51MB 192k MP3 37’36”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2010-02-16_part1.mp3)] downloads
(Quextal mix: psybreaks)

Download Part 2 (115MB 192k MP3 84’01”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2010-02-16_with_recreation_part2.mp3)] downloads
(full live set from Re:Creation, plus beginning of Quextal b2b Re:Creation in the mix)

Download Part 3 (241MB 192k MP3 175’32”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2010-02-16_with_recreation_part3.mp3)] downloads
(Re:Creation b2b Quextal in the mix: psytrance, psybreaks, progressive, techno, psydnb)

Part 1

# Artist Title Label
1 Audiohazard First Contact Bombtraxx
2 Triple Agent Metamorphosis (Kultur & Columbo rx) VIM Breaks [promo]
3 Mike Devious Thunderwobble Subliminal Minimal
4 Unconscious Mind(s) Damnation Ayra
5 Wardian Pokerfaze Funn Dark
6 Mr Mirra Satan Is Ever Ready [unsigned]
7 Triple Agent Mindwarp (Quadrat Beat rx) VIM Breaks [promo]

Part 2

# Artist Title Label
1 Re:Creation Exponential [live]
2 Re:Creation TechnoRhino [live]
3 Re:Creation Infinite Expansion [live]
4 Re:Creation Re:Construct [live]
5 Re:Creation Outside of Consciousness [live]
6 Re:Creation Tranceformations Remix (Original By Darshan @ Flying Rhino) [live]
7 Re:Creation Oxygen [live]
8 Re:Creation Unity:Nulled [live]
9 Re:Creation Eclipse [live]
10 Re:Creation String Theory [live]
11 Re:Creation 64k [live]
12 Electrypnose Negative Gs Digital Psionics
13 Save the Robot Off the Assembly Line TIP World
14 Eat Static Trantaloid Solstice
15 Scorb Still Raving Yabai

Part 3

# Artist Title Label
1 Scorb Still Raving Yabai
2 Eskimo My Rave Sigma
3 Wrecked Machines A.D.D Spun
4 Ace Ventura M.A.R.S (Gaudium rx) Yellow Sunshine Explosion
5 Triac Vapourised Triangles Ear Peaks
6 Doobious Inverse Cascade [unsigned]
7 Toy Quantize Popsky (Steve MacCabe v Feltzer rx) VIM [promo]
8 RMS & Peak Ten Dimensions Broken Robot
9 Rex Neutrino [unreleased]
10 Jinx ft Brainz Pervert (SIDEL rx) Yellow Finger [promo]
11 Big Mistake Fusion Control [unreleased]
12 Unconscious Mind(s) FD Psybreaks Ayra
13 Scorb Ipso Fvcto Trick
14 Aerospace Simple Words Blue Tunes
15 Space Buddha Acid Prophecy Agitato
16 Lish Dirty Feelings (Alter Breed rx) Echoes
17 Triac Sink Domo
18 Vibrasphere Waveguide Tribal Vision
19 Triac Concrete Waves Ear Peaks
20 Vibrasphere Analog Marinade Tribal Vision
21 System 7 High Plains Drifter (Live) A-Wave
22 Triac Fast Food Ear Peaks
23 Koma & Bones Morpheus TCR
24 Rex Rewire His Brain Sinister
25 D-Ranged Sins Of Claire (Lawgiverz rx) Unstable
26 RMS and Peak Bored of Shamans [unreleased]
27 Chook & Phace Frozen Full Force
28 Martsman Trueschool Drumkit Wonder Med School
29 Wreckage Machinery Phantom Mindtech
30 Safire The Source Mindtech
31 Proktah Backfire Have A Break
32 Axi Gladiator Mindtech
33 Phace Cold Champagne Neosignal
34 Axi Warning Mindtech
35 Snap! Cult Of Snap (Matrix & Futurebound rx) [white]

Download Part 1 (51MB 192k MP3 37’36”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2010-02-16_part1.mp3)] downloads
(Quextal mix: psybreaks)

Download Part 2 (115MB 192k MP3 84’01”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2010-02-16_with_recreation_part2.mp3)] downloads
(full live set from Re:Creation, plus beginning of Quextal b2b Re:Creation in the mix)

Download Part 3 (241MB 192k MP3 175’32”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2010-02-16_with_recreation_part3.mp3)] downloads
(Re:Creation b2b Quextal in the mix: psytrance, psybreaks, progressive, techno, psydnb)

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