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p s y g l i t c h t e c h a c i d p r o g e l e c t r o d u b m i n i m a l
+ b r e a k s t r a n c e h o u s e d n b t e c h n o c r u n k c h i l l +

Psybreaks Watchlist

For the benefit of those who are new to psychedelic breaks, or looking for more artists, we present a list of some of the hottest current (as of the time of writing, June 2013) artists to watch out for in this genre. For the purposes of this list, psybreaks includes psychedelic tech-funk, progressive psybreaks, psy-tech-breaks and the trippy end of prog breaks, nuskool breaks, acid breaks and electro. Included on this list doesn’t mean that everything this producer does fits within this genre, simply that they are known for producing tracks in this style.

Fundamentally, psybreaks is psychedelic breaks. Breaks is a genre of music that is typically between 130 and 140 bpm – it can stray a little outside this range sometimes, but not far. Therefore, it does not include downtempo breakbeat such as psychill or psydub, nor midtempo such as glitch-hop, nor faster styles such as drum’n’bass.

This list is not comprehensive but should at least include the most canonical psybreaks artists.

Big ups to Rory for helping to compile this list. Please send any suggested additions to Quextal – see the contact page for how to get in touch.

Currently actively producing psybreaks

  • Acidova
  • 48K
  • Ap3X
  • Alter Form
  • Andy Faze
  • Bad Tango
  • Big Mistake
  • Blazer
  • Broken Eye
  • Brujo’s Bowl
  • Charlie Kane
  • Chris Voro
  • Colombo
  • Dr Fish
  • Fletric
  • Fisso & Spark
  • Frequency Less - New! – added Oct 2014
  • Geon
  • Guau
  • Hedflux
  • Kwah
  • LuQas
  • MartOpetEr
  • Monk3yLogic
  • Motna
  • Mr Mirra
  • Mr Squatch
  • Parallax Breakz
  • Peak (aka Re:Creation)
  • Project Synthetic
  • Quextal
  • Roboteknic
  • Snook
  • Too Dusty
  • Triple Agent
  • Unconscious Mind(s)
  • Will Marshall
  • Z4thoichi

Have produced psybreaks in the past but apparently no longer

  • AMB
  • BETA
  • BSD aka Kultur & Colombo
  • Far Too Loud
  • Mood Deluxe
  • Neurodriver
  • Plastic Shell
  • Robosapiens
  • Scorb (only one track, Ipso Fvcto, but it’s very good)

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