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Mix: Quexotic Cover for Beyond The Breaks
live on NSB 4th Aug 2011

13 August 2011

Hopped on for an unplanned Thursday morning session to cover for Marty B. So we’re mainly on a melodic progressive breaks tip to suit the daytime vibe – a mixture of sunshine and clouds means you get doses of happy and melancholic – but a good dollop of squelch in there too.

(Sorry if the volume jumps around a bit – first broadcast on new headphones…)

Download (185.1MB 192kbps MP3 134’47”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2011-08-04.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Elite Force You (Hybrid rx) U&A
2 Ilya Mosolov Connections (orig) RUNE
3 Roger T Lovely Room RUNE
4 Johan Soh & Myagi Still (BETA rx) Sound of Habib
5 Abdomen Burst Sakkura (Llupa’s in bloom rx) RUNE
6 ZB Felicidad (Mavann rx) NoiseDepot
7 Burufunk Outsider (Flack.Su rx) Navigation
8 Keith303 Last Movements Of A Drowning Smurfbaby [free]
9 Espion Witches Bass4Bots
10 9b0 Sad Cat (Flack.Su rx) Glack Audio
11 Cord Impulses Chi
12 Santos Combination Distinct’ive
13 Amb Drip Chi
14 Colombo CousCous iBreaks
15 Zipmix ft Fimas Inside My Skin (Parallax Breakz rx) VIM
16 Colombo Summit iBreaks
17 Destroyers Celders (Tom Clyde rx) VIM
18 Kraymon Light Of The World (Dirty Tricks rx) Dusted Breaks [promo]
19 DiskError BreakDown (DJ Hook rx) Held2Ransom
20 Lady Packa The Truth Is Calling (Dockthor rx) VIM
21 Home Alone Serpents (Robosapiens rx) Diablo Loco
22 Hyperion (Oz) On The Expressway U&A
23 Mint Royale Take It Easy (Plump DJs rx) Faith and Hope

Download (185.1MB 192kbps MP3 134’47”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2011-08-04.mp3)] downloads
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Artists: 9b0, Abdomen Burst, Amb, BETA, Burufunk, Colombo, Cord, DJ Hook, Destroyers, Dirty Tricks, DiskError, Dockthor, Elite Force, Espion, Fimas, Flack.Su, Home Alone, Hybrid, Hyperion (Oz), Ilya Mosolov, Johan Soh, Keith303, Kraymon, Lady Packa, Llupa, Mavann, Mint Royale, Myagi, Parallax Breakz, Plump DJs, Robosapiens, Roger T, Santos, Tom Clyde, ZB, Zipmix, orig

Labels: Bass4Bots, Chi, Diablo Loco, Distinct'ive, Dusted Breaks, Faith and Hope, Glack Audio, Held2Ransom, Navigation, NoiseDepot, RUNE, Sound of Habib, U&A, VIM, iBreaks,

Mix: Ice Into Fire – A Progressive Epic

22 December 2010

Yeah it’s been too long again since the last promo mix. I hope it’s been worth the wait. Presenting Ice into Fire, an evolving winter warmup mix of progressive house, techno, trance and psytrance.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Download (107.5MB 192kbps MP3 78’16”) [downloadcounter(quextal_ice_into_fire_a_progressive_epic_2010-12-12.192.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Sensient Data Kids Zenon
2 Umek Dimentia (Dyno & Alex Di Stefano rx) Mantra Vibes
3 Jerome Isma-Ae & Tomcraft Trouble In The Redlight District Armada
4 Duca & DJ Slater Virada (Phony Orphants rx) Iboga
5 Khainz Edit 42 (Alex Di Stefano & Simone De Caro rx) Echoes
6 Perfect Stranger Living In The Past (Magitman rx) Tribal Vision
7 Perfect Stranger Easy Iboga
8 Flippers Looking For Tribal Vision
9 Yan Oxygen Traitor DP-6
10 David Weed Red Moon Fektive
11 Yotopia Sleepless Hippies Iboga
12 Timmy & Tommy Mix Tape Full Tilt
13 Aerospace Simple Words Blue Tunes
14 Ticon Chicken Shaker (Aerospace rx) Spin Twist

Download (107.5MB 192kbps MP3 78’16”) [downloadcounter(quextal_ice_into_fire_a_progressive_epic_2010-12-12.192.mp3)] downloads

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Artists: Aerospace, Alex Di Stefano, DJ Slater, David Weed, Duca, Dyno, Flippers, Jerome Isma-Ae, Khainz, Magitman, Perfect Stranger, Phony Orphants, Sensient, Simone De Caro, Ticon, Timmy, Tomcraft, Tommy, Umek, Yan Oxygen, Yotopia

Labels: Armada, Blue Tunes, DP-6, Echoes, Fektive, Full Tilt, Iboga, Mantra Vibes, Spin Twist, Tribal Vision, Zenon

Quextal recommends: Morning Coffee vol 29
mixed by BETA

4 December 2009

I download a lot of other DJ’s mixes. Most of them warrant no more than a cursory scrub before being discarded as Not My Kind Of Music. Some get a more detailed scan, with a couple of interesting tracks noted down to check later. A few get played in full, chugging along in the background while I work, a good track interrupting me every so often demanding to be ID’d.

But once in a while, a mix comes along which, gently but firmly, grabs hold of me, takes me over. A mix that cannot be a background to any other activity, but draws in more and more attention, and rewards it.

Such mixes are very rare.

But it should be no great surprise that BETA should come up with one, because he is a man of very rare talent. He’s repeatedly blown me away with his productions over the last two years. And while others may jostle to be flavour of the month, BETA’s sheer consistency, razor sharp production, and the way that each new release nudges the sound of progressive breaks forward, have earned him a place at the very top of my personal league table of producers.

Somehow, in all of the time I’ve been buying his music, I’ve never heard him mix. It was worth the wait. This is what progressive breaks is supposed to be like. The mix traces out a beautiful curving flow, through bigger and ever more epic tunes, until the last track, which goes way beyond merely “huge”, shoots straight through “immense” and breaks off the top of the chart. Shock Theropy[sic] – Void is the first breaks tune to really knock me flat in a long while – I hope it’s getting released soon, cos I can’t wait to play it out and watch it knock other people flat…

In the meantime, I so wanted you to hear this mix, that I started a new section of my website for it. Only a very few selected mixes and tracks will earn a place in Recommendations. By starting with this mix, the benchmark has been set pretty high.

Download MP3 from

Morning Coffee vol.29 mixed by BETA (blog entry / tracklist / cuefile) (if you want to download the MP3 from that page, you have to click on the link that’s a Russian word. The one that says Download will just give you a cuefile.)

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New NSB show starts tomorrow…

20 November 2009

Sat 21st Nov
19:00 GMT
NSB Radio

… the journey begins …

When stood behind the decks … you are confronting infinity — Lawgiverz

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Mix: iSpyBreaks

12 October 2009

I was asked to do a guest mix by Dead Famous Records (home of Robosapiens et al) label manager Daniella Downs for the “Dead Radio” show on iBreaks Radio. The deal is I get one in return at some point, so watch out for that… Anyway, I’d intended to do about 45 mins but it came out a shade under 80 and went out on iBreaks in full last Saturday, so I now offer it here as an all too rare burn-to-CD promo mix 🙂

The name, iSpyBreaks, is a pun on iBreaks of course, and a recognition that while most of the tunes here are not exactly what most people would call psybreaks, they are varied representatives of the kind of epic, progressive breaks with tech edges and psy twists that has always been my main squeeze for the past 2 years. Some tunes are new, some are old but were so ahead of their time that they still fit. Hope you enjoy it.

Download (107MB 192k MP3 78’06”) [downloadcounter(quextal_i_spy_breaks_2009-10-08.192.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title
1 Mad-Tek Meteor Shower
2 Semi-Detached Who Da Fuck (False Prophet rx)
3 Lifecycle Do Not Pass (Flack.Su rx)
4 Ghettface & Yanix Wikked Wayz (BETA rx)
5 BSD You Must Find Strength
6 Rektchordz Left Behind (BETA rx)
7 Neo Aura (Cosmonaut rx)
8 Santos Combination
9 Phil K & Habersham Cloudbrake
10 Amb Rust
11 Rennie Pilgrem Rich Rule Us (BSD rx)
12 Koma & Bones Morpheus
13 Introspective Skanky (Splitloop rx)
14 Robosapiens Infected (LuQas rx)
15 Future Funk Squad RaveUlator

Download (107MB 192k MP3 78’06”) [downloadcounter(quextal_i_spy_breaks_2009-10-08.192.mp3)] downloads
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Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode I:
live on PsyMusic Radio 18th Aug 2009

18 August 2009

Couldn’t have hoped for a better turnout and reaction for the first chapter of my new residency 🙂

True to the show’s remit we jumped around the genres, but kept it mostly upbeat for this week, alternating between psybreaks, progressive psytrance and chunky techno most of the way, serving up the dark and the uplifting, the deep, the epic and the glitchy… and finally closing out with some choice dubstep.

Big love to all those who tuned in and the many who made the effort to register just to present themselves in the chatroom, you are all stars! Hope you can join me for the next one on Tue 1st Sept @ 7pm

Download (211MB 192k MP3 153’55”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2009-08-18.mp3)] downloads

  1. Intro: DJ Purple Rabbit – Shroom
  2. A-Sham – Kalisha
  3. Starflower – Process The Future
  4. Cord – Impulses
  5. Burufunk – Outsider (Flack.Su rx)
  6. Naga & Amb – Agni
  7. Perfect Stranger & Sunseek – Eyes Wide Shut
  8. Perfect Stranger – Easy
  9. Mauro Picotto – Greens (Riccardo Ferri live mix)
  10. Peace Division – No More Subliminal (Main mix)
  11. Proper Filthy Naughty – Future Burn
  12. EMS – Colonized
  13. Espion – Petrol Bomb The Fuckers
  14. Carbon Community – Dr Spectacles (Lawgiverz rx)
  15. DJ Naga – Fraid (Brain mix)
  16. Proton & Grateful – Crank
  17. Attack Release vs Robosapiens – Trip [Dead Famous promo]
  18. DinoFreak – We Control
  19. Son Of The Electric Ghost – Concept Of Nature (Lawgiverz “Convict of Nature” rx)
  20. Skein – Renegade
  21. David Weed – Red Moon
  22. Red Moon – Monster (Vortex rx)
  23. Umek – You Might Hear Nothing
  24. Hironimus Bosch – Gamma (Robosapiens rx)
  25. Far Too Loud – All Is Machine
  26. Scorb – Ipso Fvcto
  27. Mood Deluxe – Secret Agent 666
  28. ZeroDouble – One vs One
  29. Nagual Sound Experiment – Frontier
  30. Truth – Terror Planet
  31. Espion – Architektur (Liquid Stranger rx)

Download (211MB 192k MP3 153’55”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2009-08-18.mp3)] downloads

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