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p s y g l i t c h t e c h a c i d p r o g e l e c t r o d u b m i n i m a l
+ b r e a k s t r a n c e h o u s e d n b t e c h n o c r u n k c h i l l +


Quextal started DJing in 1993. As an impoverished student, he only had one ancient belt-drive turntable with no pitch control, so he learned to beatmatch his eclectic selection of breakbeat, techno and house records against taped copies of the same, by balancing the turntable’s belt lever between 33 and 45…

Over the next few years his kit was gradually upgraded, but it was never of professional quality, and he remained primarily a bedroom DJ. Mixing was a hobby, a way of listening to music at home or at house parties, and he never wanted to pursue any kind of career in it.

Eventually the local club scene died, priorities shifted, and he was no longer hearing any music that aroused his passion. For about 5 years, the decks gathered dust.

Then, on his birthday in 2007 at Sunrise Festival, Quextal encountered psybreaks for the first time, and was inspired to take up DJing again. He would start from scratch with new music, new equipment (Pioneer CDJs) and a new determination to take this sound out into the world.

Since then, Quextal has established a reputation as a leading proponent of progressive psybreaks and many other evolving psychedelic genres. His unique style and craftmanship, infectious passion for what he plays, and intuitive skill at combining multiple genres of music into a coherent, flowing journey, have won praise from many of the scene’s leading lights.

Quextal now hosts regular shows on popular net radio channels such as NSB Radio and PsyMusic (archives and tracklists available from Over the last couple of years he has played at festivals such as Glade, Waveform and Bearded Theory, numerous outdoor parties, and club nights in Southampton, Bristol, Leeds and beyond.

In 2011 Quextal began producing his own music (again, something that he had done as a hobby on cheap kit many years before, but is now doing “properly”). His first tune was released on VIM that year, and more will follow in 2012.

For bookings please email <>.

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