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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #098:
5th birthday 8-hour epic!
with special guests:
Unconscious Mind(s)
Digital Fist
and Peak!!!
live on NSB 29th Nov 2014

19 February 2016

With humble apologies for the length of time you’ve had to wait for this to be uploaded, I present the insanity that was the EIGHT HOUR epic 5th birthday show, with super-special guests Peak, Digital Fist, and Unconscious Mind(s) helping yours truly to celebrate in style, covering just about every genre from the “good” folder! I was going to split this up, but frankly I cba, and it probably works best as a single marathon session anyway… hope you enjoy it 🙂

Also, sorry the tracklist is a bit shambolic (ie completely absent for most of the guests’ mixes). It was that kind of a night 😀 I’m sure we can help you ID anything you need ID’d.

Download (659.8MB 192kbps MP3 480’26”) 635 downloads

# Artist Title
1 Naga & Amb Agni
2 Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Kleijn The Rhythmshaker (Eelke Kleijn ambient mix)
3 Dreadzone The Warriors
4 Hyperion (Oz) On The Expressway
5 Unconscious Mind(s) & Peak 5D Hologram
6 Unconscious Mind(s) Damnation 2013
7 Unconscious Mind(s) Inner Trance [excl]
8 9b0 Sad Cat (Flack.Su rx)
9 Lifecycle Do Not Pass (Flack.Su rx)
10 Peak live in the mix!
11 Frequency Less Personal Note
12 Rennie Pilgrem The Rich Rule Us (BSD rx)
13 Koma & Bones Morpheus
14 Digital Fist live in the mix!
15 Green Firm Greed
16 The Fixionist Pho Li Ho Mist
17 Digipack Electronic Outlaw Underground (Metabreed rx)
18 Unconscious Mind(s) live in the mix!
19 Peak live in the mix!
20 Electrocado Circle Jerk
21 Tipper Shatterbox (VIP)
22 Royal Blood Adventure Time
23 Opuio Loist Moinal
24 Vent Bear Crunk
25 Ray! Good Thymes (Opiuo rx)
26 Electrocado Californicado
27 Mouldy Soul Insert Awesomeness
28 Royal Blood Wood
29 Kwah Regenerate
30 Bobina Slow (Cosmonaut rx)
31 Poxymusic Our Break
32 Eat Static Tractor Beam
33 Martsman Trueschool Drumkit Wonder
34 Skynet Geometrix
35 Digital Fist live in the mix!
36 Matrix & Fierce Tearaway
37 Trisector Structured Light
38 Phace Cold Champagne
39 Insulin Intersection
40 LM1 Frontier
41 Chook & Phace Frozen
42 Snap! Cult of Snap! (Matrix & Futurebound rx)
43 Mr Dan Body Slam (Modified rx)
44 Digital Fist live in the mix! (psydub)
45 Vibrasphere Analog Marinade

Download (659.8MB 192kbps MP3 480’26”) 635 downloads

Quextal – Quexotic Adventures 5th Birthday w/guests

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Artists: 9b0, Amb, BSD, Bobina, Bones, Chook, Cosmonaut, Digipack, Digital Fist live in the mix!, Digital Fist live in the mix! (psydub), Dreadzone, Eat Static, Eelke Kleijn, Eelke Kleijn ambient, Electrocado, Fierce, Flack.Su, Frequency Less, Futurebound, Green Firm, Hyperion (Oz), Insulin, Koma, Kwah, LM1, Lifecycle, Martsman, Matrix, Metabreed, Modified, Mouldy Soul, Mr Dan, Naga, Nick Hogendoorn, Opiuo, Opuio, Peak, Peak live in the mix!, Phace, Poxymusic, Ray!, Rennie Pilgrem, Royal Blood, Skynet, Snap!, The Fixionist, Tipper, Trisector, Unconscious Mind(s), Unconscious Mind(s) live in the mix!, VIP, Vent, Vibrasphere

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #097:
Chillout Special!
live on NSB 15th Nov 2014

24 June 2015

Continuing our catchup of the last days of QA, we present a special show dedicated to chilled beats: psychill, downtempo, psydub and the like. Hope you enjoy it 🙂
Download (164.3MB 192kbps MP3 119’36”) 561 downloads

# Artist Title
1 Globular Deeper Than Dirt
2 Yestegan chaY Blue Cat
3 Wolfen Technologies External Encounters
4 Bluetech Oleander (Phutureprimitive rx)
5 AMB Aguane
6 Sigil Camel
7 Birds of Paradise Wingspan
8 Sigil Materialism
9 Sixis Mycolinguistic (Sigil rx)
10 Tipper Algae Bloom In Seven
11 Beatroots ft Alice Hazel Thomas Shoulder To Shoulder
12 Etherwood Borderline
13 Space Manoeuvres Pentexplorer
14 Kilowatts Monument (Kilowatts enormous remix)
15 Phutureprimitive Darkness
16 Eurythmy Dragon Fly
17 False Identity Every Branch Must Bend
18 Arcturian Soul Celestial Earth

Download (164.3MB 192kbps MP3 119’36”) 561 downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2014-11-15

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Artists: AMB, Alice Hazel Thomas, Arcturian Soul, Beatroots, Birds of Paradise, Bluetech, Etherwood, Eurythmy, False Identity, Globular, Kilowatts, Phutureprimitive, Sigil, Sixis, Space Manoeuvres, Tipper, Wolfen Technologies, Yestegan chaY

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #096:
with special guest Xoomi!
live on NSB 25th Oct 2014

23 March 2015

This show opens with two lush laidback psydub tracks from False Identity, followed by the pick of the psybreaks promos from yours truly, and then for the second half a stonking psybreaks mix courtesy of Xoomi – many thanks to her, and sorry for the late upload!
Download (154.9MB 192kbps MP3 112’46”) 642 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 False Identity Every Branch Must Bend bandcamp [free]
2 False Identity Intersection Dimension bandcamp [free]
3 One Arc Degree High Density Proton Breeze VIM [promo]
4 Spectral Theory Psychosis Sub Element [promo]
5 Booyah The Beginning [promo]
6 Fletric Eternium VIM [promo]
7 Booyah Entropical [promo]
8 Genuss Express Service (Forufreezer rx) VIM [promo]
9 Mood Deluxe Amber
10 Xoomi Mushrooms [excl]
11 Bad Tango Into The Fray
12 Hedflux Fractal Funk [excl]
13 DJ Mutiny Turning Point (Far Too Loud rx)
14 Geon Ghost
15 Hedflux & Neurodriver Energy Vibration (Too Dusty rx)
16 Neurodriver Sidewinder
17 Genuss Spoof Criminal
18 Monk3ylogic Evil Tweaky Cat

Download (154.9MB 192kbps MP3 112’46”) 642 downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2014-10-25

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Artists: Bad Tango, Booyah, DJ Mutiny, False Identity, Far Too Loud, Fletric, Forufreezer, Genuss, Geon, Hedflux, Monk3ylogic, Mood Deluxe, Neurodriver, One Arc Degree, Spectral Theory, Too Dusty, Xoomi

Labels: Sub Element, VIM, bandcamp,

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #081:
live on NSB 5th Oct 2013

13 November 2013

Starting with something different this time – a bit of a downtempo wobble-glitch kinda ting, a bit of glitchy psydub and mind-expanding midtempo, and then onward to the tech-breaks and psybreaks.

Next show is the Quexotic Anniversary special – 4 years and counting! This coming Saturday 16th Nov 2013, 7pm GMT, on the mighty!

Download (167.1MB 192kbps MP3 121’39”) 471 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Bird Of Prey & Random Sub Tropics Addictech
2 Kalya Scintilla Eloquent Expansion Merkaba
3 Birds Of Paradise Skyward Eye Merkaba
4 Yestegan ChaY Blue Cat bandcamp
5 Birds Of Paradise Soulgasm Addictech
6 PMT Gyromancer (False Prophet mix Captain Capcom refine)
7 Kawatin High Pressure Injection (T.R.O. rx) Deep Garnet [promo]
8 Ada Ming Decline Of Western Civilization (Kawatin rx) Deep Garnet [promo]
9 The Lucky 23 The Wave (Metha rx) [promo]
10 Santos Combination
11 Paul Echo Deep Space (Audio Dropout rx) VIM [promo]
12 Motna Moulded From Faults Broken Robot [promo]
13 Andy Faze Communicate VIM [promo]
14 Yanix Derecho (BETA rx) Ridiculoud
15 Motna Meaning (Bad Tango rx) Broken Robot [promo]
16 Half Space Shelf Life Dusted Breaks [promo]
17 Motna Earwig (KWeRK rx) Sub Element [promo]
18 Trukers & Bass Station Gravity On The Dancefloor (Llupa rx) VIM [promo]
19 Ace Ventura Presence (Half Space rx) soundcloud [free]
20 Andy Faze File Transfer VIM [promo]
21 9b0 Sad Cat (Flack.Su rx) Glack Audio

Download (167.1MB 192kbps MP3 121’39”) 471 downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2013-10-05

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Artists: 9b0, Ace Ventura, Ada Ming, Andy Faze, Audio Dropout, BETA, Bad Tango, Bass Station, Bird Of Prey, Birds Of Paradise, Flack.Su, Half Space, KWeRK, Kalya Scintilla, Kawatin, Llupa, Metha, Motna, PMT, Paul Echo, Random, Santos, T.R.O., The Lucky 23, Trukers, Yanix, Yestegan ChaY

Labels: Addictech, Broken Robot, Captain Capcom refine), Deep Garnet, Dusted Breaks, Glack Audio, Merkaba, Ridiculoud, Sub Element, VIM, bandcamp,, soundcloud

Mix: Live on BrapFM 22nd June 2009 – 4 hour double feature!

25 June 2009

I signed up for an extra BrapFM show this month and decided to spin some chillout in preparation for Sunday’s gig. But then found out that the DJ after my show needed cover. I said I’d carry on for a bit and switch the archives on when I got bored. I didn’t get bored!

So what we have here are 2 hours of chillout and laidback electronica, followed by 2 hours of my usual BrapFM mashup of breaks, techno, progressive house, psytrance etc.

For your convenience I’ve split the archive into these two discrete sections 🙂

Massive shouts to all those who passed through the chatroom at various points during this marathon session, you kept me going 😀

I’ll give you the download links together first, then with the tracklists below.


  1. Kilowatts – Jade
  2. Sneaky Fox – Fresh Milk
  3. The Crystal Method – Divided By Night
  4. Hardfloor – Snifter For Daddy
  5. Lionrock – Wilmslow Road
  6. David Holmes – Inspired by Leyburn
  7. Tipper – Flat Ripple
  8. Kilowatts – Monument
  9. Younger Brother – Evil & Harm
  10. Younger Brother – Crumblenaut
  11. The Mystery Of The Yeti 4 (A “Welcome” To All Extraterrestrials)
  12. Bluetech – Oleander (Phutureprimitive symbiotic rx)
  13. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Erratic Patterns
  14. Cell – Mister Ayatih
  15. Aural Planet – Sub-Sea Engineering Project
  16. Aes Dana – Aftermath 3
  17. Hallucinogen – The Herb Garden (from the CD Mystery Of The Yeti Part 2)
  18. Boards Of Canada – An Eagle In Your Mind

Download (160MB 192k MP3 116’58”) 1947 downloads


  1. Domeased Electronica – Mermaid (Fretwell rx)
  2. Cuncic & Malcevic – Mafia
  3. SLIP187 – Albino Shape Shifting Lizard Bitches
  4. Break The Box – Test The Bass (Attack Release rx) [Dead Famous promo]
  5. System 7 – High Plains Drifter (Live)
  6. Orbootal – Impact
  7. Kultur & Colombo – Elektromolekula
  8. Hypeartist – Messy Potamia [unsigned]
  9. Perfect Stranger – Easy
  10. Lunar Shift – Come Alive (Plastic Shell rx)
  11. Yotopia – Sleepless Hippies
  12. Fractal – Oceanography (Toby Emerson rx)
  13. Robosapiens – Cold Sweat
  14. Far Too Loud – All Is Machine
  15. Kiwa – Drop Control
  16. Robosapiens – Infected (LuQas rx) [Dead Famous promo]
  17. Pharmacy of Sound – The Big Bang (Re-edit 2009)
  18. Stepsine – Transparent Body Breaks (Version)
  19. Jim Reaper – Fast Eddie
  20. Ace Ventura ft Lish – The Light (Zen Mechanics rx)

Download (164MB 192k MP3 119’49”) 1801 downloads

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