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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #087:
live on NSB 15th Feb 2014

14 May 2014

The first half of the show is turned over to a bunch of new midtempo shizzles… the stuff that I call skanky glitch crunk, but everyone else now knows as glitch hop, including several from my new discovery in this field, Royal Blood. Then for the second half we have the pick of the breaks promos.
Download (154.3MB 192kbps MP3 112’22”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2014-02-15.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title
1 Grouch Perfukt (Whitebear rx) [free]
2 Royal Blood Wood Elektroshok
3 Dutty Moonshine ft Jimi Needles No Doubt Rocstar
4 Morlack Let’s Go Jammin Breakbeat Paradise
5 The McMash Clan ft Kate Mullins Swing Break (Opiuo rx) Circus Media
6 AMB Loca Adapted
7 Royal Blood Adventure Time Elektroshok
8 Broken Eye Gorilla Tech Broken Robot
9 Mr Bill & Freddy Todd Gourmet Everything (Tha Fruitbat rx)
10 Mr Bill SBS Quality Adapted
11 Zen Spider Cheyantics Inception
12 Royal Blood Nowhere Elektroshok
13 Teddy Killerz Planet Groove Bad Taste
14 Kiwa Relativity Theory Adapted
15 Tom Cosm Power Clean soundcloud [free]
16 Plump DJs Electric Disco Finger Lickin
17 Raggapop Inc & Elevate Smiling Buddha (Karl Sav rx) VIM [promo]
18 Vortecx Acid Motion [promo]
19 Z4thoichi Hypernova VIM
20 Too Dusty Overdrive Power Tek [free]
21 Half Space Neutrino (Chris Voro rx) Dusted Breaks [promo]
22 Too Dusty Stardust (Martopeter rx) Tek [promo]
23 Vortecx Acid Motion (Forufreezer rx) [promo]
24 Matskie Mind Science 96kHZ

Download (154.3MB 192kbps MP3 112’22”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2014-02-15.mp3)] downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2014-02-15

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Artists: AMB, Broken Eye, Chris Voro, Dutty Moonshine, Elevate, Forufreezer, Freddy Todd, Grouch, Half Space, Jimi Needles, Karl Sav, Kate Mullins, Kiwa, Martopeter, Matskie, Morlack, Mr Bill, Opiuo, Plump DJs, Raggapop Inc, Royal Blood, Teddy Killerz, Tha Fruitbat, The McMash Clan, Tom Cosm, Too Dusty, Vortecx, Whitebear, Z4thoichi, Zen Spider

Labels: 96kHZ, Adapted, Bad Taste, Breakbeat Paradise, Broken Robot, Circus Media, Dusted Breaks, Elektroshok, Finger Lickin, Inception, Rocstar, Tek, VIM,, soundcloud

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #085:
live on NSB 4th Jan 2014

16 February 2014

The first half of this show is dedicated to one of our all-too-rare forays into the world of deep drum’n’bass, starting with leftfield autonomic/progressive and gradually getting tougher and trippier; we then switch into psybreaks, and finish off with some tasty midtempo glitch. There’s some really beautiful tunes in here that I never normally get a chance to play, I urge you to check it out with an open mind.
Download (166.1MB 192kbps MP3 120’56”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2014-01-04.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Etherwood Borderline Medschool
2 Etherwood ft Laurelle Robichaud Unfolding Medschool
3 Hyperon Complex Reality K Mag soundcloud [free]
4 Hyroglifics Spectre K Mag soundcloud [free]
5 Ower Chakra Authentic [free]
6 Dakosa Eleven (Amoss rx) K Mag soundcloud [free]
7 Etherwood ft NuTone Shattered Medschool
8 Kursa Vexille Adapted
9 Soluble Sounds Psillypsybinge Broken
10 Taras Bazeev Santigi RUNE
11 Nasha Experience Green Zone soundcloud [free]
12 Nasha Experience Audio Chef soundcloud [free]
13 Bad Taste You Rip (Kwah rx) Scarcity
14 Charlie Kane vs Dirt Revolver Insertion Diablo Loco [promo]
15 Mata Damage Funk (Z4choichi rx) Music Dark
16 Chris Voro The Zion Mainframe VIM
17 Rezaloot The Dirty House (Too Dusty rx) Sub Element [promo]
18 MartOpetEr & Bl1tz Assault (MartOpetEr rx) In Bloom
19 Monk3ylogic Evil Tweaky Cat Liquid
20 Broken Eye Optic Broken Robot
21 Broken Eye Gorilla Tech Broken Robot
22 Opiuo Moose Tooth Addictech
23 Grouch Perfukt (Whitebear rx) soundcloud [free]
24 Desiseq Waddle & Squeak Adapted
25 Birds of Paradise Wingspan Addictech

Download (166.1MB 192kbps MP3 120’56”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2014-01-04.mp3)] downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2014-01-04

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Artists: Amoss, Bad Taste, Birds of Paradise, Bl1tz, Broken Eye, Charlie Kane, Chris Voro, Dakosa, Desiseq, Dirt Revolver, Etherwood, Grouch, Hyperon, Hyroglifics, Kursa, Kwah, Laurelle Robichaud, MartOpetEr, Mata, Monk3ylogic, Nasha Experience, NuTone, Opiuo, Ower, Rezaloot, Soluble Sounds, Taras Bazeev, Too Dusty, Whitebear, Z4choichi

Labels: Adapted, Authentic, Broken, In Bloom, K Mag soundcloud, Medschool, Music Dark, RUNE, Scarcity, Sub Element, soundcloud

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #081:
live on NSB 5th Oct 2013

13 November 2013

Starting with something different this time – a bit of a downtempo wobble-glitch kinda ting, a bit of glitchy psydub and mind-expanding midtempo, and then onward to the tech-breaks and psybreaks.

Next show is the Quexotic Anniversary special – 4 years and counting! This coming Saturday 16th Nov 2013, 7pm GMT, on the mighty!

Download (167.1MB 192kbps MP3 121’39”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2013-10-05.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Bird Of Prey & Random Sub Tropics Addictech
2 Kalya Scintilla Eloquent Expansion Merkaba
3 Birds Of Paradise Skyward Eye Merkaba
4 Yestegan ChaY Blue Cat bandcamp
5 Birds Of Paradise Soulgasm Addictech
6 PMT Gyromancer (False Prophet mix Captain Capcom refine)
7 Kawatin High Pressure Injection (T.R.O. rx) Deep Garnet [promo]
8 Ada Ming Decline Of Western Civilization (Kawatin rx) Deep Garnet [promo]
9 The Lucky 23 The Wave (Metha rx) [promo]
10 Santos Combination
11 Paul Echo Deep Space (Audio Dropout rx) VIM [promo]
12 Motna Moulded From Faults Broken Robot [promo]
13 Andy Faze Communicate VIM [promo]
14 Yanix Derecho (BETA rx) Ridiculoud
15 Motna Meaning (Bad Tango rx) Broken Robot [promo]
16 Half Space Shelf Life Dusted Breaks [promo]
17 Motna Earwig (KWeRK rx) Sub Element [promo]
18 Trukers & Bass Station Gravity On The Dancefloor (Llupa rx) VIM [promo]
19 Ace Ventura Presence (Half Space rx) soundcloud [free]
20 Andy Faze File Transfer VIM [promo]
21 9b0 Sad Cat (Flack.Su rx) Glack Audio

Download (167.1MB 192kbps MP3 121’39”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2013-10-05.mp3)] downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2013-10-05

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Artists: 9b0, Ace Ventura, Ada Ming, Andy Faze, Audio Dropout, BETA, Bad Tango, Bass Station, Bird Of Prey, Birds Of Paradise, Flack.Su, Half Space, KWeRK, Kalya Scintilla, Kawatin, Llupa, Metha, Motna, PMT, Paul Echo, Random, Santos, T.R.O., The Lucky 23, Trukers, Yanix, Yestegan ChaY

Labels: Addictech, Broken Robot, Captain Capcom refine), Deep Garnet, Dusted Breaks, Glack Audio, Merkaba, Ridiculoud, Sub Element, VIM, bandcamp,, soundcloud

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #072:
Glitch-Hop / Glitch-Crunk special!
live on NSB 9th Feb 2013

14 March 2013

It’s been nearly 2 years since the last time we rocked out on skanky glitch crunk. Since then, the genre has massively taken off, although despite my best efforts the world seems to have settled on the name “glitch-hop” for it rather than “skanky glitch crunk”. I tried. Anyway, clearly long overdue, here we go again with the throb-wobble basslines, broken-beyond-repair beats etc… but this is Quextal, so watch out for unexpected moments of strange beauty in this twisted trip.
Download (148.5MB 192kbps MP3 108’06”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2013-02-09_glitch_crunk.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title
1 Grouch Reverse Entropy (Hedflux rx)
2 Barry Koota Joleen Timbre Purse
3 Kalya Scintilla Whomp Shanti (Birds of Paradise rx)
4 Desiseq Waddle & Squeak
5 Kursa Bonibelle
6 Electrocado Californicado
7 Mouldy Soul Dragon Crunk
8 Electrocado Thwards Dick
9 Kalya Scintilla Caravan Planet (Goosebumpz rx)
10 Affective Warm and Sunny
11 Mouldy Soul The Harangu
12 Kimbra Come Into My Head (Opiuo rx)
13 ill.Gates/Vent/Opiuo/Spoonbill TriLLogy (Spoonbill rx)
14 Crush/Vent Smack
15 Opiuo Fizzle Tickler
16 Circuit Bent A Cut No Deeper
17 D.Trac3d Damn That
18 Chris Voro Lightforce 2K13
19 Kursa These Streets
20 Blatwax Cone Durrie
21 Meat Axe Invisible Dad Doesn’t Wear Denim
22 Prato Strut Machine
23 Feeline Let Go (Peter Paul rx)

Download (148.5MB 192kbps MP3 108’06”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2013-02-09_glitch_crunk.mp3)] downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2013-02-09

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Artists: Affective, Barry Koota, Birds of Paradise, Blatwax, Chris Voro, Circuit Bent, Crush/Vent, D.Trac3d, Desiseq, Electrocado, Feeline, Goosebumpz, Grouch, Hedflux, Kalya Scintilla, Kimbra, Kursa, Meat Axe, Mouldy Soul, Opiuo, Peter Paul, Prato, Spoonbill, ill.Gates/Vent/Opiuo/Spoonbill

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #039:
Skanky Glitch Crunk special!
live on NSB 9th Jul 2011

13 July 2011

It’s been far too long since I infected your eardrums with the genre that I (and probably only I) like to call skanky glitch crunk, so I went shopping at Addictech and we rolled with the funky, wobbly, squelchy midtempo vibe for most of the show. The chatroom showed their love for the sounds, and I only managed to play about a third of what I bought, so you can probably expect more crunk to pop up at random intervals in future shows 🙂 Had to shoehorn some psybreaks onto the end as I needed to play some killer promos and, of course, to spin my own little tune in celebration of it finally being released 🙂
Special thanks to Mouldy Soul for sending over some of his fresh new squelch, and Spectral Theory for rising to my challenge to get his new tune finished in time!

Download (153.4MB 192kbps MP3 111’43”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2011-07-09_glitch_crunk_special.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Electrocado Derping Hamstain Bandcamp
2 Kalya Scintilla Arabian Boogie UP
3 Bran Richards Recommended Serial Killer Colony
4 Goosebumpz Sonic Womb Hopskotch
5 Blunt Instrument Battle Toad Muti
6 Mouldy Soul Feeding Time v2 [unsigned]
7 Opiuo & Jay Wikid Panty Slingshot Muti
8 Mr Bill Skotch Hop Hopskotch
9 Spoonbill Ulunga Monk [free]
10 Blunt Instrument Forcing The Point Hopskotch
11 Opiuo Moose Tooth Addictech
12 Blunt Instrument Impound Lot Simplify
13 Mr Bill Perfectly Peppered UP
14 Spoonbill Sunny Side Up Omelette
15 Mouldy Soul I Am The Bird Table [unsigned]
16 Staunch Throat Punch Hopskotch
17 Kalya Scintilla Epic Synthesis Enig’matik
18 Blunt Instrument Olympus Egg Simplify
19 Opiuo Loist Moinal [free?]
20 Mouldy Soul Insert Awesomeness [unsigned]
21 Ray Good Thymes (Opiuo rx) soundcloud [free]
22 Entanglement (Circuit Bent, Tom Cosm, Mr Bill) Incompusmentus Bandcamp [free]
23 Spectral Theory Regression soundcloud [free]
24 Freak Da Bass Club District (Lady Packa rx) RUNE [promo]
25 The Lucky 23 Big Time [promo]
26 Digital Breaks Foundation Going Back (Quextal rx) VIM
27 Madmind Slaves Of Consumption (Blazer rx) Psychoactive [promo]

Download (153.4MB 192kbps MP3 111’43”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2011-07-09_glitch_crunk_special.mp3)] downloads
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Artists: Blazer, Blunt Instrument, Bran Richards, Digital Breaks Foundation, Electrocado, Entanglement (Circuit Bent, Freak Da Bass, Goosebumpz, Jay Wikid, Kalya Scintilla, Lady Packa, Madmind, Mouldy Soul, Mr Bill, Mr Bill), Opiuo, Quextal, Ray, Spectral Theory, Spoonbill, Staunch, The Lucky 23, Tom Cosm

Labels: Addictech, Bandcamp, Colony, Enig'matik, Hopskotch, Muti, Omelette, Psychoactive, RUNE, Simplify, UP, VIM,,, soundcloud

Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode XII:
live on PsyMusic 20th Jul 2010

21 July 2010

This month started with a quick tour of midtempo, gentle into glitch-crunk, then switched into psybreaks, but most of the show was given over to the stack of great journeying chunky progressive I’d just bought… with a bit of minimal / tech-house to wind down. Big shouts to all the chatroom crew 🙂
Download (284.8MB 192kbps MP3 207’21”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2010-07-20.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Ajja Pearcushion Peak
2 Arksun Generation
3 Opiuo The Freaky Bean
4 Ill.Gates Eggplantation (Knowa Knowone’s Playa Sunrise rx) Muti
5 Quade Throbbin’ the Light (Uniphi & Seed Mix) Ball of Waxx
6 Opiuo Creamy Taco Addictech
7 Point B Headland (Cursor Miner rx) Combat
8 Macho Red Key (Andy Faze rx) [promo]
9 Robosapiens Bodies (Hedflux rx) Dead Famous
10 Mouldysoul Abnormal Activity via Soundcloud [unsigned]
11 Jellyfish & Andrey Mute Trouble In The Attic Broken Robot
12 Dual Boot Trigger (Triple Agent rx) Ridiculoud
13 Phony Oprhants Dr Sachs (Sleek Remix) Iboga
14 AMB Seka (Francesco Pico Remix) Audio Therapy
15 Andrea Bertolini Fireface (Flippers rx) Echoes Records
16 Chris Micali Schiphol Aurium Recordings
17 Sawtooth Dance With Me (Jade Remix) Dead Famous [promo]
18 Squarefeet Moustache Ghost Exogenic
19 Visua Nano Technology Blue Tunes
20 Yotopia No Way Out Iboga
21 Yotopia Spunk Iboga
22 Quantize Nightmosphere (Yotopia Remix) Iboga
23 LuQas Altered States (Quextal rx unmastered) [unreleased]
24 Jerome Isma-Ae & Tomcraft Trouble In The Redlight Armada
25 Jerome Isma-Ae Smile When You Kill Me New State
26 Jerome Isma-Ae Hold That Sucker Down Armada
27 Mesmer Melting Yoghurt (Robosapiens rx) Scarcity
28 Duca & DJ Slater Virada (Phony Orphants Remix) Iboga
29 Josh Millstone As The Day Fades (Phunk Investigation’s ghost mix) Grooves For You
30 DJ Ico & Double D Excess (original dub) Operating System
31 The Touch Heart Of The City (Pig & Dan rx dub version) Trunkfunk
32 Slinky Wire Croaking Toads Organic Domain
33 David K Boul De Nerf Freak N Chic
34 Vibrasphere Wasteland (Fiord rx) Tribal Vision
35 Dirt Crew Get Raw (Bumel & Dos Santos Threesixty rx) Dirt Crew

Download (284.8MB 192kbps MP3 207’21”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2010-07-20.mp3)] downloads

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Artists: AMB, Ajja, Andrea Bertolini, Andrey Mute, Andy Faze, Arksun, Bumel, Chris Micali, Cursor Miner, DJ Ico, DJ Slater, Dan, David K, Dirt Crew, Dos Santos Threesixty, Double D, Dual Boot, Duca, Fiord, Flippers, Francesco Pico, Hedflux, Ill.Gates, Jade, Jellyfish, Jerome Isma-Ae, Josh Millstone, Knowa Knowone, LuQas, Macho, Mesmer, Mouldysoul, Opiuo, Phony Oprhants, Phony Orphants, Phunk Investigation, Pig, Point B, Quade, Quantize, Quextal, Robosapiens, Sawtooth, Seed, Sleek, Slinky Wire, Squarefeet, The Touch, Tomcraft, Triple Agent, Uniphi, Vibrasphere, Visua, Yotopia

Labels: Addictech, Armada, Audio Therapy, Aurium Recordings, Ball of Waxx, Blue Tunes, Broken Robot, Combat, Dead Famous, Dirt Crew, Echoes Records, Exogenic, Freak N Chic, Grooves For You, Iboga, Muti, New State, Operating System, Organic Domain, Peak, Ridiculoud, Scarcity, Tribal Vision, Trunkfunk,, via Soundcloud

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #006:
live on NSB 30th Jan 2010
with special guest Digital Fist

31 January 2010

Welcoming the mighty Digital Fist for a return visit to a Quextal guest slot but his first on NSB, showcasing his specialist subjects of glitchy electrobreaks, deep-diving dubbreaks and techsteppin’ dnb, alongside your regular Quextal diet of crunky midtempo, twisted neurofunk, and all breaks progressive and psychedelic. Mr Fist’s selections are in this colour.

It’s a long one again I’m afraid 🙂 There was a no-show from the next DJ so we carried on… Unfortunately we had to interrupt proceedings for an outside test broadcast, hence the mix is split into two parts…

Big ups all chatroom, and thanks to the two Misters, Mirra and Snook, for providing quality fresh unsigned goodies: Snap ’em up, label piranhas!

Part 1

Download Part 1 (258MB 192k MP3 188’30”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-01-30_with_digital_fist_part1.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Fiord Keen String (Opiuo rx) Open
2 VENT Itchy Feet Addictech
3 Opiuo Forensic Lick Colony
4 Posthuman Lander (Cursor Miner’s Irresponsible rx) Handsette
5 Jnr Hacksaw You Are A Machine Trigger
6 Asset Peak Limiter (Ion Driver rx)
7 Bass Kittens Mono Melo
8 Factorfunk Strange
9 4Kuba Crunchdown
10 Ion Driver Revolution (Lifecycle rx)
11 Bass Kittens Bastard Squad
12 Skeetaz Rubber
13 Product.01 Destrukt
14 Mood Deluxe Mercury Rising
15 Jnr Hacksaw The Truth Is
16 Senor Frio Polar
17 Claas Reimer Lift Off (The Scientifics rx) VIM Breaks [promo]
18 BETA vs Mesmer Tetris (Kovacs rx) Scarcity [free download]
19 Stisch Heads
20 Ion Driver Revolution
21 Omni Trio Lucid Moving Shadow
22 DBF OverRide (Cosmonaut rx) VIM Breaks
23 Kraymon ft Colleen Quinn Trouble (Eshericks rx) Dusted Breaks [promo]
24 Mr Mirra Three Legged Donkey [unsigned]
25 Decal Kiss Acid
26 Mista Snook Past The Noise [unsigned]
27 Nymate Association Junkcore
28 Mr Mirra All Screwed Up [unsigned]
29 Opiuo Wizards Of Oz
30 Dr Evil Ritual
31 Mad-Tek Meteor Shower
32 Eat Static Tuned Mass Damper
33 Naga & Amb Agni Chi Recordings
34 Carbon Community Dr Spectacles (Lawgiverz rx)
35 Dub Elements Space Cowboy
36 PMT Gyromancer (False Prophet mix)
37 Chris Carter Moonshot
38 Sensient Madman’s Playroom (Sensient breaks mix) Disconekta
39 The Nasha Experience Clotted Cream Nasha
40 Skynet Ascension
41 Teebee Lost Paradise
42 Teebee Lifepod
43 Fanu Siren Song
44 Martsman Trueschool Drumkit Wonder Med School

Download Part 1 (258MB 192k MP3 188’30”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-01-30_with_digital_fist_part1.mp3)] downloads

Part 2

Download Part 2 (60MB 192k MP3 44’02”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-01-30_with_digital_fist_part2.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title
1 Martsman Trueschool Drumkit Wonder Med School
2 Axi Gladiator
3 Optical & Ryme Tyme Twisted
4 Ed Rush & Optical Zardoz
5 Phace Cold Champagne
6 Axi Warning
7 Martsman Worst Case Scenario
8 Ed Rush & Optical Crisis
9 Nude Unchained
10 Snap! Cult Of Snap (Matrix & Futurebound rx)

Download Part 2 (60MB 192k MP3 44’02”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-01-30_with_digital_fist_part2.mp3)] downloads

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Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode VI:
live on PsyMusic 29th Dec 2009

22 January 2010

Sorry this one took a while… way back in the mists of time before New Year’s Eve, we took a 4 hour epic voyage through breaks, techno, glitch crunk, progressive and dnb, all with the trademark trippiness of course!

Download (326MB 192k MP3 237’34”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2009-12-29.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Dascyllus Tokamak Glack Audio
2 Grouch Latex Knuckle Kids Disconekta
3 Robosapiens Bodies Dead Famous
4 Liquid Soul Love In Stereo (Jerome Isma-Ae rx) Iboga Denmark
5 Daniel Portman Dark Is The Night For All Enormous Tunes
6 Interplay Locked (club mix) Proton Music
7 Konstantin Yoodza Force Tech It
8 Brisker & Magitman Six Degrees Tribal Vision
9 Magitman Utility Flow
10 RMS & Peak Ten Dimensions Broken Robot
11 Cursor Miner Metathon Lo Recordings
12 Sensient Madman’s Playroom (Sensient breaks rx) Disconekta
13 Beatman & Ludmilla Moldova Ayra
14 Robosapiens Acid Reign Sinister
15 Plastic Shell Foley Electrofly
16 Depeche Mode Peace (BSD rx) [unreleased]
17 Sam Hell Gunclub (Hedflux rx) Broken Robot
18 Unconscious Mind(s) FD PsYbreaks [forthcoming]
19 Cannabinoid Power Of The Tea [unsigned]
20 Ans Funkache Io.lab
21 Cursor Miner Superluminary Combat
22 Posthuman Lander (Cursor Miner’s Irresponsible rx) Handsette
23 VENT Bear Crunk Colony
24 Bird Of Prey Terradactyl Porn Vaporvent
25 Mr Rogers DMT Factor Goa
26 Desert Dwellers A Little Spice Iboga
27 Grouch Make Believe Disconekta
28 Lish Dirty Feelings (Alter Breed rx) Echoes
29 Aerospace Simple Words Blue Tunes
30 Breeder The Chain (Babealicious mix) Rhythm Syndicate
31 Marmion Schoneberg (Man With No Name rx) Substance
32 Techtonic ft Quantum Zuma Kundalini
33 Ticon Chicken Shaker (Aerospace rx) Spin Twist
34 Liquid Ace Let Go Iboga Mexico
35 Electrypnose Mydrm Digital Psionics
36 Skynet Ascension Skynet
37 Tim Ismag Fairy Polar Green Mono Music Studio
38 Martsman Trueschool Drumkit Wonder Med School
39 Optical Millennium Virus
40 Phace Cold Champagne Neosignal
41 Proktah Backfire Have A Break Germany
42 Ryme Tyme & Optical Twisted Virus
43 Skynet Geometrix Skynet
44 Far Too Loud vs Code Zero Blackout (Genki vs Muffler rx) Exogenic Breaks

Download (326MB 192k MP3 237’34”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2009-12-29.mp3)] downloads

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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #003:
live on NSB 19th Dec 2009

20 December 2009

Another epic extended show… I carried on past the end of my allotted 2 hours as someone was supposed to be covering the next show but had said he might be a little bit late. In the end he didn’t turn up until nearly the end of that show, so I ended up doing the full 4 hour double feature. Download this mix, and the recent 5+ hour BrapFM marathon, onto your mp3 player, and you’re equipped with enough first-class choonage to survive almost any journey. Except maybe Eurostar.

Here we’ve got mostly my intoxicating special blend of the fortnight’s finest new releases and backcat discoveries in psybreaks, progressive breaks, neck-tingling nuskool, electrifying electro, twisted tech-breaks… and our first tentative foray on NSB into something that could be described as techno (but it’s Robosapiens so it must be ok). But just for shizzles, around the halfway mark as a kind of interlude we go on a brief tour of some classic oldskool hardcore and jungle techno from 1992-1994ish. This section doesn’t exactly fit with the flow to either side… hopefully this lump of strange-sounding foreign material is sufficiently colourful that you won’t find it too obtrusive…

Download (324MB 192k MP3 235’56”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2009-12-19.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Random Source Zombie Rats Sound of Habib
2 Cuncic & Malcevic Mafia [remastered promo]
3 Invincible Mean Streets Sound of Habib
4 Oleg Zubkov New Paralells [sic] (Abdomen Burst rx) Mistiquemusic
5 Espion Witches Bass4Bots
6 Meat Katie & Elite Force ft Roland Clark The Answer (Force Mass Motion rx) Lot49
7 Sensient Madman’s Playroom (Sensient breaks rx) Disconekta
8 Grouch Latex Knuckle Kids Disconekta
9 Lady Packa Solar Attack V.I.M [promo]
10 Robosapiens Bodies Dead Famous [promo]
11 Cannabinoid Power of the Tea [unsigned demo]
12 Depeche Mode Peace (BSD rx) [unreleased]
13 Unconscious Mind(s) FD PsYbreaks [unsigned demo]
14 Beatman & Ludmilla Moldova Ayra
15 Ans Funkache [promo]
16 Stisch Beauty In Me (Splitloop rx) SubSpace Communications
17 Karton Spacetrip 82 (BETA rx) Sound of Habib
18 Sidel Rollin ChipSound
19 Beatman & Ludmilla Leeroy Jenkins Ayra
20 Sylus Grind Transverse
21 Xim n Bass vs Critical Believe Dusted Breaks [promo]
22 Enough Weapons Supersonic (Eshericks rx) Ape
23 Far Too Loud All Is Machine Funkatech
24 Acen Trip II The Moon part 2: The Darkside Production House
25 Citadel Of Kaos Ronnie’s Revenge Boombastic Plastic
26 Nino World Champion Production House
27 D’Cruze Bass Go Boom (D.O.P.E. rx) Suburban Base
28 Electronic Experienced More I.Q Basement
29 Invisible Man Skyliner Timeless
30 Citadel Of Kaos Urbanity Boombastic Plastic
31 Acen Obsessed II: Pictures Of Silence Production House
32 Illuminatae Our Mind XVX
33 Fluke Reeferendrum Circa
34 Burufunk Outsider (Flack.Su rx) Navigation
35 Cannabinoid Copious Amounts Of Ganja [unsigned demo]
36 Rennie Pilgrem Coming Up For Air (JDS rx) TCR
37 Diverted Scorch Sokolov Sounds
38 Lifecycle Do Not Pass (Flack.Su rx) Ricochet
39 Phil K & Habersham Cloudbrake Audio Therapy
40 Skein Renegade Pieces of Eight
41 Paul Hardcastle / Zero One Over & Over Hardcastle
42 BP & One Revolution BP
43 Koma & Bones High Rollin’ TCR
44 Orbital Halcyon & on & on (Cannabinoid rx) [unreleased demo]
45 Marc Adamo Krakupz Local Zeros
46 Future Funk Squad Sorcerary (Lawgiverz rx) Default
47 Elite Force You (Hybrid rx) U&A

Download (324MB 192k MP3 235’56”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2009-12-19.mp3)] downloads

Lots of hot promos and demos this week – thanks to all those labels and artists who sent them. In particular, thanks to unsigned artists Cannabinoid and Unconscious Mind(s) for allowing me to display their wares. I’m very interested in supporting other unsigned acts in this way… assuming I like your sound of course! Think you’ve got something I need to hear? Hit me up.

Next show: Sat 2nd Jan 2010, 19:00 GMT, NSB.

Happy Yule/Saturnalia/Hannukah/Christmas/Cashmas/WinterFest… and here’s to more odysseys in 2010 🙂

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Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode III:
live on PsyMusic 15th Sep 2009

16 September 2009

I was very tired after the shenanigans of Waveform, so really appreciated all the people in the shoutbox keeping me going 🙂 So a simple progression this week, techno-progtrance-breaks-dnb with heavy side orders of glitch…

Download (208MB 192k MP3 152’03”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2009-09-15.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title
1 Umek You Might Hear Nothing
2 Monaque Solaris
3 Hedflux & Tom Wilkes Basscake (Plastic Shell rx)
4 Slinky Wire Croaking Toads
5 James Harcourt Call & Response
6 Yotopia Goosebumps
7 Desert Dwellers A Little Spice
8 Perfect Stranger & Pena Ode Ao Sol
9 Josh Millstone As The Day Fades (Phunk Investigation Ghost mix)
10 System 7 High Plains Drifter (Live)
11 Liquid Ace Let Go
12 Ghettface vs Yanix Wikked Wayz (BETA rx)
13 Neurodriver Sidewinder Broken Robot
14 Tipper Twister (Hybrid A.D. Twisted rx)
15 Butter Party Eat The Mushroom
16 Skeetaz Dirty Dobbers
17 Jim Reaper Fast Eddie
18 Product.01 Ready To Rage (dub) Dead Famous
19 Mad-Tek Dread Digital Distortions
20 Mad-Tek Meteor Shower Digital Distortions
21 Far Too Loud vs Code Zero Blackout (Headphonics rx)
22 IITone Crush
23 Schizophrenics Ethnic
24 VENT Turn The Page
25 The Phat Riderz Organic Neurosis
26 D-Ranged Sins Of Claire (Lawgiverz rx)
27 Bob Humid Prediction
28 Bob Humid Shiny Black Bug
29 Scorb P2P
30 Far Too Loud vs Code Zero Blackout (Genki vs Muffler rx)

Download (208MB 192k MP3 152’03”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2009-09-15.mp3)] downloads

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