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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #091:
live on NSB 7th Jun 2014

3 October 2014

It’s a cratedigging show – unearthing classic nuskool, progressive and tripadelic breaks from 1999-2007.
Download (160.9MB 192kbps MP3 117’11”) 839 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Hybrid If I Survive Distinctive
2 Hyperion (Oz) On The Expressway U&A
3 Dascyllus Tokamak
4 Introspective Devil Theory (Peter Paul rx)
5 Blim & Rennie Pilgrem 2 Freaks
6 General Midi Nuone
7 Atomic Hooligan I Don’t Care (Tom Kraft rx) Botchit & Scarper
8 Kiwa Fire Escape
9 Beta Beat Funk
10 Johan Soh & Myagi Still (Beta rx)
11 FSOL Papua New Guinea (Hybrid rx)
12 Deekline & Wizard All Your Love (D&W club mix)
13 Plump DJs Scram
14 Soul Of Man Kickback
15 Robosapiens Acid Reign
16 Plastic Shell Foley
17 Mint Royale Take It Easy (Plump DJs rx)
18 SOTEG Concept of Nature (Lawgiverz rx)
19 Elite Force You (Hybrid rx)

Download (160.9MB 192kbps MP3 117’11”) 839 downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2014-06-07

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Artists: Atomic Hooligan, Beta, Blim, D&W club, Dascyllus, Deekline, Elite Force, FSOL, General Midi, Hybrid, Hyperion (Oz), Introspective, Johan Soh, Kiwa, Lawgiverz, Mint Royale, Myagi, Peter Paul, Plastic Shell, Plump DJs, Rennie Pilgrem, Robosapiens, SOTEG, Soul Of Man, Tom Kraft, Wizard

Labels: Botchit & Scarper, Distinctive, U&A

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #059:
live on NSB 7th Jul 2012

10 August 2012

One of our periodic voyages back in time… crate-digging some classic trippy progressive nuskool breaks from a few years ago… but bringing it bang up to date at the end 🙂
I had a bit of a sore throat so there’s a lot less talking than usual too 🙂
Download (170.1MB 192kbps MP3 123’53”) 1543 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Robosapiens Acid Reign (AMB rx) AMB website [free]
2 Beta Come Again P.A.C.K.
3 Pilot Dilema (Plastic Shell rx) Electrofly
4 General Midi Nuone Distinct’ive
5 Hedflux Non Stop Breakin Even
6 Freeflow 45 Low Contour iBreaks
7 Johan Soh & Myagi Still (Beta rx) Sound of Habib
8 Plump DJs Fever Finger Lickin
9 Kiwa Fire Escape Exogenic
10 Breakfastaz The Pressure Passenger
11 Rob D Clubbed To Death (Hybrid rx) Cheeky
12 Oliver Morgenroth Care Jetlag Digital
13 BSD Intoxikated Muzik iBreaks
14 Mesmer Wormsigns Sound Of Habib
15 Dreadzone The Warriors Double Seven
16 Dascyllus Odessa Keys Sinister
17 Lifecycle Do Not Pass ( rx) Ricochet
18 Rennie Pilgrem Rich Rule Us (BSD rx) TCR
19 Colombo Drop Da Beat iBreaks
20 Digibox Tangerine Dream (Peak rx) VIM [promo]
21 Forufreezer Floating Balloon (Kwah rx) In Bloom [promo]

Download (170.1MB 192kbps MP3 123’53”) 1543 downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2012-07-07

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Artists: AMB, BSD, Beta, Breakfastaz, Colombo, Dascyllus, Digibox, Dreadzone,, Forufreezer, Freeflow 45, General Midi, Hedflux, Hybrid, Johan Soh, Kiwa, Kwah, Lifecycle, Mesmer, Myagi, Oliver Morgenroth, Peak, Pilot, Plastic Shell, Plump DJs, Rennie Pilgrem, Rob D, Robosapiens

Labels: AMB website, Breakin Even, Cheeky, Distinct'ive, Double Seven, Electrofly, Exogenic, Finger Lickin, In Bloom, Jetlag Digital, P.A.C.K., Passenger, Ricochet, Sinister, Sound Of Habib, Sound of Habib, TCR, VIM, iBreaks

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #003:
live on NSB 19th Dec 2009

20 December 2009

Another epic extended show… I carried on past the end of my allotted 2 hours as someone was supposed to be covering the next show but had said he might be a little bit late. In the end he didn’t turn up until nearly the end of that show, so I ended up doing the full 4 hour double feature. Download this mix, and the recent 5+ hour BrapFM marathon, onto your mp3 player, and you’re equipped with enough first-class choonage to survive almost any journey. Except maybe Eurostar.

Here we’ve got mostly my intoxicating special blend of the fortnight’s finest new releases and backcat discoveries in psybreaks, progressive breaks, neck-tingling nuskool, electrifying electro, twisted tech-breaks… and our first tentative foray on NSB into something that could be described as techno (but it’s Robosapiens so it must be ok). But just for shizzles, around the halfway mark as a kind of interlude we go on a brief tour of some classic oldskool hardcore and jungle techno from 1992-1994ish. This section doesn’t exactly fit with the flow to either side… hopefully this lump of strange-sounding foreign material is sufficiently colourful that you won’t find it too obtrusive…

Download (324MB 192k MP3 235’56”) 1722 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Random Source Zombie Rats Sound of Habib
2 Cuncic & Malcevic Mafia [remastered promo]
3 Invincible Mean Streets Sound of Habib
4 Oleg Zubkov New Paralells [sic] (Abdomen Burst rx) Mistiquemusic
5 Espion Witches Bass4Bots
6 Meat Katie & Elite Force ft Roland Clark The Answer (Force Mass Motion rx) Lot49
7 Sensient Madman’s Playroom (Sensient breaks rx) Disconekta
8 Grouch Latex Knuckle Kids Disconekta
9 Lady Packa Solar Attack V.I.M [promo]
10 Robosapiens Bodies Dead Famous [promo]
11 Cannabinoid Power of the Tea [unsigned demo]
12 Depeche Mode Peace (BSD rx) [unreleased]
13 Unconscious Mind(s) FD PsYbreaks [unsigned demo]
14 Beatman & Ludmilla Moldova Ayra
15 Ans Funkache [promo]
16 Stisch Beauty In Me (Splitloop rx) SubSpace Communications
17 Karton Spacetrip 82 (BETA rx) Sound of Habib
18 Sidel Rollin ChipSound
19 Beatman & Ludmilla Leeroy Jenkins Ayra
20 Sylus Grind Transverse
21 Xim n Bass vs Critical Believe Dusted Breaks [promo]
22 Enough Weapons Supersonic (Eshericks rx) Ape
23 Far Too Loud All Is Machine Funkatech
24 Acen Trip II The Moon part 2: The Darkside Production House
25 Citadel Of Kaos Ronnie’s Revenge Boombastic Plastic
26 Nino World Champion Production House
27 D’Cruze Bass Go Boom (D.O.P.E. rx) Suburban Base
28 Electronic Experienced More I.Q Basement
29 Invisible Man Skyliner Timeless
30 Citadel Of Kaos Urbanity Boombastic Plastic
31 Acen Obsessed II: Pictures Of Silence Production House
32 Illuminatae Our Mind XVX
33 Fluke Reeferendrum Circa
34 Burufunk Outsider (Flack.Su rx) Navigation
35 Cannabinoid Copious Amounts Of Ganja [unsigned demo]
36 Rennie Pilgrem Coming Up For Air (JDS rx) TCR
37 Diverted Scorch Sokolov Sounds
38 Lifecycle Do Not Pass (Flack.Su rx) Ricochet
39 Phil K & Habersham Cloudbrake Audio Therapy
40 Skein Renegade Pieces of Eight
41 Paul Hardcastle / Zero One Over & Over Hardcastle
42 BP & One Revolution BP
43 Koma & Bones High Rollin’ TCR
44 Orbital Halcyon & on & on (Cannabinoid rx) [unreleased demo]
45 Marc Adamo Krakupz Local Zeros
46 Future Funk Squad Sorcerary (Lawgiverz rx) Default
47 Elite Force You (Hybrid rx) U&A

Download (324MB 192k MP3 235’56”) 1722 downloads

Lots of hot promos and demos this week – thanks to all those labels and artists who sent them. In particular, thanks to unsigned artists Cannabinoid and Unconscious Mind(s) for allowing me to display their wares. I’m very interested in supporting other unsigned acts in this way… assuming I like your sound of course! Think you’ve got something I need to hear? Hit me up.

Next show: Sat 2nd Jan 2010, 19:00 GMT, NSB.

Happy Yule/Saturnalia/Hannukah/Christmas/Cashmas/WinterFest… and here’s to more odysseys in 2010 🙂

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