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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #091:
live on NSB 7th Jun 2014

3 October 2014

It’s a cratedigging show – unearthing classic nuskool, progressive and tripadelic breaks from 1999-2007.
Download (160.9MB 192kbps MP3 117’11”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2014-06-07.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Hybrid If I Survive Distinctive
2 Hyperion (Oz) On The Expressway U&A
3 Dascyllus Tokamak
4 Introspective Devil Theory (Peter Paul rx)
5 Blim & Rennie Pilgrem 2 Freaks
6 General Midi Nuone
7 Atomic Hooligan I Don’t Care (Tom Kraft rx) Botchit & Scarper
8 Kiwa Fire Escape
9 Beta Beat Funk
10 Johan Soh & Myagi Still (Beta rx)
11 FSOL Papua New Guinea (Hybrid rx)
12 Deekline & Wizard All Your Love (D&W club mix)
13 Plump DJs Scram
14 Soul Of Man Kickback
15 Robosapiens Acid Reign
16 Plastic Shell Foley
17 Mint Royale Take It Easy (Plump DJs rx)
18 SOTEG Concept of Nature (Lawgiverz rx)
19 Elite Force You (Hybrid rx)

Download (160.9MB 192kbps MP3 117’11”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2014-06-07.mp3)] downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2014-06-07

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Artists: Atomic Hooligan, Beta, Blim, D&W club, Dascyllus, Deekline, Elite Force, FSOL, General Midi, Hybrid, Hyperion (Oz), Introspective, Johan Soh, Kiwa, Lawgiverz, Mint Royale, Myagi, Peter Paul, Plastic Shell, Plump DJs, Rennie Pilgrem, Robosapiens, SOTEG, Soul Of Man, Tom Kraft, Wizard

Labels: Botchit & Scarper, Distinctive, U&A

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #079:
live on NSB 3rd Aug 2013

4 October 2013

Sorry I got way behind on the promos, been a bit hectic for a while… anyway, here’s the archive from the first of my two shows in August; starting off progressive but soon diving into the chunky psybreaks, with fat promos from Hedflux, Bad Tango, Dr Fish, Blazer, Retroid, Aural Abuse and more! And the closing track is an absolute classic…
Download (163.9MB 192kbps MP3 119’19”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2013-08-03.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title
1 Aeron Aether Aeristhesia
2 BSD ElektroLife (You And Me)
3 Aural Abuse Damaged (0rig) Deep Garnet [promo]
4 Hedflux & Bad Tango Alignment Broken Robot [promo]
5 Bad Tango Interphase Broken Robot [promo]
6 Audio Hertz Take Some Luck (Peak rx)
7 Snook Indigo Broken Robot
8 Bad Tango Enzyme (Hedflux rx) Broken Robot [promo]
9 Digital Department Outburst (Retroid rx) Ego Shot [promo]
10 Acidova Be High (Line Of Sight rx) In Bloom
11 Doublefacez Heavy Commander NMitySound
12 Dr Fish M.U.D.M.A (Blazer rx) VIM [promo]
13 Mobius Flood Warning (That Girl DJ rx)
14 Mechanical Pressure Pergam NFBMusic
15 Yanix Derecho (orig breaks mix) Ridiculoud [promo]
16 Chevy One ft Jay Lucco Closer Falls Neom
17 Xgenic Blaster (Blazer rx) Perfecto
18 Monk3ylogic Control The Void (Too Dusty rx) Broken
19 Blazer Renegade (0rig) Neom
20 Peak Create A World Of Abundance
21 Max Hertzz Daydreaming (Kwah rx) VIM
22 Mint Royale Take It Easy (Plump DJs rx)

Download (163.9MB 192kbps MP3 119’19”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2013-08-03.mp3)] downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2013-08-03

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Artists: 0rig, Acidova, Aeron Aether, Audio Hertz, Aural Abuse, BSD, Bad Tango, Blazer, Chevy One, Digital Department, Doublefacez, Dr Fish, Hedflux, Jay Lucco, Kwah, Line Of Sight, Max Hertzz, Mechanical Pressure, Mint Royale, Mobius, Monk3ylogic, Peak, Plump DJs, Retroid, Snook, That Girl DJ, Too Dusty, Xgenic, Yanix, You And Me, orig breaks

Labels: Broken, Broken Robot, Deep Garnet, Ego Shot, In Bloom, NFBMusic, NMitySound, Neom, Perfecto, Ridiculoud, VIM

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #077:
VIM Records Special
live on NSB 18th May 2013

22 May 2013

This week we’re paying tribute to the VIM Records label as they celebrate their whopping 200th release! VIM and its head honcho Grigoris “Greg” Savvidis have played a huge role in the ongoing development of the breaks scene over the past 6 years, keeping us supplied with a steady stream of quality releases, and probably doing more than any other label to seek out and promote new talent – many producers have had their first release on this label (including me!), and VIM’s eclectic music policy and willingness to experiment with and embrace new musical directions, has helped to ensure that it has been a mainstay of this show from the beginning.

So, by way of thanks, I dedicated most of the show to their current crop of promos and releases, plus a few older favourites, and contributions from sister labels Diablo Loco and Deep Garnet.

But I had to find time to squeeze in a few other top-notch promos, including a couple from Kwah‘s forthcoming EP on Broken Robot, Roboteknic‘s latest for the new Sub Element label… oh and EXCLUSIVE first play on the radio anywhere of an awesome new track by Big Mistake (mega thanks Toni!). (He’s done another one which is quite different and just as good but I just didn’t have time for it, watch out for that next month!)

Anyway, VIM Records, and Greg, in recognition of all that you have achieved and the huge support give to the scene, we salute you! Here’s to the next 200!

Download (158.2MB 192kbps MP3 115’10”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2013-05-18_vim_special.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Deeply Unexpected Life Is Nice And Then You Die Deep Garnet [promo]
2 Kostas G Sadie’s Choice VIM [promo]
3 Kostas G The Chase VIM [promo]
4 Aural Abuse Cosmic Arch VIM [promo]
5 Shockillaz & Flybug Butterfly (Prato rx) VIM [promo]
6 Paul Rosenthal My Magnitude (Cannabinoid rx) VIM [promo]
7 Captain Capcom Velvet Curtains VIM [promo]
8 Aural Abuse Fear (Bl1tz rx) VIM [promo]
9 Roboteknic Someplace Else (0rig) Sub Element [promo]
10 Roboteknic Someplace Else (LuQas) Sub Element [promo]
11 Spectral Theory Phasor mk2 soundcloud [free]
12 Martopeter Brain Hacker (0rig) VIM [promo]
13 Kwah Readjust The Dust Broken Robot [promo]
14 Mr Cid Beyond Our Reach (Motna rx) VIM
15 Bl1tz ft Starbreaks Intelligence (Journeyman & BARRcode rx) VIM
16 Fletric Bioskanner (Clandestine rx) VIM
17 Big Mistake Critical Mass [excl]
18 Bl1tz Impakto Diablo Loco [promo]
19 Kwah Sentient Technology Broken Robot [promo]
20 Loaded Fist Code Zero (MDK rx) Ego Shot [promo]
21 Digital Breaks Foundation Going Back (Quextal rx) VIM

Download (158.2MB 192kbps MP3 115’10”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2013-05-18_vim_special.mp3)] downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2013-05-18

Next show: Sat 15th June 2013, 7pm UK time, featuring a special guest mix from wicked tech-psy-breaks producer MartOpetEr!

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Artists: 0rig, Aural Abuse, BARRcode, Big Mistake, Bl1tz, Cannabinoid, Captain Capcom, Clandestine, Deeply Unexpected, Digital Breaks Foundation, Fletric, Flybug, Journeyman, Kostas G, Kwah, Loaded Fist, LuQas, MDK, Martopeter, Motna, Mr Cid, Paul Rosenthal, Prato, Quextal, Roboteknic, Shockillaz, Spectral Theory, Starbreaks

Labels: Broken Robot, Deep Garnet, Diablo Loco, Ego Shot, Sub Element, VIM, soundcloud

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #067:
live on NSB 1st Dec 2012

8 January 2013

Another trip into the latest in trippy breaks, with heavy promo action from VIM, Expand and new label Sub Element, plus an exclusive new track from Kwah and Ee’sh.
Download (130.3MB 192kbps MP3 94’52”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2012-12-01.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Deeply Unexpected Robomonkeys VIM
2 Nick Sentience Below Zero (Dallean rx) RUNE [free]
3 Clubsonica High Stakes VIM [promo]
4 Quadrat Beat Good Life (BreaksMafia rx) Expand [promo]
5 Breaks Mafia Holiday (Macho rx) [promo]
6 Ways and Means BS6 (Steve Maccabe rx) VIM [promo]
7 Aleksey Electronic & Parallax Breakz Trip to Cybertron (Andy Faze rx) VIM [promo]
8 Ire Take Over (Line of Sight rx) VIM [promo]
9 Kwah & Ee’sh Dollhouse [excl]
10 Orbital Chime (Sketi Breaks Edit) soundcloud [free]
11 Aleksey Electronic & Parallax Breakz Trip to Cybertron (0rig) VIM [promo]
12 Triple Agent Unterwelt Logariddim
13 Alter Form Sarcophagus (Part One) Ego Shot
14 Triple Agent Pistols & Spaceships Logariddim
15 Blazer Skill Cypher
16 Optobot Man Or Machine (0rig) Sub Element [promo]
17 Taras Bazeev Santigi RUNE [promo]

Download (130.3MB 192kbps MP3 94’52”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2012-12-01.mp3)] downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2012-12-01

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Artists: 0rig, Aleksey Electronic, Alter Form, Andy Faze, Blazer, Breaks Mafia, BreaksMafia, Clubsonica, Dallean, Deeply Unexpected, Ee'sh, Ire, Kwah, Line of Sight, Macho, Means, Nick Sentience, Optobot, Orbital, Parallax Breakz, Part One, Quadrat Beat, Sketi Breaks Edit, Steve Maccabe, Taras Bazeev, Triple Agent, Ways

Labels: Ego Shot, Expand, Logariddim, RUNE, Sub Element, VIM,, soundcloud

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #065:
3rd Anniversary 4-hour special
live on NSB 17th Nov 2012

21 December 2012

To celebrate our 3rd birthday, we laid down a double-length show, featuring 2 hours of the latest and greatest of the journeying progressive and psychedelic breaks that is our bread and butter, including some super-hot promos and exclusive tracks, followed by 2 hours taking you back to the 90s with the oldskool breakbeat sound that got me into underground dance music in the first place.

Massive thanks to all you lovely listeners who have supported my NSB show over the past 3 years, and to all the NSB Radio crew who maintain this as the greatest breakbeat radio station in the world!

Download (319.0MB 192kbps MP3 232’16”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2012-11-17_3rd_birthday.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Soulforse Rain VIM [promo]
2 LuQas Altered States (Quextal rx) [unreleased]
3 Tummy Talk Run For Your Money Broken Robot [promo]
4 Triple Agent Unterwelt Logariddim [promo]
5 Alter Form Cybernetic Reason Need4Beat
6 Tummy Talk Mycelium Broken Robot [promo]
7 Brujo’s Bowl Reality Ripples Broken
8 Cruzdub Black Sun (Dr Fish rx #1) Diablo Loco [promo]
9 Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall (Kiwa rx) soundcloud [free]
10 Quextal Xia [WIP v24] [unreleased]
11 Tee-Ex Incredible Morphosis
12 Soulforse Paranoia (“WTF” rx by Resonant Status)
13 Caravan Palace Clash Cafe De La Danse
14 Tee-Ex Further Morphosis
15 Alter Form Neurotoxin (The Fixionist rx) Break Wind
16 Beta Feel Sound of Habib
17 MartOpetEr Home Grown (Roboteknic rx) Divergence [pre-promo]
18 Alter Form Sarcophagus (Part One) Ego Shot
19 MartOpetEr Substances Broken Robot
20 Optobot Man Or Machine (MartOpetEr rx) Sub Element [promo]
21 Roboteknic Three Dimensional Space Divergence [pre-promo]
22 Triple Agent Pistols and Spaceships Logariddim [promo]
23 Electric Soulside Soul On Fire (Kid Panel rx) Diablo Loco [promo]
24 Quextal L92B [very rough first cut WIP] [unreleased]
25 Nino World Champion Production House
26 SL2 Way In My Brain XL
27 DJs Unite DJs Unite XL
28 Acen Close Your Eyes (XXX mix) Production House
29 SL2 DJs Take Control XL
30 Altern8 Activ8 (Come With Me)
31 The Prodigy Rip Up The Sound System XL
32 Liquid Sweet Harmony XL
33 The Prodigy Your Love XL
34 Orbital Chime (Live Style mix)
35 SL2 On A Ragga Tip XL
36 Njoi Boom Bass Deconstruction
37 The Prodigy G-Force (Energy Flow) XL
38 Rhythm Section The Chainsaw
39 Fast Floor 7th Heaven Smooth
40 Acen Trip II The Moon Part II: The Darkside Production House
41 Edge Cmpnded (Remix) [white]
42 Citadel Of Kaos Urbanity Boombastic Plastic
43 Electronic Experienced More IQ Basement
44 Invisible Man Skyliner
45 Acen Trip II The Moon Part III: Kaleidoscopiklimax Production House

Download (319.0MB 192kbps MP3 232’16”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2012-11-17_3rd_birthday.mp3)] downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2012-11-17

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Artists: "WTF, Acen, Alter Form, Altern8, Beta, Brujo's Bowl, Caravan Palace, Citadel Of Kaos, Come With Me, Cruzdub, DJs Unite, Dr Fish, Edge, Electric Soulside, Electronic Experienced, Energy Flow, Fast Floor, Invisible Man, Kid Panel, Kiwa, Liquid, Live Style, LuQas, MartOpetEr, Nino, Njoi, Optobot, Orbital, Part One, Pink Floyd, Quextal, Re, Rhythm Section, Roboteknic, SL2, Soulforse, Tee-Ex, The Fixionist, The Prodigy, Triple Agent, Tummy Talk, XXX

Labels: Basement, Boombastic Plastic, Break Wind, Broken, Broken Robot, Cafe De La Danse, Deconstruction, Diablo Loco, Divergence, Ego Shot, Logariddim, Morphosis, Need4Beat, Production House, Smooth, Sound of Habib, Sub Element, VIM, XL, soundcloud

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #063:
live on NSB 29th Sep 2012

7 November 2012

No promos to play this week so we go crate-digging for some classic nuskool, progressive and psybreaks from the past few years…
Download (155.5MB 192kbps MP3 113’12”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2012-09-29.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title
1 Johan Soh & Myagi Still (BETA rx)
2 Tee-Ex Bring It On
3 General Midi Further
4 Clesk AK47 (Aeron Aether rx)
5 Sam Hell Soft
6 Blendbrank Man From Venus
7 Vlad Sokolov & Diverted Bananamy
8 RMS & Peak New Realm (Hedflux rx)
9 Beatman & Ludmilla Lizarb The Sad Clown (Plastic Shell rx)
10 Plastic Shell Foley
11 Blazer Infected
12 Pete Houle Apollo (breakbeat mix)
13 PFN Coils
14 Access Denied Lucky Bitches (Adsorb rx)
15 Freeflow 45 Ear Fracture
16 Cursor Miner On The Razz
17 Butter Party Eat The Mushroom
18 Skeetaz Nein
19 Son Of The Electric Ghost Concept Of Nature (Lawgiverz rx)

Download (155.5MB 192kbps MP3 113’12”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2012-09-29.mp3)] downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2012-09-29

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Artists: Access Denied, Adsorb, Aeron Aether, BETA, Beatman, Blazer, Blendbrank, Butter Party, Clesk, Cursor Miner, Diverted, Freeflow 45, General Midi, Hedflux, Johan Soh, Lawgiverz, Ludmilla, Myagi, PFN, Peak, Pete Houle, Plastic Shell, RMS, Sam Hell, Skeetaz, Son Of The Electric Ghost, Tee-Ex, Vlad Sokolov, breakbeat

Labels: Knob

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #056:
live on NSB 19th May 2012

19 June 2012

This week we showcase several tracks from VIM’s Crème de la crème compilation celebrating their 150th release, and of course the cream of the current crop of psybreaks promos and selected freebies from across the nuskool spectrum.

Download (165.2MB 192kbps MP3 120’15”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2012-05-19.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 The Lucky 23 The Wave
2 Hedflux and Bad Tango Slippery Triplet [promo]
3 Karl Sav Robotic Melodic Unstable [free]
4 Orbital Impact (Ghettface rx) soundcloud [free]
5 Access Denied Freeze Frame Bass Reflections [free]
6 ViperX, BreaksMafia The Time (Hoffman and SavannaH rx)
7 Andy Faze Psyfunk Rebels (AP3X rx) VIM [promo]
8 Home Alone Enema VIM [promo]
9 Beat Rangers Junkyard Is Alive (Charlie Kane rx) VIM [promo]
10 Dr Fish Monotron VIM [promo]
11 Bl1tz Hear You VIM [promo]
12 Andy Faze Trippy [promo]
13 Geon Astral VIM [promo]
14 Access Denied Unit Bass Reflections [free]
15 Andy Faze Melody Machine [promo]
16 Hoffman and SaVannaH Rolling Thunder Unstable [free]
17 MartOpetEr Don’t Push Me (Unconscious Mind(s) rx) VIM [promo]
18 Charlie Kane Neuron Flow VIM [promo]
19 Charlie Kane Wired To The Core VIM [promo]
20 Kem Come Up Unstable [free]
21 Dr Fish Monotron (Project Synthetic rx) VIM [promo]
22 Electrux Mantis Hardcore Lives [promo]

Download (165.2MB 192kbps MP3 120’15”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2012-05-19.mp3)] downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2012-05-19

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Artists: AP3X, Access Denied, Andy Faze, Bad Tango, Beat Rangers, Bl1tz, BreaksMafia, Charlie Kane, Dr Fish, Electrux, Geon, Ghettface, Hedflux, Hoffman, Home Alone, Karl Sav, Kem, MartOpetEr, Orbital, Project Synthetic, SaVannaH, SavannaH, The Lucky 23, ViperX, s)

Labels: Bass Reflections, Hardcore Lives, Unstable, VIM,, soundcloud

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #053:
live on NSB 3rd Mar 2012

21 April 2012

Epic progressive breaks, twisted psybreaks, techfunk, nuskool, fat electro and a smattering of techno. Interstitial breakbeat for the international jetset willy.
Download (167.4MB 192kbps MP3 121’52”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2012-03-03.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 The Emissary Transfigured Night Digital Sensation UK
2 K.K. Perfect Storm soundcloud [free]
3 Steve Maccabe & System 2 Odyssey (Tom Clyde rx) VIM [promo]
4 Cade Dr Gonzo VIM [promo]
5 Will Marshall Anaconda (Andy Faze rx) VIM [promo]
6 Alien Eye Fade Away Held2Ransom30 [promo]
7 Yoko San (Watch The Gap) Acid Stepper soundcloud [free]
8 Eltech & Cheus DJ Neuron Historus
9 Kwah Proton Perspective (Mouldy Soul’s retrospective rx) [promo]
10 Bad Tango Arecibo Spank Broken Robot
11 Will Marshall Circuit Funk VIM [promo]
12 Bitrok Push The Envelope (Elite Force rx) UA
13 Monk3ylogic Agent of Chaos Broken Robot [promo]
14 Flukes The Survivor Dead Famous [promo]
15 Robosapiens Fuck Knuckle Dead Famous
16 k:creature Jetset [exclusive]
17 Bad Tango Check Point Broken Robot
18 Bartdon Ground Spektra
19 Boson Blackout (Geon rx) Ego Shot
20 Blazer Pulse Raveart
21 48k Synaptic Shapes (Broken Eye) Yellow Finger

Download (167.4MB 192kbps MP3 121’52”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2012-03-03.mp3)] downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2012-03-03

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Artists: 48k, Alien Eye, Andy Faze, Bad Tango, Bartdon, Bitrok, Blazer, Boson, Broken Eye, Cade, Cheus DJ, Elite Force, Eltech, Flukes, Geon, K.K., Kwah, Monk3ylogic, Mouldy Soul, Robosapiens, Steve Maccabe, System 2, The Emissary, Tom Clyde, Will Marshall, Yoko San (Watch The Gap), k:creature

Labels: Broken Robot, Dead Famous, Digital Sensation UK, Ego Shot, Held2Ransom30, Historus, Raveart, Spektra, UA, VIM, Yellow Finger, soundcloud

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #051:
live on NSB 4th Feb 2012

26 March 2012

Mostly psybreaks this week, with promos and exclusives aplenty, plus a selection of tracks from a producer who’s been around for a while but I only recently discovered…
Download (159.6MB 192kbps MP3 116’12”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2012-02-04.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Andy Faze Another World Warped
2 Unconscious Mind(s) Out Of Here Psychoactive [exclusive]
3 Bartdon Midway Spektra
4 Bartdon Punch Groove Spektra
5 Hoffman vs Chamber Re:Activate [promo]
6 Boson Blackout (Geon rx) Ego Shot
7 MartOpetEr Follow The Line Raveart
8 SRTech Riot In Vanhainkoti (Big Mistake rx) [exclusive]
9 MartOpetEr We Are One Raveart
10 Blazer Android Raveart
11 Ap3x & Home Alone Connect (Dr Fish rx) Diablo Loco [promo]
12 Bartdon That’s True Dubplate
13 Boson Blackout (Retroid rx) Ego Shot
14 Hardnoise The Time (Insom & Oze rx) VIM [promo]
15 Blazer Pulse Raveart
16 Karton Chase It High (Beta rx) Sound Of Habib
17 ? ? ?
18 Aleksey ElectroNic Unreal (Bad Tango rx) RUNE
19 Big Mistake Comet [exclusive]
20 Abdomen Burst Epinephrine (Hedflux rx) Scarcity
21 Max Hertzz Daydreaming (Kwah rx) [exclusive]
22 Ghettface vs Yanix Wikked Ways (Beta rx)

Download (159.6MB 192kbps MP3 116’12”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2012-02-04.mp3)] downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2012-02-04

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Artists: ?, Abdomen Burst, Aleksey ElectroNic, Andy Faze, Ap3x, Bad Tango, Bartdon, Beta, Big Mistake, Blazer, Boson, Chamber, Dr Fish, Geon, Ghettface, Hardnoise, Hedflux, Hoffman, Home Alone, Insom, Karton, Kwah, MartOpetEr, Max Hertzz, Oze, Retroid, SRTech, Unconscious Mind(s), Yanix

Labels: ?, Diablo Loco, Dubplate, Ego Shot, Psychoactive, RUNE, Raveart, Scarcity, Sound Of Habib, Spektra, VIM, Warped

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #046:
2nd Birthday Edition
live on NSB 19th Nov 2011

7 December 2011

We celebrate 2 years of Quexotic Adventures in style by, well, doing what we usually do: bringing you the very finest and freshest progressive breaks and psybreaks promos, new releases and freebies… but as it’s our birthday, we’ll throw in a few exclusives too 🙂 – with massive thanks to Snook, Project Synthetic, and, er, Quextal 😀

Big big love to everyone who’s supported the show over the past couple of years, especially the chatroom regulars who spur me on during every broadcast with kind feedback, rude remarks, hilarity and randomness.

We continue…

Download (160.6MB 192kbps MP3 116’54”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2011-11-19_2nd_birthday.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Colombo Telequinesis iBreaks
2 Max Hertzz The Mist (Cannabinoid rx) VIM [promo]
3 Resistor You’ve Got To Ridiculoud [promo]
4 Geon Like Dis! VIM [promo]
5 Left/Right & Digital Pizza Every Body (BETA rx) Downbeat
6 Bill Vega & New Decade Bobble Head (remix) soundcloud [free]
7 Sergei Orange Eruption RUNE [free]
8 Colombo Methane iBreaks
9 Cuervo & Dezibelio Overdrive (MDK rx) VIM [promo]
10 Colombo Later iBreaks
11 Snook The Signal [unmastered] [exclusive]
12 Helskanki Nikata (Quextal rx) [WIP v034] [exclusive]
13 Bad Tango Cortex Broken
14 Blatwax Mutdapilly soundcloud [free]
15 Clubsonic Blinking Illumination (Kondrashov rx) VIM [promo]
16 Aggressivnes Futurasia (Blazer rx) Elektroshok
17 Parallax Breakz Scream (Project Synthetic rx) [exclusive]
18 Colombo Your Match iBreaks
19 Hoffman Everybody Unstable [free]
20 Unconscious Mind(s) FD Psybreaks Psychoactive [free]
21 Re:Creation Binary Wake Up Psychoactive [free]

Download (160.6MB 192kbps MP3 116’54”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2011-11-19_2nd_birthday.mp3)] downloads

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Artists: Aggressivnes, BETA, Bad Tango, Bill Vega, Blatwax, Blazer, Cannabinoid, Clubsonic, Colombo, Cuervo, Dezibelio, Digital Pizza, Geon, Helskanki, Hoffman, Kondrashov, Left/Right, MDK, Max Hertzz, New Decade, Parallax Breakz, Project Synthetic, Re:Creation, Resistor, Sergei Orange, Snook, Unconscious Mind(s)

Labels: Broken, Downbeat, Elektroshok, Psychoactive, RUNE, Ridiculoud, Unstable, VIM, iBreaks, soundcloud