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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #045:
live on NSB 22nd Oct 2011

20 November 2011

Deep tech breaks, melodic electro, and of course epic progressive and psychedelic breaks.
Download (174.6MB 192kbps MP3 127’10”) 3225 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Elektronauts Bumper (Plump DJs vocal rx) Lacerba
2 Metha Dark Smile (Sam Hell rx) [promo]
3 Nelver Black Dawn RUNE
4 Spirallianz Isnt Cosm
5 Sasha Cut Me Down (Retroid rx) soundcloud [free]
6 Breakzhead It’s Cold Subtribe
7 Oliver Morgenroth Care Jetlag
8 El-tron Chianta Darkdance
9 Espion MKYF Bass4Bots
10 Two Lone Swordsmen Brootle (Simulant rx) Warp
11 Mad-Tek X Digital Distortions
12 Rhino Drum Suipacha 220 Choo Choo
13 BSD Intoxikated Muzik iBreaks
14 Helskanki Nikata (Quextal rx) [WIP v29] [exclusive]
15 LuQas Dark Matter Broken Robot [promo]
16 HardNoise End Of Summer (Digibox rx) RUNE [promo]
17 Ways & Means Spellbound Dusted Breaks [promo]
18 Chamber XXL (Mafia Kiss rx) Young NRG [promo]
19 Dr Fish Influenza VIM [promo]
20 Triple Agent The Operator Broken Robot [promo]
21 Kwah Hypnotoad [exclusive]
22 Metabreed Metabreak Cosm

Download (174.6MB 192kbps MP3 127’10”) 3225 downloads

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Artists: BSD, Breakzhead, Chamber, Digibox, Dr Fish, El-tron, Elektronauts, Espion, HardNoise, Helskanki, Kwah, LuQas, Mad-Tek, Mafia Kiss, Means, Metabreed, Metha, Nelver, Oliver Morgenroth, Plump DJs vocal, Retroid, Rhino Drum, Sam Hell, Sasha, Simulant, Spirallianz, Triple Agent, Two Lone Swordsmen, Ways

Labels: Bass4Bots, Broken Robot, Choo Choo, Cosm, Darkdance, Digital Distortions, Dusted Breaks, Jetlag, Lacerba, RUNE, Subtribe, VIM, Warp, Young NRG,, iBreaks, soundcloud

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #043:
live on NSB 24th Sep 2011

30 October 2011

Often when Quexotic Adventures is unexpectedly extended to 4 hours I flip over to dnb or crunk for the second half, but this one stays with the breaks all the way – but of course ranges widely within that genre from laidback chilled IDM to progressive nuskool to psybreaks to dark electro and more, raiding the crates for forgotten classics along the way…
Download (323.8MB 192kbps MP3 235’45”) 1951 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Dyz Lecticus Morpheus soundcloud [free]
2 Deeply Unexpected Mechunanimous VIM [promo]
3 Fisso & Spark That’s The Ticket (The C4 rx) VIM [promo]
4 Soluble Sounds Became One soundcloud [free]
5 Isol Light Is Light [exclusive]
6 K.K. Spin soundcloud [free]
7 Fisso & Spark Up & Down Ridiculoud [promo]
8 K.K. Drops soundcloud [free]
9 Precision Cuts Badass 5000 soundcloud [free]
10 Plump DJs Fever Finger Lickin
11 Macho Rewind (Parallax Breakz rx) VIM [promo]
12 Mad-Tek X Digital Distortions
13 Kwah Hypnotoad [exclusive]
14 Roboteknic Our World Divergence
15 Macho Breakstar VIM [promo]
16 Colombo Drop Da Beat iBreaks
17 M_Spark Soviet Submarine (Roboteknic rx) [exclusive]
18 Geon Additions Acida
19 Unconscious Mind(s) vs Peak 5D Hologram Psychoactive
20 K-Deejays Fuck Peace Dubplate
21 Marc Adamo Throttlefunk Local Zeros
22 Son Of The Electric Ghost Concept Of Nature (Lawgiverz “Convict Of Nature” rx) Addictech
23 Orzel’s Machine Construkt Trick Music
24 Plastic Shell Foley Ayra
25 Skein Renegade Pieces of Eight
26 Plump DJs Scram U&A
27 Cavemen Kidz (Suspender rx) BijouBeats
28 Mesmer Wormsigns Sound Of Habib
29 BSD Don’t Do Dat Mental Machine Muzik
30 Double Negative Vegas Empathy Digital
31 Ghettface vs Yanix Wikked Wayz (BETA rx) Ridiculoud
32 Elite Force The Law Of Life U&A
33 Omar Santana & Dre Hectik Slutronica H2OH
34 Pheex Number One Audiogore
35 Audiohazard First Contact Bombtraxx
36 Dub Elements Space Cowboy N-MitySound
37 Blim & Rennie Pilgrem 2 Freaks
38 Digital Breaks Foundation Going Back (Quextal rx) VIM
39 Marc Adamo Krakupz Local Zeros
40 Espion Petrol Bomb The Fuckers Bass4Bots
41 Deekline & Wizard All Your Love (club mix) Botchit & Scarper

Download (323.8MB 192kbps MP3 235’45”) 1951 downloads

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Artists: Audiohazard, BETA, BSD, Blim, Cavemen, Colombo, Deekline, Deeply Unexpected, Digital Breaks Foundation, Double Negative, Dre Hectik, Dub Elements, Dyz Lecticus, Elite Force, Espion, Fisso, Geon, Ghettface, Isol, K-Deejays, K.K., Kwah, Lawgiverz, M_Spark, Macho, Mad-Tek, Marc Adamo, Mesmer, Omar Santana, Orzel's Machine, Parallax Breakz, Peak, Pheex, Plastic Shell, Plump DJs, Precision Cuts, Quextal, Rennie Pilgrem, Roboteknic, Skein, Soluble Sounds, Son Of The Electric Ghost, Spark, Suspender, The C4, Unconscious Mind(s), Wizard, Yanix, club

Labels: Acida, Addictech, Audiogore, Ayra, Bass4Bots, BijouBeats, Bombtraxx, Botchit & Scarper, Digital Distortions, Divergence, Dubplate, Empathy Digital, Finger Lickin, H2OH, Local Zeros, Mental Machine Muzik, N-MitySound, Pieces of Eight, Psychoactive, Ridiculoud, Sound Of Habib, Trick Music, U&A, VIM, iBreaks, soundcloud

Mix: Quexotic Cover for 601
live on NSB 3rd Apr 2011

4 April 2011

I was away for my usual Saturday slot, so stepped in to cover for 601’s show on Sunday instead. A particularly squelchy selection of psybreaks and off-the-hook sickbeats if I say so myself, and showcasing some of the new artists that are giving away awesome tunes for free on Soundcloud at the moment, alongside the best of the current promos and releases…

Bend your legs when lifting this mix – it’s heavy!

Download (164.7MB 192kbps MP3 119’56”) 611 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Kwah Orbit Station soundcloud [free]
2 Mesmer Bold Beat Scarcity
3 Ways & Means Faint Dusted Breaks [promo]
4 BSD Don’t Do Dat Mental Machine Muzik
5 Projectiles Strange Dream High Grade
6 Blazer Beretta 9mm Divergence
7 Sinewinder & Fuoco Witness [unsigned]
8 Spectral Theory Metre soundcloud [free]
9 Parallax Breakz Unicorn (Xtorsion rx) RUNE [promo]
10 Kwah Proton Perspective soundcloud [free]
11 DBF Going Back (Quextal rx) VIM [promo]
12 Jespa & Bakedbean Khameleon soundcloud [free]
13 Big Mistake Paradigma (Bad Tango rx) Exogenic
14 Bean Wibble Wobble soundcloud [free]
15 Parallax Breakz Phoenix (Blazer rx) RUNE [promo]
16 Re:Creation & Unconscious Mind(s) Inside The Simulation (Broken Eye rx) Psychoactive [promo]
17 Esion Buzzin [Dub Studio Master] [promo]
18 Mood Deluxe Trigger 23 Liquid
19 Unconscious Mind(s) ? [album track 4] [promo]
20 Bad Taste Malaka Funndark
21 Electrux Keep Dancing Held2Ransom [promo]
22 Depeche Mode Peace (BSD rx) [unreleased]

Download (164.7MB 192kbps MP3 119’56”) 611 downloads

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Artists: BSD, Bad Tango, Bad Taste, Bakedbean, Bean, Big Mistake, Blazer, Broken Eye, DBF, Depeche Mode, Electrux, Esion, Fuoco, Jespa, Kwah, Means, Mesmer, Mood Deluxe, Parallax Breakz, Projectiles, Quextal, Re:Creation, Sinewinder, Spectral Theory, Unconscious Mind(s), Ways, Xtorsion

Labels: Divergence, Dusted Breaks, Exogenic, Funndark, Held2Ransom, High Grade, Liquid, Mental Machine Muzik, Psychoactive, RUNE, Scarcity, VIM, soundcloud

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #027:
live on NSB 18th Dec 2010

20 December 2010

Last scheduled NSB show of the year, so as well as this fortnight’s promos we looked back at 2010 with some of my favourite tracks, artists and labels of the year.

During the show I was struck by the quality of tunes that have come out on the new Ukrainian label Rune Recordings this year; in fact they pretty much immediately established themselves as one of the world’s finest imprints for progressive breaks, and as a result they have now been awarded a place on my watchlist. Keep up the good work guys!

Download (161.5MB 192kbps MP3 117’35”) 731 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Hoffman & Nemesis Nothing To Worry soundcloud [free]
2 Abdomen Burst Sakkura (Dmitry Bessonov rx) Rune [promo]
3 Cuncic & Malcevic The Game [Dec 2010 version] [demo]
4 Depeche Mode Precious (Future Funk Squad rx) FFS Xmas Goody Bag [free]
5 Ilya Mosolov Connections (Parallax Breakz rx) Rune
6 Kraymon Papillon Rouge (Line Of Sight rx) Dead Famous
7 Flack.Su No Cure (another mix) Glack Audio
8 Chris Nemmo Nightshade (Fletric rx) Digital Sensation UK
9 Parallax Breakz Eclipse (VIP) Rune
10 Blazer Nautilus 42 Ayra
11 Blazer Infected High Grade
12 Hedflux Mindcell Broken Robot
13 Subliminal System Into The ‘Burgh (Monk3ylogic rx) Broken Robot
14 Andro Le Jaguar (Beatman & Ludmilla rx) Ching Ching
15 Fletric Plug Me (Retroid rx) Digital Sensation
16 Geon Eclipse Logico Beatz
17 Beatman & Ludmilla Moldova (Blazer rx) Ayra
18 Dual Boot Trigger (Triple Agent rx) Ridiculoud
19 Big Mistake Fusion Control [promo]
20 Unconscious Mind(s) FD Psybreaks Ayra
21 Elite Force The Law Of Life U&A

Download (161.5MB 192kbps MP3 117’35”) 731 downloads

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Artists: Abdomen Burst, Andro, Beatman, Big Mistake, Blazer, Chris Nemmo, Cuncic, Depeche Mode, Dmitry Bessonov, Dual Boot, Elite Force, Flack.Su, Fletric, Future Funk Squad, Geon, Hedflux, Hoffman, Ilya Mosolov, Kraymon, Line Of Sight, Ludmilla, Malcevic, Monk3ylogic, Nemesis, Parallax Breakz, Retroid, Subliminal System, Triple Agent, Unconscious Mind(s), VIP

Labels: Ayra, Broken Robot, Ching Ching, Dead Famous, Digital Sensation, Digital Sensation UK, FFS Xmas Goody Bag, Glack Audio, High Grade, Logico Beatz, Ridiculoud, Rune, U&A, soundcloud

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #020:
live on NSB 4th Sep 2010

5 September 2010

Three weeks having passed since my last NSB show, I’d amassed quite a stack of quality promos… I think this is the most I’ve played in one show by a long way! Mostly on the progressive and nuskool tip, with a healthy side salad of electro and psy and a dash of techno for added sauciness 🙂
Download (163.4MB 192kbps MP3 118’58”) 943 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Beat Rangers Frequency Riders (Helbot’s Back To The School rx) VIM [promo]
2 Pointech Strong Mind (Mikas’s Lost In Space breaks rx) Progressive Grooves
3 Zeebo & Mikas Echoes Part Two: The Breakz (break mix) Progressive Grooves
4 Chris Nemmo Nightshade (Nemmotronic mix) Digital Sensation UK
5 Mesmer Gareglaze (Line Of Sight’s Antiglare rx) Scarcity
6 Youthful Implants Jah (Felix Stone rx) Flextone
7 OOOD Oddball (Hedflux rx) Broken Robot [promo]
8 Yadek Believe In Me (Retroid rx) Ego Shot
9 F-Word Future (Lady Packa & Dockthor rx) VIM [promo]
10 Robosapiens The Final Curtain Call Dead Famous [promo]
11 F-Word Bouncy Hunter Dusted Breaks [promo]
12 B-Phreak X-Static (Mesmer rx) Dusted Breaks [promo]
13 F-Word Sheena Is A Pop Lover (Plaza De Funk rx) Dusted Breaks [promo]
14 DJ Revive That’s The Anthem (A2C rx) Held2Ransom [promo]
15 Robosapiens The Final Curtain Call (Will White’s Dirt Mix) Dead Famous [promo]
16 Beat Rangers Frequency Riders (Triple Agent rx) VIM [promo]
17 OOOD The Tube Broken Robot [promo]
18 Cannabinoid Monthly Payments To The Aliens Held2Ransom [promo]
19 Home Alone Asshole (Audiohazard rx) Ego Shot
20 Jellyfish & Andrey Mute Sweet Acid (dub mix) Bombtraxx
21 Neurodriver Church Of The Plasma Christ Flying Rhino Digital [promo]

Download (163.4MB 192kbps MP3 118’58”) 943 downloads

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Artists: A2C, Andrey Mute, Audiohazard, B-Phreak, Beat Rangers, Cannabinoid, Chris Nemmo, DJ Revive, Dockthor, F-Word, Felix Stone, Hedflux, Helbot, Home Alone, Jellyfish, Lady Packa, Line Of Sight, Mesmer, Mikas, Nemmotronic, Neurodriver, OOOD, Plaza De Funk, Pointech, Retroid, Robosapiens, Triple Agent, Will White, Yadek, Youthful Implants, Zeebo, break, dub

Labels: Bombtraxx, Broken Robot, Dead Famous, Digital Sensation UK, Dusted Breaks, Ego Shot, Flextone, Flying Rhino Digital, Held2Ransom, Scarcity, VIM

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #009:
live on NSB 6th Mar 2010

15 March 2010

Big love to everyone who squeezed into the Hobbit for my set on Saturday; the place was heaving and it looked like everyone was enjoying it as much as me which is what it’s all about 😀 See you next time!

Anyway here’s my NSB show from last week… bring the breaks!

Download (161MB 192k MP3 117’14”) 1153 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Robosapiens Acid Reign (LuQas rx) Dead Famous [promo]
2 Wardian Volaverun Flextone
3 Beats Persona Dr Splace (Perpetual Present rx) Acidphonic
4 Boom Jinx Come On Over (dub mix) Play
5 Walter Oddington & Casual Breakin Sound Weapon VIP [unreleased]
6 Lady Packa Solar Attack VIM Breaks
7 Two Lone Swordsmen Brootle (Simulant rx) Warp
8 Rhino Drum Shake It Choo Choo Ltd
9 Rennie Pilgrem Coming Up For Air (JDS rx) TCR
10 Rhino Drum Suipacho 220 Choo Choo Ltd
11 Dopamine & Diverted Only One (BLIM rx) Diverted Traffic
12 BSD Funkdation iBreaks
13 Hyperion (Oz) On The Expressway U&A
14 Plump DJs Remember My Name Finger Lickin
15 Digital Base Don’t Get Tired iBreaks Funk
16 Audiohazard First Contact Bombtraxx
17 Rhythm Section Comin On Strong (Ellis D rx) Y4K
18 Jinx ft Brainz Pervert Yellow Finger
19 Triple Agent Metamorphosis (Kultur & Columbo) VIM Breaks [promo]
20 Hybrid Break My Soul (instrumental) Distinctive [free download]
21 Crunch Manor Colony Productions
22 Nagual Sound Experiment v EMS Anti Spiral Liquid

Download (161MB 192k MP3 117’14”) 1153 downloads

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Artists: Audiohazard, BSD, Beats Persona, Boom Jinx, Brainz, Casual Breakin, Crunch, Digital Base, Diverted, Dopamine, EMS, Hybrid, Hyperion (Oz), Jinx, Lady Packa, Nagual Sound Experiment (aka NSE), Plump DJs, Rennie Pilgrem, Rhino Drum, Rhythm Section, Robosapiens, Triple Agent, Two Lone Swordsmen, Walter Oddington, Wardian

Mix: Quexotic Adventures #005:
live on NSB 16th Jan 2010

17 January 2010

Mainly on a fat electrobreaks tip this week, with psychedelic twists of course, plus techbreaks, progressive breaks, some classic nuskool and a bit of NSB-appropriate techno. Big ups all chatroom crew, and congratulations to our competition winners TedV and P_Chill who each win a copy of the great VIMBreaks compilation CD Dig The Nu Breed 1 courtesy of V.I.M. Records.

Next show is this coming Tuesday 19th January over on PsyMusic Radio, kicking off at 19:00 GMT, opening the next chapter of Tales Of The Interstitial

Download (163MB 192k MP3 118’56”) 1186 downloads

# Artist Title
1 Chris Carter Moonshot
2 Blim & JHz Widgee
3 BETA & Mesmer Tetris (Retroid rx)
4 Kickflip Wonky Science
5 Dascyllus Tokamak
6 Karton Spacetrip 82 (BETA rx)
7 Depeche Mode Peace (BSD rx)
8 Opiuo Wizards of Oz
9 Robosapiens Bodies (Hedflux rx)
10 Home Alone Get Away From Me Dead Famous [promo]
11 Astronivo Old Granny
12 Kiwa Disco Infection
13 Kiwa Access
14 Dom Almond ft Elaine Suzy Scott In Too Deep (Break The Box rx) VIM Breaks
15 Lady Packa Sara’s Night VIM Breaks
16 Benjwah Beats Gbleepgbleep
17 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Maps (Elite Force re-fix)
18 Proton & Grateful Brainfuck
19 Refracture Eternal Dusted Breaks
20 Stisch Beauty In Me (Splitloop rx)
21 Xim n Bass vs Critical Believe Dusted Breaks

Download (163MB 192k MP3 118’56”) 1186 downloads

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