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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #006:
live on NSB 30th Jan 2010
with special guest Digital Fist

31 January 2010

Welcoming the mighty Digital Fist for a return visit to a Quextal guest slot but his first on NSB, showcasing his specialist subjects of glitchy electrobreaks, deep-diving dubbreaks and techsteppin’ dnb, alongside your regular Quextal diet of crunky midtempo, twisted neurofunk, and all breaks progressive and psychedelic. Mr Fist’s selections are in this colour.

It’s a long one again I’m afraid 🙂 There was a no-show from the next DJ so we carried on… Unfortunately we had to interrupt proceedings for an outside test broadcast, hence the mix is split into two parts…

Big ups all chatroom, and thanks to the two Misters, Mirra and Snook, for providing quality fresh unsigned goodies: Snap ’em up, label piranhas!

Part 1

Download Part 1 (258MB 192k MP3 188’30”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-01-30_with_digital_fist_part1.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Fiord Keen String (Opiuo rx) Open
2 VENT Itchy Feet Addictech
3 Opiuo Forensic Lick Colony
4 Posthuman Lander (Cursor Miner’s Irresponsible rx) Handsette
5 Jnr Hacksaw You Are A Machine Trigger
6 Asset Peak Limiter (Ion Driver rx)
7 Bass Kittens Mono Melo
8 Factorfunk Strange
9 4Kuba Crunchdown
10 Ion Driver Revolution (Lifecycle rx)
11 Bass Kittens Bastard Squad
12 Skeetaz Rubber
13 Product.01 Destrukt
14 Mood Deluxe Mercury Rising
15 Jnr Hacksaw The Truth Is
16 Senor Frio Polar
17 Claas Reimer Lift Off (The Scientifics rx) VIM Breaks [promo]
18 BETA vs Mesmer Tetris (Kovacs rx) Scarcity [free download]
19 Stisch Heads
20 Ion Driver Revolution
21 Omni Trio Lucid Moving Shadow
22 DBF OverRide (Cosmonaut rx) VIM Breaks
23 Kraymon ft Colleen Quinn Trouble (Eshericks rx) Dusted Breaks [promo]
24 Mr Mirra Three Legged Donkey [unsigned]
25 Decal Kiss Acid
26 Mista Snook Past The Noise [unsigned]
27 Nymate Association Junkcore
28 Mr Mirra All Screwed Up [unsigned]
29 Opiuo Wizards Of Oz
30 Dr Evil Ritual
31 Mad-Tek Meteor Shower
32 Eat Static Tuned Mass Damper
33 Naga & Amb Agni Chi Recordings
34 Carbon Community Dr Spectacles (Lawgiverz rx)
35 Dub Elements Space Cowboy
36 PMT Gyromancer (False Prophet mix)
37 Chris Carter Moonshot
38 Sensient Madman’s Playroom (Sensient breaks mix) Disconekta
39 The Nasha Experience Clotted Cream Nasha
40 Skynet Ascension
41 Teebee Lost Paradise
42 Teebee Lifepod
43 Fanu Siren Song
44 Martsman Trueschool Drumkit Wonder Med School

Download Part 1 (258MB 192k MP3 188’30”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-01-30_with_digital_fist_part1.mp3)] downloads

Part 2

Download Part 2 (60MB 192k MP3 44’02”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-01-30_with_digital_fist_part2.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title
1 Martsman Trueschool Drumkit Wonder Med School
2 Axi Gladiator
3 Optical & Ryme Tyme Twisted
4 Ed Rush & Optical Zardoz
5 Phace Cold Champagne
6 Axi Warning
7 Martsman Worst Case Scenario
8 Ed Rush & Optical Crisis
9 Nude Unchained
10 Snap! Cult Of Snap (Matrix & Futurebound rx)

Download Part 2 (60MB 192k MP3 44’02”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-01-30_with_digital_fist_part2.mp3)] downloads

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