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Mix: Live on Brap FM with Digital Fist 7th Sep 2009

7 September 2009

Many thanks to my guest Digital Fist for bringing his unique blend of deep and dark glitchy and hypnotic breaks and techno to tonight’s proceedings. He’ll be back (in the meantime, if you need more glitch to sustain you, I recommend picking up his latest mix, it’s a corker). And a big shout to all the listeners and chatters, record-breaking numbers of both 🙂

Download (170MB 192k MP3 124’18”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_brap_fm_2009-09-07_with_digital_fist.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Mad-Tek Meteor Shower Digital Distortions
2 Decoder 266 Ricochet
3 Mad-Tek X Digital Distortions
4 Product.01 Ready2Rage (dub) Dead Famous [promo]
5 DST Tribute Digital Distortions
6 Lawgiverz Gators (Crystal Distortion rx) Addictech
7 Skeetaz Skeeters Spacebar Sentiments
8 Skeetaz Dirty Dobber Proboscis
9 Butter Party Eat The Mushroom Trickery Collective
10 Guido Schneider Under Control Tuning Spork Germany
11 Asset Peak Limiter Digital Distortions
12 D-Unity Afrika Beat Therapy
13 Dessben Anisakis Antiritmo
14 Steevio Orjiva Mindtours
15 Steevio Cloudseeders (Tribal Chemistry mix) Mindtours
16 Steevio Nocturnia I Mindtours
17 Steevio Release Mindtours
18 Phidelity In The Details Recursive
19 Flack.Su Psychomancer Glack Audio
20 Dub Pistols Architect (Dub Pistols breaks mix) Distinctive
21 Cord Impulses Chi
22 Senior Frio Sub Noctem (Ion Driver rx 2) Digital Distortions
23 Mad-Tek Dread Digital Distortions
24 Neuronaut Database (Neuronauts 2008 Timewarp mix) Addictech
25 Lady Packa Don’t Let The Feeling Go! (Halobeatz rx) VIM Breaks [promo]
26 F-Word Death Valley (Eshericks rx) Dusted Breaks [promo]
27 The Infinity Project Time and Space (Black Sun rx) Dragonfly
28 Shpongle Dorset Perception Twisted

Download (170MB 192k MP3 124’18”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_brap_fm_2009-09-07_with_digital_fist.mp3)] downloads

Next show: Tuesday 15th Sep, 19:00 BST, PsyMusic: the next episode of Tales Of The Interstitial

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Special guest on next Monday’s BrapFM show

2 September 2009

I’m delighted to welcome a very special guest to my Void Radio show on Brap FM next Monday who goes by the name of DIGITAL FIST. He and I met at Glade this year, and discovered that our tastes in epic triptronica were uncommonly well-aligned.

Digital Fist is a missionary for the music he loves, with infectious passion and a deep sense of the aesthetics of mixing for journeying, which has clearly been well honed by his years on the Welsh party scene.

He describes his chosen specialisms as “elaborate percussion, wall-destroying basslines, and darkly atmospheric precision machine-funk”. Some other words that spring readily to my mind are: brooding, hypnotic, glitchy, metallic, wonky, evolving, deep and dubby, dark shadows and delicate beauty… and of course, epic.

Expect synergy.

Tune in to Void Radio with Quextal b2b Digital Fist from 8pm UK time this coming Monday 7th Sept. Sign up for a reminder, you don’t want to miss this one. Trust.

NB NB NB! The URL for the Brap FM stream has recently changed. If you are using a pre-saved link, please update it to the first one of these that works for you (try them in this order): / /
The chatroom hasn’t changed.

I’ll give the final words to my guest:

Music is mathematics. Keep it polyhedral.

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Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode II:
live on PsyMusic 1st Sep 2009

2 September 2009

Take a deep breath in, and…..

psychill – wonky/glitchy midtempo breakbeat – hypnotic techfunk – claustrophobic darkfloor electro – minimal techno/tech-house (spooky/spacey – light/quirky – rolling/bassy – acid/bleepy) – tech-trance – electroglitch – skankin glitch-funk – heavy’n’dope – psylekdubstep – psylekdnb – psybreaks – psytechfunk – progressive psytrance – building and bouncy psytrance – trancey progressive hardhouse classics

It took longer to come up with the above description of last night’s musical journey than it did to transcribe the whole tracklist. I think I did it solely to demonstrate (to myself as much as anyone else) the futility of trying to try to nail down the genres I play, particularly in Tales Of The Interstitial whose stated purpose is to showcase the stuff that doesn’t neatly fit into named boxes. Half the above I patently made-up and won’t mean anything anyway, although if you’re bored you might like to play match-the-genre-description-to-the-tracks, and then I think you’ll find I’ve taken this pointless task very seriously. For all our sakes, I shall not bother doing so again. Instead, I have plans for potentially an even more bizarre but possibly also more useful way of describing my mixes for those who don’t recognise the tracks… ah the mystery, the suspense…

Aaaaanyway, it was another wicked show… thanks everyone for tuning in and egging me on.

I’ll try to add the label responsible for each release into my tracklists from now on alongside artists and titles. However it’s a total PITA because most of the time they don’t put that info in the filename or even the ID3 tag so I have to look it up… useful patterns may emerge from having this info about labels to watch, which will feed into my new watchlist, but if it seems like it’s not worth the time I may stop again. Or try to script it…

Download (219MB 192k MP3 159’43”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2009-09-01.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Kilowatts Jade Kilowatts
2 Tipper Swamp Thing Tipper
3 Mr Rogers Mr Lemurian Goa
4 Neurodriver Yeti’s Revenge Broken Robot
5 Dub Pistols Architect (Dub Pistols breaks mix) Distinctive
6 Bob Humid Preparation Serve & Destroy
7 The Touch Heart Of The City (Pig & Dan rx dub version) Trunkfunk
8 David K Boul De Nerf Freak N Chic
9 Lutzenkirchen Sunmariner Flash
10 Dropout Bukkake Antiritmo
11 Tom Novy Pumpin (Jason Young 2008 rx) Kosmo
12 Son Of The Electric Ghost The Christian Logic Bless
13 Son Of The Electric Ghost Concept Of Nature (orig 12″ mix) Addictech
14 VENT Bear Crunk Colony
15 Bird Of Prey Terradactyl Porn Vaporvent
16 Kether Goblinz Muti
17 Fine Cut Bodies & Chris Carter Fiddlesticks (Modul’s Vulgardown Edit) Chi
18 Nagual Sound Experiment vs EMS Anti Spiral Liquid
19 Eat Static Tractor Beam Solstice
20 Nitrous Destiny (VIP) In Da Jungle
21 Far Too Loud vs Code Zero Blackout (Genki vs Muffler rx) Exogenic Breaks
22 Parallax Breakz Extraterrestrial Don’t Panic
23 Youthful Implants vs Tigerfunk Heatseeker (LuQas VIP rx) unreleased
24 Ace Ventura M.A.R.S. (Gaudium rx) Iboga
25 Kiwa On The Frequency Exogenic
26 Queens Park Derangers Create A Hippy Tip World
27 Dickster & Lucas Living Dangerously Tip World
28 Eat Static & Lucas Primitive Earthlings Tip World
29 DJ Misjah & DJ Tim Access (KY Jelly Babies rx) Tripoli Trax
30 Jon Doe & UFO Phaze 1 Toast
31 Jon Doe D3A (white)

Download (219MB 192k MP3 159’43”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2009-09-01.mp3)] downloads

Next show: Next Monday on BrapFM at 8pm BST, with very special guest Digital Fist. More details to follow. Then Tue 15th Sept on PsyMusic.

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Mix: Live on Brap FM 3rd Aug 2009: “Further Out”

3 August 2009

I’d bought a lot of glitch and weirdness for tonight, way outside my normal field of operation… In the end it didn’t infect the show to the extent I’d anticipated… trying to cover too many styles in 2 hours perhaps… but nonetheless, we start with a good chunk of “selections from the other side” before drifting into progressive breaks/house/techno, pulling back into some deeper techno territory, and then building up into a high-voltage electrobreaks finish. Greetings to everyone who tuned in and helped to set a new record number of listeners 🙂 Let’s see if we can beat it next month… full details of the reminder services are on the contact page 🙂

Download (163MB 192k MP3 119’09”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_brap_fm_2009-08-03.mp3)] downloads

  1. Major Lazer – Hold The Line
  2. Bob Humid ft twila.too – Danger Angel
  3. Bob Humid – Preparation
  4. Ribotto – Hard As Nerd
  5. VENT – Bear Crunk
  6. Kether – Goblinz
  7. Bird Of Prey – Terradactyl Porn
  8. Kriece – After Dark
  9. Digital Base – The Climax
  10. Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor rx)
  11. David Forbes pres Sebrof Divad – Infectious (Maarten de Jong rx)
  12. James Harcourt – Call & Response
  13. Maleza – Lancer
  14. Yan Oxygen – Dual
  15. Break The Box – Test The Bass (Attack Release rx)
  16. Timmy & Tommy – MixTape
  17. Skor Motion – Pura Fisica (Dirty & Acid rx)
  18. Double Negative – Vegas
  19. Mobius – The Lab (Ben & Lex rx) [Dusted Breaks promo]
  20. Lunar Shift – Ashes (Access Denied rx)
  21. The Playfellow – Hyjack (White Papoo rx)
  22. LoseYourMind – Guitar Hero (Decepticonz rx)
  23. Product01 – Ready2RAGE (vocal mix)
  24. Mars ft Profit – The Last Element (VIP)

Download (163MB 192k MP3 119’09”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_brap_fm_2009-08-03.mp3)] downloads

Next Show: Monday 7th September, 8-10pm (UK), Brap FM

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Mix: Live on Brap FM 6th April 2009

9 April 2009

Normally my mixes are all beatmatched to perfection (!) so tend to either hang around the same BPM or gradually accelerate from say 128 to 145. But with this month’s show I wanted to push back the boundaries, playing a more twisted style of electro-psy-breaks including some much slower and faster than the normal range.

I’d been on a massive acquisition binge with freshly burned CDs containing 60 new tunes, with only space for about 25 in a 2-hour show, so the selection is nice and varied… but the transitions and the overall shape of the journey could perhaps have done with more planning. I definitely need to figure out some more tricks to blend between wildly different BPMs.

Anyway, it didn’t seem to matter at the time, the promise of sick and twisted beats drew in a record-equalling number of listeners and an all-time record number of chatters compared to any of my previous Brap show’s, and you all loved it didn’t you, you dirty dirty people 😉

Download (169MB 192k MP3 122’32”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_brap_fm_20090406.mp3)] downloads

  1. Tipper – Flat Ripple
  2. Tipper – Swamp Thing
  3. EPROM – 64 Bytes (Vibesquad rx)
  4. Tipper – A Touch of the Vapours
  5. Smacs & Patrick Kong – Offside
  6. Dylan Rhymes ft Pablo Decoder – I Am Sweet (Tom Real rx)
  7. Steve Mac – Roller Coaster (Adam Shaw rx)
  8. Tom Cosm – Naughty Chicken
  9. Antix – Circade (Tom Cosm rx)
  10. Espion – Architektur (Liquid Stranger rx)
  11. Espion – Architektur (original)
  12. Future Funk Squad – Sorcerary (Lawgiverz rx)
  13. Robosapiens – Robots
  14. Marc Adamo – Throttlefunk
  15. Cybass – Wind It Back (Afghan Headspin rx)
  16. Koma & Bones – High Rollin
  17. D-Ranged – Sins of Claire (Lawgiverz rx)
  18. The Phat Riderz – Organic Neurosis
  19. Meat Katie – Can’t Hear Ya
  20. Cursor Miner – This Is Electro
  21. Tom Cosm – Heebie Jeebies
  22. Vent – Turn The Page
  23. Son of the Electric Ghost – Concept of Nature (Lawgiverz Convict of Nature rx)
  24. Espion – Petrol Bomb The Fuckers (Point B rx)
  25. Marc Adamo – Krakupz

Download (169MB 192k MP3 122’32”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_brap_fm_20090406.mp3)] downloads

Big love to Espion, Jamie Robosapiens and Greg VIM for the promos. Any other producers/labels want to put me on your lists in return for honest feedback, and airplay – if I like ’em! (unless you’d prefer not in which case just say!), the address to use is 8) Got radio shows and gigs coming up next week so get on it 😉

Next radio show (to be confirmed) B2B with Ali Rutt, NSB, Mon 13th Apr, 7-9pm BST
Next gig: That Night @ Ad Hoc, High St, Southampton UK Sat 18th Apr

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