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Mix: Live on Brap FM 3rd Aug 2009: “Further Out”

3 August 2009

I’d bought a lot of glitch and weirdness for tonight, way outside my normal field of operation… In the end it didn’t infect the show to the extent I’d anticipated… trying to cover too many styles in 2 hours perhaps… but nonetheless, we start with a good chunk of “selections from the other side” before drifting into progressive breaks/house/techno, pulling back into some deeper techno territory, and then building up into a high-voltage electrobreaks finish. Greetings to everyone who tuned in and helped to set a new record number of listeners 🙂 Let’s see if we can beat it next month… full details of the reminder services are on the contact page 🙂

Download (163MB 192k MP3 119’09”) 2841 downloads

  1. Major Lazer – Hold The Line
  2. Bob Humid ft twila.too – Danger Angel
  3. Bob Humid – Preparation
  4. Ribotto – Hard As Nerd
  5. VENT – Bear Crunk
  6. Kether – Goblinz
  7. Bird Of Prey – Terradactyl Porn
  8. Kriece – After Dark
  9. Digital Base – The Climax
  10. Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor rx)
  11. David Forbes pres Sebrof Divad – Infectious (Maarten de Jong rx)
  12. James Harcourt – Call & Response
  13. Maleza – Lancer
  14. Yan Oxygen – Dual
  15. Break The Box – Test The Bass (Attack Release rx)
  16. Timmy & Tommy – MixTape
  17. Skor Motion – Pura Fisica (Dirty & Acid rx)
  18. Double Negative – Vegas
  19. Mobius – The Lab (Ben & Lex rx) [Dusted Breaks promo]
  20. Lunar Shift – Ashes (Access Denied rx)
  21. The Playfellow – Hyjack (White Papoo rx)
  22. LoseYourMind – Guitar Hero (Decepticonz rx)
  23. Product01 – Ready2RAGE (vocal mix)
  24. Mars ft Profit – The Last Element (VIP)

Download (163MB 192k MP3 119’09”) 2841 downloads

Next Show: Monday 7th September, 8-10pm (UK), Brap FM

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