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Mix: Live on Brap FM 6th April 2009

9 April 2009

Normally my mixes are all beatmatched to perfection (!) so tend to either hang around the same BPM or gradually accelerate from say 128 to 145. But with this month’s show I wanted to push back the boundaries, playing a more twisted style of electro-psy-breaks including some much slower and faster than the normal range.

I’d been on a massive acquisition binge with freshly burned CDs containing 60 new tunes, with only space for about 25 in a 2-hour show, so the selection is nice and varied… but the transitions and the overall shape of the journey could perhaps have done with more planning. I definitely need to figure out some more tricks to blend between wildly different BPMs.

Anyway, it didn’t seem to matter at the time, the promise of sick and twisted beats drew in a record-equalling number of listeners and an all-time record number of chatters compared to any of my previous Brap show’s, and you all loved it didn’t you, you dirty dirty people 😉

Download (169MB 192k MP3 122’32”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_brap_fm_20090406.mp3)] downloads

  1. Tipper – Flat Ripple
  2. Tipper – Swamp Thing
  3. EPROM – 64 Bytes (Vibesquad rx)
  4. Tipper – A Touch of the Vapours
  5. Smacs & Patrick Kong – Offside
  6. Dylan Rhymes ft Pablo Decoder – I Am Sweet (Tom Real rx)
  7. Steve Mac – Roller Coaster (Adam Shaw rx)
  8. Tom Cosm – Naughty Chicken
  9. Antix – Circade (Tom Cosm rx)
  10. Espion – Architektur (Liquid Stranger rx)
  11. Espion – Architektur (original)
  12. Future Funk Squad – Sorcerary (Lawgiverz rx)
  13. Robosapiens – Robots
  14. Marc Adamo – Throttlefunk
  15. Cybass – Wind It Back (Afghan Headspin rx)
  16. Koma & Bones – High Rollin
  17. D-Ranged – Sins of Claire (Lawgiverz rx)
  18. The Phat Riderz – Organic Neurosis
  19. Meat Katie – Can’t Hear Ya
  20. Cursor Miner – This Is Electro
  21. Tom Cosm – Heebie Jeebies
  22. Vent – Turn The Page
  23. Son of the Electric Ghost – Concept of Nature (Lawgiverz Convict of Nature rx)
  24. Espion – Petrol Bomb The Fuckers (Point B rx)
  25. Marc Adamo – Krakupz

Download (169MB 192k MP3 122’32”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_brap_fm_20090406.mp3)] downloads

Big love to Espion, Jamie Robosapiens and Greg VIM for the promos. Any other producers/labels want to put me on your lists in return for honest feedback, and airplay – if I like ’em! (unless you’d prefer not in which case just say!), the address to use is 8) Got radio shows and gigs coming up next week so get on it 😉

Next radio show (to be confirmed) B2B with Ali Rutt, NSB, Mon 13th Apr, 7-9pm BST
Next gig: That Night @ Ad Hoc, High St, Southampton UK Sat 18th Apr

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