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Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode XVI:
live on PsyMusic 30th Dec 2010

2 February 2011

Hey all. Sorry this has taken a while to upload – I had the small matter of moving house to attend to! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this epic show. It’s almost entirely 4/4s, from progressive gradually accelerating to banging psytrance with just a couple of psybreaks tracks to keep you on your toes – including the exclusive forthcoming psybreaks monster from Re:Creation (big ups Adam!) 🙂

Keep an eye on my Twitter or Facebook page for news of the next episode of Tales Of The Interstitial…

Download (267.0MB 192kbps MP3 194’23”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2010-12-30.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 DJ Fabio & Moon Centred Spin Twist
2 Kultur Robotiko Metamorph Muzik
3 Ace Ventura & Perfect Stranger Perfect Ace Plusquam
4 U-Prag Drummers & Even 11 Particles In Space Tribal Vision
5 Solid Snake Goonies Tribal Vision
6 Lutzenkirchen Stealth Run Sound Of Cologne
7 Tone Depth Ninja Pants Incorrect Music
8 Perfect Stranger & Pena Ode Ao Sol (live edit) [free]
9 DJ Fabio Things I Can’t Change Spin Twist
10 Neelix Adaption (Interactive Noise rx) Spin Twist
11 Interactive Noise Energy Spin Twist
12 Ace Ventura M.A.R.S. (Intelabeam rx) Echoes
13 Ace Ventura Rebirth (Loud rx part 1) Echoes
14 Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics Digital Beings Echoes
15 Aerospace Mega Pop Kit Digital Nature
16 Neelix Adaption (Captain Hook & Quantize rx) Plusquam
17 Sawtooth Dance With Me (Jade rx) Dead Famous
18 Audiomatic vs Magnetrixx Triebwagen PsyTropic
19 Sensient Loose Fingers Zenon
20 Ital Sun Vibe Desert Trax
21 Techtonic ft Quantum Zuma Kundalini
22 DNA Signal 5 DNA
23 Neuroplasm Bewilderbeast Blue Hour Sounds
24 Brainiac Hyperphysics 247
25 Re:Creation Eclipse soundcloud [free]
26 Dickster & Burn In Noise Tumbleweed Nano
27 Atriohm Spell Drops Auraquake
28 Eat Static Sin-Quest Solstice
29 Electrypnose Erimesa Digital Psionics
30 Re:Creation Binary Wake Up [exclusive]
31 Eskimo My Rave Sigma

Download (267.0MB 192kbps MP3 194’23”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_psymusic_2010-12-30.mp3)] downloads

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Artists: Ace Ventura, Aerospace, Atriohm, Audiomatic, Brainiac, Burn In Noise, Captain Hook, DJ Fabio, DNA, Dickster, Eat Static, Electrypnose, Eskimo, Even 11, Intelabeam, Interactive Noise, Ital, Jade, Kultur, Loud, Lutzenkirchen, Magnetrixx, Moon, Neelix, Neuroplasm, Pena, Perfect Stranger, Quantize, Quantum, Re:Creation, Sawtooth, Sensient, Solid Snake, Techtonic, Tone Depth, U-Prag Drummers, Zen Mechanics, live edit

Labels: 247, Auraquake, Blue Hour Sounds, DNA, Dead Famous, Desert Trax, Digital Nature, Digital Psionics, Echoes, Incorrect Music, Kundalini, Metamorph Muzik, Nano, Plusquam, PsyTropic, Sigma, Solstice, Sound Of Cologne, Spin Twist, Tribal Vision, Zenon, soundcloud


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