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Add me on Google+

13 July 2011

If you’re on Google+, you can now add Quextal to your circles.

Because G+ currently lacks any equivalent of Facebook “Page”s, what I’ve done is to set this up as a separate acccount, purely for my music-related activities. This should ensure that I don’t drown you, my beloved fans, in irrelevant updates about my other interests, while conversely not pestering those of my friends who aren’t into my music (I know, right?) with news of my latest mix or gig.

As with all my social networking, my policy is to supply you with infrequent, high-quality, informational updates about things that you are likely to be interested in as a devoted Quextalyte 🙂

The observant may also have noticed a Google ‘+1’ icon taking its place at the top of every article alongside the Facebook ‘Like’ button. As I understand it, using the ‘+1’ button is a Google rather than a Google+ thing (although it does integrate with the latter). So if you have a Google account, feel free to click on it as a way of recommending the article 🙂

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