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Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode XIII:
live on PsyMusic 17th Aug 2010
with special guest Fat Mandy / Mr Faster

20 August 2010

TOTI is one year old! To celebrate, I was delighted to welcome Jon Ward, in his Fat Mandy and Mr Faster guises, to join me in the studio for both live PA and DJ sets.

After a brief intro from yours truly, Fat Mandy kicked off the show in future-retro style with an Ableton set of electro-swing. I spun a set of progressive and psybreaks after that, then it was the mighty Fat Mandy Live PA, lush evolving breakbeat squelch, interstitially poised somewhere between breaks, dnb and chill. Then Jon switched hats to his Mr Faster persona and we went back to back for nearly three hours of psytrance, rolling, dark, forest, bouncy, you name it. Wicked fun times!

Thanks to Jon for coming along (he’ll be back!), and for all the shoutbox crew for keeping us company!

(In the tracklists below, Jon’s selections are this colour).

Download (437.0MB 192kbps MP3 318’13”) 989 downloads (This is the archive of the whole 5+ hour show. Alternatively you can download individual sections below.)

0. Intro

# Artist Title Label
1 Psilodump The Droidduck Demon Tea
2 Normalize Nevermind Spin Twist

1. Fat Mandy electro-swing DJ set

Download (75.5MB 192kbps MP3 54’59”) 918 downloads

# Artist Title Label
3 Flanger Music To Begin With
4 Lena Horne I Want A Little Doggie
5 Chinese Man Artichaut
6 Dunklebunt Cinnamon Girl
7 Orquesta Del Plata Montserrat
8 Gramophonedzie Why Don’t You
9 Red Nichols Strike Up The Band
10 Benny Berigan Snake Charmer
11 Analogik Gipsy Kings
12 Der Dritte Raum Swing Dub
13 Kormac Kormac’s House
14 Frohlocker Hipbrass
15 Parov Stelar Hotel Axos
16 Chinese Man I’ve Got That Tune
17 Dirty Sole Skattered Jazz

2. Quextal progressive/techno/psybreaks DJ set

Download (55.6MB 192kbps MP3 40’27”) 1058 downloads

# Artist Title Label
18 Sun Control Species Serenaii Iboga
19 Psilodump Faculties In Dreams Demon Tea
20 Philter Rise (Klopfgeister rx) Spin Twist
21 Chris Nemmo Nightshade (Fletric rx) Digital Sensation UK
22 Home Alone Asshole (Audiohazard rx) Ego Shot
23 Neurodriver Church Of The Plasma Christ Flying Rhino Digital [promo]
24 Jellyfish & Andrey Mute Sweet Acid (dub mix) Bombtraxx

3. Fat Mandy Live PA

Download (69.6MB 192kbps MP3 50’42”) 958 downloads

# Artist Title Label
25 Fat Mandy FAT MANDY LIVE PA [unreleased]

4. Mr Faster vs Quextal psytrance DJ set

Download (223.2MB 192kbps MP3 162’31”) 911 downloads

# Artist Title Label
26 Sensient Northern Lights Zenon
27 Sensient Cluster Fuck Zenon
28 Kiwa On The Frequency Exogenic
29 Sensient Crystal Rain Highly Evolved
30 Electrypnose Le Cri Du Donanubis
31 8220 GOA No Strings Attached
32 Troll Scientists Disco Doctor Exogenic
33 Encephalopaticys Athma PsyLife
34 ? ? ?
35 Loose Connection Track 2 [unreleased]
36 Atriohm Rings Of Fairy Auraquake
37 Electrypnose Erimesa Digital Psionics
38 ? ? [unreleased]
39 Bombax Remedy comp [unreleased]
40 Techtonic ft Quantum Zuma
41 Loud Subinya (album version)
42 Comadust
43 Scorb MDMA
44 Dickster & Lucas Living Dangerously
45 Sensient Zoltan Futureaudio
46 cosmo something…1st album
47 1200 Mics Mescaline TIP World
48 Eat Static & Lucas Primitive Earthlings TIP World
49 Scorb Ipso Fvcto Trick
50 Sensient Offworld PsyTropic
51 Schatsi Radio Schatsi (Perfect Stranger rx) Iboga
52 Highpersonic Whomen Push The Limit

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Artists: 1200 Mics, 8220 GOA, ?, Analogik, Andrey Mute, Atriohm, Audiohazard, Benny Berigan, Bombax, Chinese Man, Chris Nemmo, Comadust, Der Dritte Raum, Dickster, Dirty Sole, Dunklebunt, Eat Static, Electrypnose, Encephalopaticys, Fat Mandy, Flanger, Fletric, Frohlocker, Gramophonedzie, Highpersonic Whomen, Home Alone, Jellyfish, Kiwa, Klopfgeister, Kormac, Lena Horne, Loose Connection, Loud, Lucas, Neurodriver, Normalize, Orquesta Del Plata, Parov Stelar, Perfect Stranger, Philter, Psilodump, Quantum, Red Nichols, Schatsi, Scorb, Sensient, Sun Control Species, Techtonic, Troll Scientists, album, cosmo, dub

Labels: ?, Auraquake, Bombtraxx, Demon Tea, Digital Psionics, Digital Sensation UK, Ego Shot, Exogenic, Flying Rhino Digital, Futureaudio, Highly Evolved, Iboga, PsyLife, PsyTropic, Spin Twist, TIP World, Trick, Zenon

Special guest LIVE PA this Tuesday

15 August 2010

Heads up y’all… this Tuesday 17th August on Psymusic Radio I’ll be joined in the studio by special guest Jon Ward aka FAT MANDY aka MR FASTER.

Fat Mandy LIVE PA – awesome interstitial psychedelia… Jon ranges across tempos and genres with an original melodic and squelchy style… you’re gonna love it!

plus Mr Faster DJing alongside yours truly, psytrance vs psybreaks vs progressive and more. Frankly, anything could happen…

Put it in your phone. Write it in your diary / on your hand / on the wall. Do not miss this.

The details:
Tue 17th Aug 19:00 UK time
Go to – from there you can tune in and say hi in the shoutbox.

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Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode XII:
live on PsyMusic 20th Jul 2010

21 July 2010

This month started with a quick tour of midtempo, gentle into glitch-crunk, then switched into psybreaks, but most of the show was given over to the stack of great journeying chunky progressive I’d just bought… with a bit of minimal / tech-house to wind down. Big shouts to all the chatroom crew 🙂
Download (284.8MB 192kbps MP3 207’21”) 2322 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Ajja Pearcushion Peak
2 Arksun Generation
3 Opiuo The Freaky Bean
4 Ill.Gates Eggplantation (Knowa Knowone’s Playa Sunrise rx) Muti
5 Quade Throbbin’ the Light (Uniphi & Seed Mix) Ball of Waxx
6 Opiuo Creamy Taco Addictech
7 Point B Headland (Cursor Miner rx) Combat
8 Macho Red Key (Andy Faze rx) [promo]
9 Robosapiens Bodies (Hedflux rx) Dead Famous
10 Mouldysoul Abnormal Activity via Soundcloud [unsigned]
11 Jellyfish & Andrey Mute Trouble In The Attic Broken Robot
12 Dual Boot Trigger (Triple Agent rx) Ridiculoud
13 Phony Oprhants Dr Sachs (Sleek Remix) Iboga
14 AMB Seka (Francesco Pico Remix) Audio Therapy
15 Andrea Bertolini Fireface (Flippers rx) Echoes Records
16 Chris Micali Schiphol Aurium Recordings
17 Sawtooth Dance With Me (Jade Remix) Dead Famous [promo]
18 Squarefeet Moustache Ghost Exogenic
19 Visua Nano Technology Blue Tunes
20 Yotopia No Way Out Iboga
21 Yotopia Spunk Iboga
22 Quantize Nightmosphere (Yotopia Remix) Iboga
23 LuQas Altered States (Quextal rx unmastered) [unreleased]
24 Jerome Isma-Ae & Tomcraft Trouble In The Redlight Armada
25 Jerome Isma-Ae Smile When You Kill Me New State
26 Jerome Isma-Ae Hold That Sucker Down Armada
27 Mesmer Melting Yoghurt (Robosapiens rx) Scarcity
28 Duca & DJ Slater Virada (Phony Orphants Remix) Iboga
29 Josh Millstone As The Day Fades (Phunk Investigation’s ghost mix) Grooves For You
30 DJ Ico & Double D Excess (original dub) Operating System
31 The Touch Heart Of The City (Pig & Dan rx dub version) Trunkfunk
32 Slinky Wire Croaking Toads Organic Domain
33 David K Boul De Nerf Freak N Chic
34 Vibrasphere Wasteland (Fiord rx) Tribal Vision
35 Dirt Crew Get Raw (Bumel & Dos Santos Threesixty rx) Dirt Crew

Download (284.8MB 192kbps MP3 207’21”) 2322 downloads

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Artists: AMB, Ajja, Andrea Bertolini, Andrey Mute, Andy Faze, Arksun, Bumel, Chris Micali, Cursor Miner, DJ Ico, DJ Slater, Dan, David K, Dirt Crew, Dos Santos Threesixty, Double D, Dual Boot, Duca, Fiord, Flippers, Francesco Pico, Hedflux, Ill.Gates, Jade, Jellyfish, Jerome Isma-Ae, Josh Millstone, Knowa Knowone, LuQas, Macho, Mesmer, Mouldysoul, Opiuo, Phony Oprhants, Phony Orphants, Phunk Investigation, Pig, Point B, Quade, Quantize, Quextal, Robosapiens, Sawtooth, Seed, Sleek, Slinky Wire, Squarefeet, The Touch, Tomcraft, Triple Agent, Uniphi, Vibrasphere, Visua, Yotopia

Labels: Addictech, Armada, Audio Therapy, Aurium Recordings, Ball of Waxx, Blue Tunes, Broken Robot, Combat, Dead Famous, Dirt Crew, Echoes Records, Exogenic, Freak N Chic, Grooves For You, Iboga, Muti, New State, Operating System, Organic Domain, Peak, Ridiculoud, Scarcity, Tribal Vision, Trunkfunk,, via Soundcloud

Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode XI:
live on PsyMusic 21st Jun 2010

17 July 2010

Kicking off with some lush early 90s acid trance and pre-Goa, moving through chunky psychedelic techno into tech-psybreaks, into further realms of acid, progressive sounds and some chilled tech-house to finish… next show Tue 20th July at 19:30 BST.
Download (229.7MB 192kbps MP3 167’15”) 1054 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 108 Grand Tonight (dub) Six Foot Six
2 Gary Clail Who Pays The Piper (Oakenfold & Osborne trance mix) Perfecto
3 Li Kwan Point Zero DeConstruction
4 Aerospace Far Off Plusquam
5 Nyquist Sabe7 Iboga
6 Hugo Rizzo Fat Back Beat Full Tilt
7 Perfect Stranger Living In The Past (Magitman rx) Tribal Vision
8 Perfect Stranger Easy (Quantize rx) Iboga
9 Criss Source Saxphunk (Lutzenkirchen rx) Plusquam
10 Fabel Free Movement Iboga
11 Flippers Bright Funk Stereo Seven Plus
12 Geon Eclipse (Kultur rx) Logico Beatz
13 BSD Total Cucumber iBreaks
14 Freeflow 45 Spook Busted Bombtraxx
15 Dual Boot Trigger (Triple Agent rx) Ridiculoud
16 J. Scott G, Imprintz, Kloe Battlefunk Galatica (BETA_rx) Shiznit
17 Jellyfish & Andrey Mute Trouble In The Attic Broken Robot
18 Point B Headland (Cursor Miner rx) Combat
19 Lifecycle Do Not Pass (Flack.Su rx) Richochet
20 Grouch Latex Knuckle Kids Disconekta
21 Hybrid Last Man Standing (Group Therapy rx) Distinct’ive
22 Bass Kittens Mono Melo Pretension
23 Yan Oxygen Aqua Island
24 Robosapiens Bodies Dead Famous
25 Left Right Concrete Bounce (Kilowatts rx) Digiprana
26 DP-6 Avenue DP-6
27 Lusine Falling In Ghostly International
28 Alan Fitzpatrick Reflections (Petar Dundov rx) Bedrock

Download (229.7MB 192kbps MP3 167’15”) 1054 downloads

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Artists: 108 Grand, Aerospace, Alan Fitzpatrick, Andrey Mute, BETA_, BSD, Bass Kittens, Criss Source, Cursor Miner, DP-6, Dual Boot, Fabel, Flack.Su, Flippers, Freeflow 45, Gary Clail, Geon, Grouch, Group Therapy, Hugo Rizzo, Hybrid, Imprintz, J. Scott G, Jellyfish, Kilowatts, Kloe, Kultur, Left Right, Li Kwan, Lifecycle, Lusine, Lutzenkirchen, Magitman, Nyquist, Oakenfold, Osborne trance, Perfect Stranger, Petar Dundov, Point B, Quantize, Robosapiens, Triple Agent, Yan Oxygen, dub

Labels: Bedrock, Bombtraxx, Broken Robot, Combat, DP-6, DeConstruction, Dead Famous, Digiprana, Disconekta, Distinct'ive, Full Tilt, Ghostly International, Iboga, Island, Logico Beatz, Perfecto, Plusquam, Pretension, Richochet, Ridiculoud, Shiznit, Six Foot Six, Stereo Seven Plus, Tribal Vision, iBreaks

Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode IX:
live on PsyMusic 20th Apr 2010

17 May 2010

Sorry for the delay on this one… took a while to sort out the tracklist! Plenty of chunky progressive in effect, along with psybreaks, melodic dark electro and more, and closed out with some lush chilled beats. This one going out to Mike. Next show: 18th May 2010 – ooh, that’s tomorrow! 🙂

Download (385.8MB 192kbps MP3 280’57”) 1076 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Hardy Hard, Mr X, Lady Waks Records Back (Asem Shama rx) Zoo Grooves
2 Perfect Stranger Easy Iboga
3 Beat Bizarre & Behind Blue Eyes Oi’Fox Iboga
4 Desert Dwellers A Little Spice Omnis
5 Blazer Dream Machine Ayra
6 Cannabinoid No Words, No Music [unsigned] [promo]
7 Odissi Dirty Secrets (Hedflux rx) Lot49
8 Ricky Ambilotti Construkt (NotoMash rx) 3 Liquid Hz
9 Behind Blue Eyes & Krusseldorf The World Is Our Oyster 2009 Iboga
10 Chris Micali Schiphol Aurium
11 Hybrid Break My Soul (Hybrid’s Kill City Sounds Dub 01) Distinct’ive
12 Ticon Models On Cocaine (Weekend Heroes rx) Iboga
13 Flippers Looking For Tribal Vision
14 Grouch Make Believe Disconekta
15 Blazer Toxic Girl (Unconscious Mind(s) rx) Ayra
16 Weekend Heroes Sidewinder Iboga
17 RMS & Peak Robolobotomy [promo]
18 Bkp & One Man Army Flippit (Quadrat Beat rx) Dusted Breaks [promo]
19 Big Mistake Fusion Control [unsigned] [promo]
20 Anarchy Rice Return Of The Wang Acidphonic
21 Kiwa Turn The Flame High Grade
22 Andro Le Jaguar (Beatman & Ludmilla rx) Ching Ching
23 Timmy & Tommy MixTape Full Tilt
24 Colombo Inzekt (Kultur rx) Metamorph Muzik
25 Elite Force The Law Of Life U&A
26 Plastic Shell Foley (Beatman & Ludmilla rx) Ayra
27 Ticon Chicken Shaker (Aerospace rx) Spin Twist
28 Depeche Mode Peace (BSD rx) [unreleased]
29 El-Tron Chianta Darkdance
30 Paul Blackford Carbon Units Balkan Vinyl
31 Eltron Patch Eraser Festplatten
32 Kilowatts The Grog Harmonious Discord
33 Vibrasphere Waveguide Tribal Vision
34 Rhino Drum Shake It Choo Choo
35 Inkfish Prescreen Rapid Response
36 Liquid Soul The Source (Atmos rx) Iboga
37 DJ Ico The Dark Room USB Digital
38 DJ Ico & Double D Excess (original dub) Operating System
39 Liquid Ace Let Go Iboga
40 Blazer Nautilus 42 Ayra
41 Zipmix Your Love VIMtronica [promo]
42 Chakra & Edi X-File (Monkey mix) Dragonfly
43 Untold Sweat Hotflush
44 Pangaea Coiled Hessle Audio
45 Squiddhartha Vector Selector Bandcamp [promo]
46 Spooky Thai Spooky UK
47 Giakomo Rondinella MiTelevision Offaudio
48 Spooky Silver Spooky UK

Download (385.8MB 192kbps MP3 280’57”) 1076 downloads

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Artists: Aerospace, Anarchy Rice, Andro, Asem Shama, Atmos, BSD, Beat Bizarre, Beatman, Behind Blue Eyes, Big Mistake, Bkp, Blazer, Cannabinoid, Chakra, Chris Micali, Colombo, DJ Ico, Depeche Mode, Desert Dwellers, Double D, Edi, El-Tron, Elite Force, Eltron, Flippers, Giakomo Rondinella, Grouch, Hardy Hard, Hedflux, Hybrid, Inkfish, Kilowatts, Kiwa, Krusseldorf, Kultur, Lady Waks, Liquid Ace, Liquid Soul, Ludmilla, Monkey, Mr X, NotoMash, Odissi, One Man Army, Pangaea, Paul Blackford, Peak, Perfect Stranger, Plastic Shell, Quadrat Beat, RMS, Rhino Drum, Ricky Ambilotti, Spooky, Squiddhartha, Ticon, Timmy, Tommy, Untold, Vibrasphere, Weekend Heroes, Zipmix, original dub, s)

Labels: 3 Liquid Hz, Acidphonic, Aurium, Ayra, Balkan Vinyl, Bandcamp, Ching Ching, Choo Choo, Darkdance, Disconekta, Distinct'ive, Dragonfly, Dusted Breaks, Festplatten, Full Tilt, Harmonious Discord, Hessle Audio, High Grade, Hotflush, Iboga, Lot49, Metamorph Muzik, Offaudio, Omnis, Operating System, Rapid Response, Spin Twist, Spooky UK, Tribal Vision, U&A, USB Digital, VIMtronica, Zoo Grooves

Mix: Chilliquid Drum’n’Bliss

4 April 2010

Here’s something a little different for you… laidback deep and progressive dnb, minimal to liquid, designed to soundtrack a sunny day. I didn’t plan it this way (well, I didn’t plan it at all, I never do…) but it’s ended up dominated by just two recently-released EPs: New Blood 010 on Med School, and Lm1’s Blue Mountain EP on Offworld. But perhaps the fact that I’ve built almost a whole mix from them just serves to highlight the quality and variety on offer from those labels at the moment. Between this sort of thing and the twisted psychedelic techstep and neurofunk I’ve been pushing on my shows for a while, the prospects are looking good for a renaissance of inventive and beautiful dnb this year… as is the case with breaks. This is shaping up to be an amazing year of breaking new ground with the broken beat.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this little mix. As always I’d love your feedback. If it pushes your buttons, don’t forget that I now regularly serve up a slice of the tastiest dnb alongside the future breaks at 7pm UK time on the first and third Saturdays of every month on NSB Radio.

Download (75MB 192k MP3 55’04”) 1557 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Muted Something In Mind Nu Labels
2 Synkro Departure Med School
3 So:flow Long Way Over Med School
4 DJ Madd Don’t Want To Be Med School
5 Circa Ida Med School
6 Implex & Tonika Derrick Personal Dive Med School
7 Electrolyte Ray Of Light Med School
8 Lm1 Blue Mountain Offworld
9 Lm1 Frontier Offworld
10 Lm1 Renaissance Offworld
11 Lm1 Season of Descent Offworld
12 The Nasha Experience Dayam Nasha

Download (75MB 192k MP3 55’04”) 1557 downloads

Link to generate podcast enclosure

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Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode VIII:
live on PsyMusic 16th Feb 2010
with special guest Re:Creation

17 February 2010

A real treat for you this month as it was my pleasure to welcome Adam Goodlet, aka Re:Creation into the studio for a full live psytrance set, followed by 3 hours of b2b mixing across the psychedelic genres in true Interstitial style. Many thanks to Adam for coming in. I hope you all enjoy the results as much as we did!

We were unfortunately struck by a couple of broadband dropouts – fortunately they occurred either side of Adam’s live set so that’s not interrupted, but it means the evening’s proceedings have ended up split into three chunks. Adam’s selections are in this colour (although all the psyDnB/neurofunk — from Chook & Phace onwards — is from my stash 🙂 )

Download Part 1 (51MB 192k MP3 37’36”) 1047 downloads
(Quextal mix: psybreaks)

Download Part 2 (115MB 192k MP3 84’01”) 962 downloads
(full live set from Re:Creation, plus beginning of Quextal b2b Re:Creation in the mix)

Download Part 3 (241MB 192k MP3 175’32”) 1097 downloads
(Re:Creation b2b Quextal in the mix: psytrance, psybreaks, progressive, techno, psydnb)

Part 1

# Artist Title Label
1 Audiohazard First Contact Bombtraxx
2 Triple Agent Metamorphosis (Kultur & Columbo rx) VIM Breaks [promo]
3 Mike Devious Thunderwobble Subliminal Minimal
4 Unconscious Mind(s) Damnation Ayra
5 Wardian Pokerfaze Funn Dark
6 Mr Mirra Satan Is Ever Ready [unsigned]
7 Triple Agent Mindwarp (Quadrat Beat rx) VIM Breaks [promo]

Part 2

# Artist Title Label
1 Re:Creation Exponential [live]
2 Re:Creation TechnoRhino [live]
3 Re:Creation Infinite Expansion [live]
4 Re:Creation Re:Construct [live]
5 Re:Creation Outside of Consciousness [live]
6 Re:Creation Tranceformations Remix (Original By Darshan @ Flying Rhino) [live]
7 Re:Creation Oxygen [live]
8 Re:Creation Unity:Nulled [live]
9 Re:Creation Eclipse [live]
10 Re:Creation String Theory [live]
11 Re:Creation 64k [live]
12 Electrypnose Negative Gs Digital Psionics
13 Save the Robot Off the Assembly Line TIP World
14 Eat Static Trantaloid Solstice
15 Scorb Still Raving Yabai

Part 3

# Artist Title Label
1 Scorb Still Raving Yabai
2 Eskimo My Rave Sigma
3 Wrecked Machines A.D.D Spun
4 Ace Ventura M.A.R.S (Gaudium rx) Yellow Sunshine Explosion
5 Triac Vapourised Triangles Ear Peaks
6 Doobious Inverse Cascade [unsigned]
7 Toy Quantize Popsky (Steve MacCabe v Feltzer rx) VIM [promo]
8 RMS & Peak Ten Dimensions Broken Robot
9 Rex Neutrino [unreleased]
10 Jinx ft Brainz Pervert (SIDEL rx) Yellow Finger [promo]
11 Big Mistake Fusion Control [unreleased]
12 Unconscious Mind(s) FD Psybreaks Ayra
13 Scorb Ipso Fvcto Trick
14 Aerospace Simple Words Blue Tunes
15 Space Buddha Acid Prophecy Agitato
16 Lish Dirty Feelings (Alter Breed rx) Echoes
17 Triac Sink Domo
18 Vibrasphere Waveguide Tribal Vision
19 Triac Concrete Waves Ear Peaks
20 Vibrasphere Analog Marinade Tribal Vision
21 System 7 High Plains Drifter (Live) A-Wave
22 Triac Fast Food Ear Peaks
23 Koma & Bones Morpheus TCR
24 Rex Rewire His Brain Sinister
25 D-Ranged Sins Of Claire (Lawgiverz rx) Unstable
26 RMS and Peak Bored of Shamans [unreleased]
27 Chook & Phace Frozen Full Force
28 Martsman Trueschool Drumkit Wonder Med School
29 Wreckage Machinery Phantom Mindtech
30 Safire The Source Mindtech
31 Proktah Backfire Have A Break
32 Axi Gladiator Mindtech
33 Phace Cold Champagne Neosignal
34 Axi Warning Mindtech
35 Snap! Cult Of Snap (Matrix & Futurebound rx) [white]

Download Part 1 (51MB 192k MP3 37’36”) 1047 downloads
(Quextal mix: psybreaks)

Download Part 2 (115MB 192k MP3 84’01”) 962 downloads
(full live set from Re:Creation, plus beginning of Quextal b2b Re:Creation in the mix)

Download Part 3 (241MB 192k MP3 175’32”) 1097 downloads
(Re:Creation b2b Quextal in the mix: psytrance, psybreaks, progressive, techno, psydnb)

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Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode VII:
live on PsyMusic 19th Jan 2010

22 January 2010

If you’ve been struggling to get through all the recent 4+ hour shows, you’ll be pleased to hear that this month’s Interstitial clocks in at a mere 3½ 😀 Although since I only just posted December’s, you may have quite a lot of catching up to do… 😉

Warning: it starts off very glitchy: I think I inadvertantly lost a few listeners in the first minute who thought there must be a technical problem. Oops. Nope, it’s just a weird intro track from P&G…

After the intro we kick off with two of my latest artist discoveries: dope crunky beats from Opiuo, and blissed out fusion sounds from The Nasha Experience. Then we go delving into the darker, glitchier side of psybreaks and electro for a while. That leads into some techy and progressive 4/4s, before we bring the breaks back on an epic trippy nuskool tip, throwing in some techno and tech-funk for good measure, and finally bringing you down gently with a more chilled dub-tech breakbeat vibe.

Big ups all the Shoutbox crew for their support, especially n0sS – another enthusiastic new convert to Quextal’s Radical Interstitialism 😀 See you next time!

Download (297MB 192k MP3 216’27”) 1356 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Proton & Grateful Intro [from ‘Paparazzi’ album] Snoochi Boochi
2 Fiord Keen String (Opiuo Formula One rx) Open
3 Opiuo Forensic Lick Colony
4 The Nasha Experience Technology Nasha
5 The Nasha Experience Clotted Cream Nasha
6 Factorfunk Strange Downbeat
7 Bass Kittens Mono Melo Pretension
8 4Kuba Crunchdown Trans:verse
9 Digital Breaks Foundation OverRide (Cosmonaut’s Formation rx) VIM Breaks [promo]
10 Product.01 Destrukt en:vision
11 Tipper What’s Heavy Tipper Music
12 Skeetaz Rubber Proboscis
13 Mr Bill SolarTech QWERTY
14 Sensient Dissolve GoaCrops
15 Mario Miranda Cake (Glitter rx) Killing Machine
16 Behind Blue Eyes & Sun Control Species Portrait Of A Heartbeat Iboga
17 Dualsnug 400 000 Stars (Aerospace rx) Blue Tunes
18 Kiwa Access Exogenic
19 Robosapiens The Nine Dead Famous
20 Khainz Noizy Blue Tunes
21 Dascyllus Tokamak Glack Audio
22 Unconscious Mind(s) FD PsYbreaks [being signed]
23 Beatman & Ludmilla Leeroy Jenkins Ayra
24 Home Alone Get Away From Me Dead Famous [promo]
25 Depeche Mode Peace (BSD rx) [unreleased]
26 Beatman & Ludmilla Moldova Ayra
27 Blim Crazy Things (Koma & Bones rx) Track Records
28 Espion Petrol Bomb The Fuckers Bass4Bots
29 Future Funk Squad Sorcerary (Lawgiverz rx) Default
30 Umek You Might Hear Nothing Dataworx Digital
31 Far Too Loud Dancefloor Destroyer Funkatech
32 Far Too Loud All Is Machine Funkatech
33 Robosapiens Bodies Dead Famous
34 Novy & Eniac Pumpin’ Positiva
35 Jeremiah Surface Of The Moon (Umek rx) Ambig
36 Space Manoeuvres Octobot Lost Language
37 Scan Mode Terra Erre Antiritmo
38 Phidelity In The Details Recursive
39 Crunch Crunky (Lusine rx) Colony
40 Phidelity Dimensional Folds Recursive
41 Hardfloor Skill Shot Harthouse

Download (297MB 192k MP3 216’27”) 1356 downloads

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Mix: my last regular show for Void Radio:
live on BrapFM 7th Dec 2009

20 December 2009

Super-Extended 5+ hour marathon!

So after about two years of doing Void Radio slots on BrapFM, I decided to draw it to a close so that I’m not juggling three shows. I’ve enjoyed the freedom that Brap gives to play any genre, and I’m grateful to them and Spoll/OutOfTheVoid for giving me a route in… but the number of listeners tuning in for live broadcasts has always been woeful. It provided me with a good, low pressure introduction to the world of net radio, helped me build my confidence on the mic, and garnered some enthusiastic fans like Mike and Angel, but now I have a show on NSB with regularly 200+ listeners, Brap’s single-figure listener counts seem pointless. I know many more of you enjoyed the archives, but hopefully by dropping the show I’ll have more time to produce promo mixes for the site instead.

So for my last show, I played a wide range of genres, and included plenty of classics and all-time personal favourite tunes. Since there was no show after mine, and I had support in the chatroom, I just kept going, and going… for over 5 hours. So bear in mind the archive is a lot larger than usual…

Download (431MB 192k MP3 313’51”) 1452 downloads

# Artist Title
1 Fluke Bubble (Braillebubble)
2 Gat Decor Passion (Naked mix)
3 Leftfield Song Of Life (Steppin Razor rx)
4 Fluke Absurd (Whitewash edit)
5 BETA Come Again
6 Orzel’s Machine Construkt
7 Dirty & Acid Malos Habitos
8 Future Sound Of London Papua New Guinea (Hybrid rx)
9 Amb Romeo
10 Johan Soh & Myagi Still (BETA rx)
11 Koma & Bones Morpheus
12 System 7 High Plains Drifter (Live)
13 Aerospace Simple Words
14 Underworld Cherry Pie
15 4Mal Red Dust (Jumping Reds mix)
16 Underworld Born Slippy (original A-side)
17 Future Funk Squad Isolate (Eshericks rx)
18 Monk & Canatella Enter The Monk (Hybrid rx)
19 Eat Static & Lucas Primitive Earthlings
20 Eat Static Trantaloid
21 Electrypnose Negative Gs
22 Dickster & Lucas Living Dangerously
23 DJ Misjah & DJ Tim Access (KY Jelly Babies rx)
24 Cortina Music Is Moving (BK & dbM amber mix)
25 Jon Doe D3 A
26 Shimmon & Woolfson Evil Queen (Full Force mix)
27 Marmion Schoneberg (Man With No Name rx)
28 Union Jack Two Full Moons And A Trout (14″ mix)
29 Orbital The Box (single part 2)
30 Hybrid Choke
31 Hybrid I’m Still Awake
32 Sabres Of Paradise Smokebelch II (beatless mix)
33 Hybrid Marrakech
34 Kilowatts Monument
35 Mr Rogers Space Vagina
36 Cursor Miner Superluminary
37 Son Of The Electric Ghost (SOTEG) Concept Of Nature (orig)
38 Vandal Idiots (Audiojack rx)
39 Vibrasphere Waveguide
40 Vibrasphere Analog Marinade
41 Space Manoeuvres Octobot
42 Perfect Stranger Easy
43 Umek You Might Hear Nothing
44 Perfect Stranger & Sunseek Eyes Wide Open
45 Perfect Stranger & Pena Ode Ao Sol
46 Magitman Utility
47 Lish Dirty Feelings (Alter Breed rx)
48 Konstantin Yoodza Force
49 Daniel Portman Dark Is The Night For All
50 Ace Ventura M.A.R.S. (Gaudium rx)
51 Josh Millstone As The Day Fades (Phunk Investigation Ghost mix)
52 New Order Blue Monday (Hardfloor rx)

Download (431MB 192k MP3 313’51”) 1452 downloads

Next show: Sat 2nd Jan, 19:00 GMT, NSB

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Mix: Tales Of The Interstitial episode V:
live on PsyMusic 17th Nov 2009

17 November 2009

Cheers to everyone who tuned in and especially the chatroom crew. We had an enjoyable 3 hour odyssey from breaks to progressive to techno, back to breaks with a few cheeky slabs of darkfloor electro, a smidge of exceptionally rare high-class dubstep, and then an assortment of blissful psychill. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Download (258MB 192k MP3 188’01”) 1407 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Slidingonthewalls Troubador unreleased demo
2 Psure & Psyan Tough Case (orig)
3 Hardwired & Mars Mass
4 Kiwa Dynamite
5 LuQas Replicant Dead Famous promo
6 Macho Aliens promo
7 RMS & Peak Ten Dimensions Broken Robot
8 Konstantin Yoodza Force
9 Daniel Portman Dark Is The Night For All
10 Lish Dirty Feelings (Alter Breed rx)
11 Aerospace Simple Words
12 Dom Kane Breakthrough (James Harcourt rx)
13 Magitman Utility
14 Vibrasphere Analog Marinade
15 Space Manoeuvres Octobot
16 Vibrasphere Waveguide
17 X Noise Breaking The Toys (Quantize rx)
18 Rhino Drum Suipacho 220
19 Psure & Psyan Tough Case (Quadrat Beat rx)
20 RMS & Peak New Realm (Hedflux rx)
21 Triple Agent Dimmer Disco
22 Paul Hardcastle Over And Over
23 Espion Apophis
24 Espion Petrol Bomb The Fuckers (Point B rx)
25 Digital Base U Know Me
26 Pete Houle Apollo (breakbeat mix)
27 Omar Santana & Dre Hectik Universal Sound
28 Far Too Loud Dancefloor Destroyer
29 Ekaj Other Worlds
30 Bop Forms Ideas & Chips
31 Scann-Tec Hope
32 Ninbimimi Future
33 Bluetech Oleander (Phutureprimitive symbiotic rx)
34 Altitudes Altitude II
35 Kilowatts Monument

Download (258MB 192k MP3 188’01”) 1407 downloads

Next show: My new show starts this Saturday 21st November, 7-9pm GMT, on NSB! Come and join the party!

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