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Mix: Quexotic Cover: Progressive Drum’n’Bliss Special:
live on NSB 31st Jan 2011

2 February 2011

Covering for Beatmassa’s show, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon here in Southampton so I took the opportunity to pig out on delicious daytime DnB.

If you like this, don’t forget to check out Chilliquid Drum’n’Bliss if you haven’t already – by popular demand, there will be a followup to that one coming at some point… but in the meantime, here’s 2.5 hours of pure drum’n’bliss for your pleasure…

Oh, and a casual glance at the Label column below should explain why I’ve just gone and added Camino Blue to the watchlist

Download (207.0MB 192kbps MP3 150’45”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2011-01-31.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Bop Random Thoughts Med School
2 Error Response The Clones Elektrotribe
3 Synkro Departure Med School
4 DJ Madd Don’t Want To Be Med School
5 Modemellow Hidden Planet Camino Blue
6 Bop Song About My Dog (Subwave rx) Med School
7 Circa Ida Med School
8 Kosmorama Sunset (Chance Jumpers rx) Tokyo Women
9 PBK Space Age Camino Blue
10 Modemellow Back In Time Camino Blue
11 Cord Mental Silence Camino Blue
12 Electrolyte Ray Of Light Med School
13 LM1 & Kharm Duplicity Dispatch
14 Skyform Wash Away Camino Blue
15 B-Fuse Time Of Passion Camino Blue
16 LM1 Digital Dream Covert Operations
17 Electrosoul System Brainscan Camino Blue
18 LM1 Frontier Offworld
19 FM Device Arabian Winter Camino Blue
20 Bop Enjoy The Moment (Thinnen rx) Med School
21 Electrosoul System & Liquitek Mirror Camino Blue
22 LM1 & Kharm Inversion Levitated
23 Bass Flo Dreamwalker Offworld
24 Mendelayev & Cutworks Across The Space Camino Blue
25 Modemellow Subtopia Camino Blue
26 PBK Fornax Camino Blue
27 Solarstation Instrumental (PBK rx) Camino Blue
28 Electrosoul System Sputnik Camino Blue

Download (207.0MB 192kbps MP3 150’45”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2011-01-31.mp3)] downloads

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Artists: B-Fuse, Bass Flo, Bop, Chance Jumpers, Circa, Cord, Cutworks, DJ Madd, Electrolyte, Electrosoul System, Error Response, FM Device, Kharm, Kosmorama, LM1, Liquitek, Mendelayev, Modemellow, PBK, Skyform, Solarstation, Subwave, Synkro, Thinnen

Labels: Camino Blue, Covert Operations, Dispatch, Elektrotribe, Levitated, Med School, Offworld, Tokyo Women

Mix: Quexotic Cover For Ben & Lex
Drum & Bass and Oldskool Special!
live on NSB 7th Jun 2010

12 June 2010

Ali Mobius had been rolling some tasty dnb on the show before this one, so I decided to carry on in that vein.
Kicking off with the kind of laidback progressive dnb that I touted on my mix Chilliquid Drum’n’Bliss, then getting tougher, glitchier, more psychedelic and neurofunked, before the time machine circuits kicked in and we pay a visit to some absolutely classic mid-90s dnb, jungle, and then further back to the sound of the underground that first got me dancing, early 90s oldskool breakbeat hardcore. Bring the noise!
Download (165.7MB 192kbps MP3 120’40”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-06-07.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Bass Flo Dreamwalker Offworld
2 Seathasky Swarm Offworld
3 Operon Kobayashi Golden Orb
4 LM1 & Kharm Duplicity Dispatch
5 LM1 & Kharm Inversion Levitated
6 LM1 Digital Dream Covert Operations
7 Axi Warning Mindtech
8 Noisia & Black Sun Empire Infusion Vision
9 Axi Phillthrill Mindtech
10 Bionic 1 Hilton Transylvania Mindtech
11 Incident Fire Ants Subculture
12 Method One In The Dark Hours Offworld
13 Safire Dark Moments Mindtech
14 Insulin Intersection Levitated
15 Doc Scott The Unofficial Ghost (Doc Scott rx) Metalheadz
16 Foul Play Being With You Moving Shadow
17 Flytronix Ethno Blast Moving Shadow
18 LTJ Bukem Rain Fall Looking Good
19 Invisible Man Skyliner Timeless
20 Citadel Of Kaos Urbanity Boombastic Plastic
21 Electronic Experienced More IQ Basement
22 Acen Trip II The Moon (Part II: The Darkside) Production House
23 Nino World Champion Production House
24 Acen Trip II The Moon (Part III: Kaleidoscopiklimax) Production House

Download (165.7MB 192kbps MP3 120’40”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-06-07.mp3)] downloads

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Artists: Acen, Axi, Bass Flo, Bionic 1, Black Sun Empire, Citadel Of Kaos, Doc Scott, Electronic Experienced, Flytronix, Foul Play, Incident, Insulin, Invisible Man, Kharm, LM1, LTJ Bukem, Method One, Nino, Noisia, Operon, Part II: The Darkside, Part III: Kaleidoscopiklimax, Safire, Seathasky

Labels: Basement, Boombastic Plastic, Covert Operations, Dispatch, Golden Orb, Levitated, Looking Good, Metalheadz, Mindtech, Moving Shadow, Offworld, Production House, Subculture, Timeless

Mix: Chilliquid Drum’n’Bliss

4 April 2010

Here’s something a little different for you… laidback deep and progressive dnb, minimal to liquid, designed to soundtrack a sunny day. I didn’t plan it this way (well, I didn’t plan it at all, I never do…) but it’s ended up dominated by just two recently-released EPs: New Blood 010 on Med School, and Lm1’s Blue Mountain EP on Offworld. But perhaps the fact that I’ve built almost a whole mix from them just serves to highlight the quality and variety on offer from those labels at the moment. Between this sort of thing and the twisted psychedelic techstep and neurofunk I’ve been pushing on my shows for a while, the prospects are looking good for a renaissance of inventive and beautiful dnb this year… as is the case with breaks. This is shaping up to be an amazing year of breaking new ground with the broken beat.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this little mix. As always I’d love your feedback. If it pushes your buttons, don’t forget that I now regularly serve up a slice of the tastiest dnb alongside the future breaks at 7pm UK time on the first and third Saturdays of every month on NSB Radio.

Download (75MB 192k MP3 55’04”) [downloadcounter(quextal_chilliquid_dnb_2010-03-28.192.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Muted Something In Mind Nu Labels
2 Synkro Departure Med School
3 So:flow Long Way Over Med School
4 DJ Madd Don’t Want To Be Med School
5 Circa Ida Med School
6 Implex & Tonika Derrick Personal Dive Med School
7 Electrolyte Ray Of Light Med School
8 Lm1 Blue Mountain Offworld
9 Lm1 Frontier Offworld
10 Lm1 Renaissance Offworld
11 Lm1 Season of Descent Offworld
12 The Nasha Experience Dayam Nasha

Download (75MB 192k MP3 55’04”) [downloadcounter(quextal_chilliquid_dnb_2010-03-28.192.mp3)] downloads

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