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Last Void Radio show tonight!

7 December 2009

This was supposed to be happening later this month but has been brought forward to tonight. After two years of playing regularly on Brap.FM I’m leaving so I can devote more time to my shows on other stations. Brap never took off audience-wise, although I did appreciate the musical freedom it gave me to hop around genres…

With that in mind, tonight’s show is going to be a complete free-for-all. I have nothing specific in mind to play, so it’s your chance to get in the chatroom and send in your requests during the show! I’ll be in there from 7.30pm, the show starts at 8pm.

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Quexotic Adventures on NSB Radio

3 December 2009

Yes I’ve finally decided on a name for the new show… I wanted something that gave an idea of the principle without constraining me to specific genres. And unfortunately, once I’d come up with the pun on “quixotic”, it wouldn’t let go…

So, Quexotic Adventures continues this Saturday 5th December, 7-9pm GMT, on NSB Radio!

Here’s the (typically hyperbolic) show description…

Quextal leads you on an epic journey, flowing through space and time,
shapes and textures, landscapes and creatures, organic and alien – all
synaesthetically engineered from the finest quality
progressive/psychedelic breaks and other mutated electronic

So in the end I didn’t choose any of the names suggested by listeners, but one person in particular contributed many excellent suggestions and so has earned a prize anyway. Congratulations to BooMboxx… get in touch to claim πŸ™‚

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New NSB show starts tomorrow…

20 November 2009

Sat 21st Nov
19:00 GMT
NSB Radio

… the journey begins …

When stood behind the decks … you are confronting infinity — Lawgiverz

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Next show: Tue 20th Oct with special guest LuQas!

15 October 2009

For next Tuesday’s Tales of the Interstitial on PsyMusic Radio, I’ll be joined in the studio by rising psybreaks superstar LuQas.

LuQas is Luke Trott from Brighton England. Born and raised in Bristol, he’s been into dance music since around 2000, where friends and family supplied him a constant feed of prog-house mix tapes. By chance he purchased an early Y3K album after spotting a Sasha track and has been into breaks ever since. Not satisfied with being a punter, he bought his first decks in 2001, promoted a successful Brighton breaks night in 2004 and now is rapidly finding his niche as a producer of deep techy noises.

He draws influences from many different genres, particularly psy-trance and techno, and his varied DJ sets reflect this. Now a resident at the awesome night Slackers Convention, he plays regularly to a loyal crazy crowd of Brighton revellers. You can also catch him on NSB Radio every Saturday night where he fronts the Slackers show alongside Pav and Toxic Shock. With tracks signed to Dead Famous, Yellowfinger Communications, Hardplace Records and Future Perfect, LuQas is starting to gain recognition internationally, with forthcoming gigs in Croatia and Prague.

Luke will be bringing along a sackload of full-on psybreaks, and yours truly will be keeping it interstitial with the finest fizzling 4/4s on the flip. Whatever that means.

In the words of my guest: “Rah!!!!!!” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Tales of the Interstitial episode IV: Tue 20th Oct: 7pm BST till late

Tune In

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Watchlist updated; Next week’s show

27 September 2009

The new Watchlist, where I big up the artists and labels who I consider to be at the forefront of the music I love, has been updated. Congratulations to Amb for earning his place (it’s been long-deserved, but I’ve only recently encountered the full extent of his achievements), and to our four new contenders in the Up & Comers section, well worth keeping an eye on.

I’ve been buying really silly amounts of music lately, mainly as a result of mostly eschewing the new releases in favour of digging around for more by artists and labels that I’ve dug before. If you have hours and hours and hours to spare I highly recommend it πŸ™‚

Anyway, it would appear that most of what’s landed in my download folder this week can be filed under tags such as chunky, funky, rolling, pulsing, throbbing and wobbling, which can only mean one thing: It’s time for a QuexTech Special! So on next week’s BrapFM show on Mon 5th Oct from 20:00 UK time I’ll lock the breakbeat away in a lead-lined box and devote the full 2 hours to the 4/4s. Techno, tech-house, tech-trance. All, of course, guided by my core passion for the progressive, the psychedelic, the synaesthetic.

Don’t miss it! Sign up for a reminder!

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Radio Schedule Update

20 September 2009

Due to other commitments I’m dropping my PsyMusic show Tales Of The Interstitial to monthly instead of fortnightly. It will be on the third Tuesday of every month, so the next one is 20th October.

My monthly Void Radio residency on BrapFM show continues to be on the first Monday of every month, so the next one of those is 5th October. Hopefully this will leave more scope for extra cover sessions on NSB too, which will be announced via the usual channels.

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15 September 2009

Hugs to everyone I met at this year’s superb Waveform Festival. I’ve been to all three of them and this one was undoubtedly my favourite so far, thanks to all the lovely people. Also unexpectedly scored my debut festival set on Sunday evening in the little orange tent. Unfortunately I couldn’t actually see the dancefloor from the booth but I’m told it went down well πŸ™‚

So, if you’re visiting this site for the first time having received a limited edition Mk2 business card, welcome, and hope you can tune in tonight to Psymusic Radio from 7pm (UK time) – please come and make yourself known in the shoutbox during the show (you need to register for the forum if you aren’t on there already).

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Special guest on next Monday’s BrapFM show

2 September 2009

I’m delighted to welcome a very special guest to my Void Radio show on Brap FM next Monday who goes by the name of DIGITAL FIST. He and I met at Glade this year, and discovered that our tastes in epic triptronica were uncommonly well-aligned.

Digital Fist is a missionary for the music he loves, with infectious passion and a deep sense of the aesthetics of mixing for journeying, which has clearly been well honed by his years on the Welsh party scene.

He describes his chosen specialisms as “elaborate percussion, wall-destroying basslines, and darkly atmospheric precision machine-funk”. Some other words that spring readily to my mind are: brooding, hypnotic, glitchy, metallic, wonky, evolving, deep and dubby, dark shadows and delicate beauty… and of course, epic.

Expect synergy.

Tune in to Void Radio with Quextal b2b Digital Fist from 8pm UK time this coming Monday 7th Sept. Sign up for a reminder, you don’t want to miss this one. Trust.

NB NB NB! The URL for the Brap FM stream has recently changed. If you are using a pre-saved link, please update it to the first one of these that works for you (try them in this order): / /
The chatroom hasn’t changed.

I’ll give the final words to my guest:

Music is mathematics. Keep it polyhedral.

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New show forthcoming on PsyMusic Radio!

11 August 2009

Been a while in the planning this, but I’m delighted to announce that my new twice-a-month show on PsyMusic begins next Tuesday 18th August @ 7pm (UK), and thereafter on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. (Want to join a reminder service?)

The show is called Tales of the Interstitial (all the other PsyMusic shows have strange names, I didn’t want to feel left out…) and every fortnight we’ll be setting sail on a journey across the many faces of psychedelic electronica, floating effortlessly between psybreaks, progressive psytrance, psytechno and psychill, and particularly trying to find the lost chords in the spaces between… in the interstitial

One of the significant differences between this show and the others that I’ve been involved with, is there’s no official finishing time. I plan to do at least 2 hours, but it may be 2.5, 3, 4… it all depends on you, the listeners, to get into the chatroom and bring your influence to bear! On PsyMusic the chatroom is called the ShoutBox and it’s on the forum front page (different to the main homepage of the site), or here’s a bigger version. You need to be registered on the forum to use it (registration is free of course). It looks and feels just like an IRC-based chat (like Brap or NSB), but apparently it isn’t really IRC so you can’t use your own client.

Together we will weave a journey… a story. Let’s make it epic.

“Tales of the Interstitial” starts 7pm on Tuesday 18th August. Tune in via or using this direct link. Don’t forget to join the chatroom too.

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Forthcoming gigs and radio shows

8 June 2009

EDIT: Added another gig on the 28th!

First up, I’m on the bill for the next Psychedelic Saturday at The Hobbit in Southampton on Sat 13th June. Now, whether I’m actually playing or not currently depends on getting a babysitter, so it’s not definite yet but hopefully… Anyone who’s been to one of these before knows it’s one of the Hobbit’s most popular and out-there parties so even if I don’t make it, don’t miss it!

I’m once again covering for Ali Rutt on The Mobius Trip on NSBRadio next Mon 15th June from 7pm UK time, spinning the cream of the crop of new releases and scorchio promos from the world of psy-tech-electro-breaks.

The following week, Mon 22nd June I’m doing an extra Void Radio slot over on Brap FM from 8pm. You know what to expect by now… the unexpected!

On Sun 28th June I’ll be playing a downtempo and chillout set for a change at That Chilled Night @ Ad Hoc, High St, Southampton. The evening runs from 3pm to 1am and promises to be a great chilled wind-down to the weekend, and it’s only a quid before 9pm so get down early!

Finally, on Sat 4th July I’m back at The Hobbit for the next Void vs Brap all-dayer in aid of Oxfam. It runs 1pm to 1am and I’m playing back2back with the aforementioned Mr Rutt, alongside sackloads of quality DJ talent playing everything from dubstep to dnb, house to techno. Void parties always rock so put it in your diary now!

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