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Mix: QuexTech – Live on Brap FM 5th Oct 2009

5 October 2009

Chunky. Funky. Rolling. Pulsing. Throbbing. Wobbling. For one night only, we went 100% techno, tech-house and tech-trance. Zero breakbeat guaranteed.

Download (163MB 192k MP3 119’09”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_brap_fm_2009-10-05_quextech.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Federico Milani Green (Alex Di Stefano rx) Hell Yeah
2 Felguk Guess What (Perfect Stranger 2.4GHz Paranoia rx) Savage Media
3 Glitter Poco Loco Kraft
4 Halobeatz Beat It (Circuit Breaker rx) VIM promo
5 Khainz Noizy Blue Tunes
6 Loud Subinya (Perfect Stranger rx) Echoes
7 Perfect Stranger & Liquid Soul Wildcave Blue Tunes
8 Tom Novy Pumpin (Jason Young 2008 rx) Kosmo
9 Umek 2nd To None Rekluse
10 Glitter Fight Floor Nuuktal Digital
11 Fergie Exit People Hell Yeah
12 Dropout Acid Monstruation Offaudio
13 Tomy DeClerque Loky Hell Yeah
14 Filth & Splendour vs Kalva Divide (Umek rx) Twisted Frequency
15 Jeremiah Surface Of The Moon (Umek rx) Jeremiah
16 Khainz Distance (Exercise One rx) Kumquat Tunes
17 Space Manoeuvres Octobot Lost Language
18 Loafer Dirt Bike Hope Recordings
19 Lusine Falling In Ghostly International
20 Scan Mode Terra Erre Antiritmo
21 Gregor Tresher The Life Wire (Petar Dundov variation) Break New Soil

Download (163MB 192k MP3 119’09”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_brap_fm_2009-10-05_quextech.mp3)] downloads

Normal service will resume for the next show, Tuesday 20th October on PsyMusic as we bring you episode IV of Tales Of The Interstitial, with special guest LuQas 🙂

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Watchlist updated; Next week’s show

27 September 2009

The new Watchlist, where I big up the artists and labels who I consider to be at the forefront of the music I love, has been updated. Congratulations to Amb for earning his place (it’s been long-deserved, but I’ve only recently encountered the full extent of his achievements), and to our four new contenders in the Up & Comers section, well worth keeping an eye on.

I’ve been buying really silly amounts of music lately, mainly as a result of mostly eschewing the new releases in favour of digging around for more by artists and labels that I’ve dug before. If you have hours and hours and hours to spare I highly recommend it 🙂

Anyway, it would appear that most of what’s landed in my download folder this week can be filed under tags such as chunky, funky, rolling, pulsing, throbbing and wobbling, which can only mean one thing: It’s time for a QuexTech Special! So on next week’s BrapFM show on Mon 5th Oct from 20:00 UK time I’ll lock the breakbeat away in a lead-lined box and devote the full 2 hours to the 4/4s. Techno, tech-house, tech-trance. All, of course, guided by my core passion for the progressive, the psychedelic, the synaesthetic.

Don’t miss it! Sign up for a reminder!

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Mix: Live on Brap FM 1st Jun 2009

3 June 2009

Progressive Electro Tech-Trance Techno Breaks DnB. Something like that. Tracklist to follow. Big ups all the chatroom crew, especially mike, love ya mate :), and all the latecomers 😉 And airplays for the perfect chillout afterwards. Sweeeeeet.

Download (167MB 192k MP3 121’42”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_brap_fm_2009-06-01.mp3)] downloads

  1. Altern-8 – Inflitrate 202
  2. Yotopia – Goosebumps
  3. Break The Box – Rock The Mic (Attack Release rx)
  4. Lutzenkirchen – 1 Hour To Go
  5. DJ Kid Stretch – Get Away (Into The Tech Disco mix by The Scientifics)
  6. Hypeartist – YGNA (Plastic Shell rx)
  7. Misfilter – A Place For You (Hedflux rx)
  8. Break The Box – Rock The Mic (Robosapiens rx)
  9. Hypeartist – YGNA (Retroid rx)
  10. Vigi & Nectarios – 2C Beat (EK rx)
  11. Stepsine – Transparent Body Breaks (version)
  12. Parallax Breakz – Vulture
  13. Hedflux – Music Is My Weapon
  14. Leftfield – Space Shanty
  15. Fisso & Spark – You Are Right
  16. Quadrat Beat – Hive Inside
  17. Anarchy Rice – RockBass (Anarchy Rice mix)
  18. Zero Decibelle – Acid Queenz
  19. Under This – The Crash
  20. Firefarm – Volatile (Pyramid rx)
  21. Mr Dan – Body Slam (Modified rx)
  22. Nude – Minds

Download (167MB 192k MP3 121’42”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_brap_fm_2009-06-01.mp3)] downloads

Many thanks to Dead Famous, Dusted Breaks and V.I.M for the scorchio promos this week. Next shows: NSB 7pm 15th June; Brap 8pm 22nd June; Brap 8pm 6th July

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