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Mix: Live on Brap FM 1st Jun 2009

3 June 2009

Progressive Electro Tech-Trance Techno Breaks DnB. Something like that. Tracklist to follow. Big ups all the chatroom crew, especially mike, love ya mate :), and all the latecomers 😉 And airplays for the perfect chillout afterwards. Sweeeeeet.

Download (167MB 192k MP3 121’42”) 1695 downloads

  1. Altern-8 – Inflitrate 202
  2. Yotopia – Goosebumps
  3. Break The Box – Rock The Mic (Attack Release rx)
  4. Lutzenkirchen – 1 Hour To Go
  5. DJ Kid Stretch – Get Away (Into The Tech Disco mix by The Scientifics)
  6. Hypeartist – YGNA (Plastic Shell rx)
  7. Misfilter – A Place For You (Hedflux rx)
  8. Break The Box – Rock The Mic (Robosapiens rx)
  9. Hypeartist – YGNA (Retroid rx)
  10. Vigi & Nectarios – 2C Beat (EK rx)
  11. Stepsine – Transparent Body Breaks (version)
  12. Parallax Breakz – Vulture
  13. Hedflux – Music Is My Weapon
  14. Leftfield – Space Shanty
  15. Fisso & Spark – You Are Right
  16. Quadrat Beat – Hive Inside
  17. Anarchy Rice – RockBass (Anarchy Rice mix)
  18. Zero Decibelle – Acid Queenz
  19. Under This – The Crash
  20. Firefarm – Volatile (Pyramid rx)
  21. Mr Dan – Body Slam (Modified rx)
  22. Nude – Minds

Download (167MB 192k MP3 121’42”) 1695 downloads

Many thanks to Dead Famous, Dusted Breaks and V.I.M for the scorchio promos this week. Next shows: NSB 7pm 15th June; Brap 8pm 22nd June; Brap 8pm 6th July

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  1. Tavis June 4, 2009 @ 03:23

    Thanks for the excellent mix! Great tunes on this one.

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