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Watchlist updated

11 January 2010

A warm welcome to four fresh recipients of a coveted space on my Watchlist. The three new artists — Vibrasphere, Magitman and Khainz — all earn their place for services to chunky progressive techno… while the label Disconekta has been pushing some rather tasty glitchy breaks and tech-prog from the likes of Sensient and Grouch; excepting those, I haven’t liked the majority of their releases so far tbh, but they all have a certain sensibility which strongly suggests it would be wise to keep an ear on them, so their presence on the Watchlist is deserved on that basis.

This month’s up and comers — artists that are on their way to joining the Watchlist if they keep up the good work (or if I dive into their backcats and am suitably impressed) — are Drugstore (mainly solid driving techno, but check out their track Gaia, which impressed me greatly…); Grouch (of Disconekta fame); Mad-Tek (deep, dubby and driving electrobreaks); and Opiuo (glitchy throbbing midtempo breakbeat, like a less over-the-top Tipper).

Two radio shows coming up: this Saturday (16th Jan) on NSB, and the following Tuesday (19th Jan) on PsyMusic, both kicking off at 19:00 GMT. Hope to see you in the chatrooms!

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