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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #047:
live on NSB 3rd Dec 2011

13 December 2011

Another dose of the finest progressive and psychedelic breakbeats available to humanity – here and now!
Download (166.0MB 192kbps MP3 120’54”) 3863 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Colombo Invoked The Future iBreaks
2 Home Alone & Llupa Harbinger VIM
3 Digibox Function (Curl & Dean rx) VIM
4 Tee-Ex As Simple As That (Mesmer rx) Scarcity
5 Colombo Summit iBreaks
6 Jared Kesler & David Burdick In The Moment RUNE
7 Mesmer Bold Beat Scarcity
8 Sidel & Dallean Lost In Time Scarcity
9 Digital Base Funktwisted (BSD rx) iBreaks
10 Retroid & Digital Breaks Foundation No Remorse (MDK rx) Ego Shot
11 Kultur Robotiko Metamorph Muzik
12 AMB Neutrino bandcamp [free]
13 Chemognosis Braindrop soundcloud [free]
14 Steve Maccabe & System 2 Odyssey (orig) Diablo Loco [p]
15 Rex Rewire His Brain (AMB rx) bandcamp [free]
16 Helskanki Nikata (Quextal rx) [036b] [exclusive]
17 LuQas Dark Matter Broken Robot
18 Peak Quantum Leap Broken Robot [p]
19 Hoffman & SavannaH Fraction Unstable [f]
20 Broken Eye Toastjack Broken Robot [p]
21 Firefarm No Good Start The Jericho soundcloud [f]

Download (166.0MB 192kbps MP3 120’54”) 3863 downloads

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Artists: AMB, BSD, Broken Eye, Chemognosis, Colombo, Curl, Dallean, David Burdick, Dean, Digibox, Digital Base, Digital Breaks Foundation, Firefarm, Helskanki, Hoffman, Home Alone, Jared Kesler, Kultur, Llupa, LuQas, MDK, Mesmer, Peak, Retroid, Rex, SavannaH, Sidel, Steve Maccabe, System 2, Tee-Ex, orig

Labels: Broken Robot, Diablo Loco, Ego Shot, Metamorph Muzik, RUNE, Scarcity, Unstable, VIM, bandcamp, iBreaks, soundcloud


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