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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #024:
live on NSB 13rd Nov 2010

15 November 2010

Heavy on the phat psybreaks this week, with some dope new promos and a couple of golden oldies for good measure. Next week it’s Quexotic Adventures’ first birthday so expect something special to celebrate…
Download (159.4MB 192kbps MP3 116’03”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-11-13.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Hoffman & Era Untitled and Unfinished soundcloud [free]
2 Macho They Are Here (Vida G & Stefan rx) [promo]
3 Hal 9000 Blow ‘Em Out Freskanova
4 Perpetual Present Big Badger Theory (Home Alone rx) Dead Famous [promo]
5 Hardfloor vs Elite Force Hard Flaw Acperience 2010 (Elite Force rx) [free]
6 LuQas Altered States (Quextal rx) [unreleased]
7 Macho Reptile [promo]
8 Parallax Breakz Asteroid (orig) RUNE
9 Spectral Theory All The Fun soundcloud [free]
10 Subliminal System Into The ‘Burgh (Monk3ylogic rx) Broken Robot [promo]
11 Cage Page Say Hello (Triple Agent rx) VIM [promo]
12 Parallax Breakz Asteroid (Andy Faze rx) RUNE
13 Neurodriver Snake Charmer (LuQas rx) Broken Robot
14 Hedflux Revolve Broken Robot
15 Monk3ylogic Electrostatic Broken Robot [promo]
16 Scapo Chemtrails Above (Geon rx) Dirty Drop
17 Kraymon Bring It On (Curl & Dean rx) Dusted Breaks
18 Lady Packa Tribal Trip VIM
19 Plump DJs Move It With Your Mind Finger Lickin
20 Bkp Take Your Time (Open Cluster rx) Dusted Breaks
21 Prato Electrify Dead Famous [promo]

Download (159.4MB 192kbps MP3 116’03”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-11-13.mp3)] downloads

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Artists: Andy Faze, Bkp, Cage Page, Curl, Dean, Elite Force, Era, Geon, Hal 9000, Hardfloor, Hedflux, Hoffman, Home Alone, Kraymon, Lady Packa, LuQas, Macho, Monk3ylogic, Neurodriver, Open Cluster, Parallax Breakz, Perpetual Present, Plump DJs, Prato, Quextal, Scapo, Spectral Theory, Stefan, Subliminal System, Triple Agent, Vida G, orig

Labels: Broken Robot, Dead Famous, Dirty Drop, Dusted Breaks, Finger Lickin, Freskanova, RUNE, VIM,, soundcloud


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