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Mix: Neurogenetic Kinaesthesia

7 November 2007

A 79-minute odyssey of psyhouse, techtrance and progressive. Music to melt your mind and shake your shoes.

Updated 2011-06-21: Now higher-quality 192kbit MP3 instead of the previous 96kbit. If you have already downloaded the previous version, whose filename was quextal_psyhouse_20071107.mp3, you might like to delete that and download this one instead 🙂

Download MP3 (55MB 192k 78’58”) [downloadcounter(quextal_neurogenetic_kinaesthesia_2007-11-07.192.mp3)] downloads

  1. Daniel Gregory – Rush
  2. Duca – Square
  3. 4 Mal – Red Dust (Jumping Reds mix)
  4. Jacco@Work – 15 Den Club (King Con rx)
  5. 4 Mal pres Square Coil – Black Tube (Nicholas Van Orton rx)
  6. Cloudz Factory – Beginners Luck
  7. Ace Ventura – Rise (Perfect Stranger rx)
  8. Inkfish – Prescreen
  9. Odiseo & Xahno – Damn
  10. Perfect Stranger & Sunseek – Eyes Wide Open
  11. Cafu – Blue Balls
  12. Liquid Soul – The Source (Atmos rx)
  13. Perfect Stranger & Pena – Ode Ao Sol

Download MP3 (55MB 192k 78’58”) [downloadcounter(quextal_neurogenetic_kinaesthesia_2007-11-07.192.mp3)] downloads
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