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Mix: Mostly Minimal…

4 December 2007

A tour of some different styles of Minimal (and some less minimal…). We start off with journeying tech-house and tripped-out techno, moving through very deep organic morphing chill, then gradually building up again towards a maxi-minimal techno climax, before touching down on a gentler, more progressive sound.

Download MP3 (72MB 128k 78’01”) [downloadcounter(quextal_minimal_20071204.128.mp3)] downloads

  1. Dejonka – Memento (Yassin & Arne rx) – Parquet
  2. Ilario Naples – Area 51 – Leftroom
  3. Jeff Bennett – Poincare – Kickin
  4. Roland Klinkenberg ft DJ Remy – Mexico Can Wait (Dub) – Global Underground
  5. Limbo – Math (The Dolphins rx) – Proton Music
  6. Pedro Campos – The Music Is (remix) – Elektrofone
  7. Vasco & Jersey – Sonnenwende (Andre Traenkner rx) – My Best Friend Ltd
  8. Trentemoller & Buda – Gamma (Minilogue rx) – Kickin
  9. Minilogue – Seconds (Moonbeam rx) – Traum Schallplatten
  10. Marcus Vector – Palass – Nomor Records
  11. Combo – Kebo (Paolo Driver rx) – ?
  12. Roland Klinkenberg ft DJ Remy – Mexico Can Wait (orig) – Global Underground
  13. Juvenile Sin – Nocturnal Obsession (Holmtik mix) – Moov
  14. Lutzenkirchen – Storm Chaser – Craft
  15. Layo & Bushwacka! – Tabloid (Saudade rx) – Olmeto
  16. Ali Khan – Plump – Doppelganger

Download MP3 (72MB 128k 78’01”) [downloadcounter(quextal_minimal_20071204.128.mp3)] downloads
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