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Prog.Psy Breaks 07 (tracklist only)

6 September 2007

This was a Limited Edition CD given out at Waveform Festival 2007. For those of you lucky enough to have obtained a copy, here’s the tracklist:

  1. Kiwa – Up In Smoke
  2. Pilch – DTYLA
  3. Parallel Sound – Cut Off Control
  4. Robosapiens – Acid Reign
  5. Pilot – Dilema (Plastic Shell remix)
  6. Kiwa – Access
  7. Peter Paul – Reverendo
  8. Affinity – Break
  9. Deekline & Wizard – All Your Love (D&W Club mix)
  10. General Midi – Nuone
  11. Kiwa – Fire Escape
  12. D-Ranged – Get Shift (Far Too Loud remix)
  13. K-Deejays – Fuck Peace
  14. Eat Static & Lucas – Primitive Earthlings

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