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Mix: Live on NSB Radio (last minute cover)

11 August 2008

The DJ who was supposed to be covering Ali’s show had some kind of technology-related disaster, and by the time I tuned in there was dead air, so I jumped on to cover for the cover, so to speak, hence why this is only 72 minutes instead of 120.

But in that 72 minutes we got epic psybreaks, tech breaks, prog breaks, electro breaks, oldskool breaks, wrongcore breaks, and even some drum’n’bass.

Here’s the high-quality archive for your enhanced aural pleasure:

Download (100MB 192k MP3 72’12”) [downloadcounter(live_on_nsb_20080811_last_minute_cover)] downloads

  1. Paul Blackford – The Groove (Shinra rx)
  2. Koma & Bones – Black Satsuma
  3. Flack Su – T-Break (BETA rx)
  4. Retroid – Origin (Plastic Shell rx)
  5. Devine & Emilyplay – We Get Funky
  6. SL2 – DJs Take Control
  7. Koma & Bones – Morpheus
  8. BETA – Trojan
  9. Break The Box – Anika
  10. General Midi – Good To Go (extended)
  11. Uberzone – 4 Bit (Uberzone’s 2 Bit Downgrade mix)
  12. Skeetaz – Nein
  13. DJ Mutiny – Turning Point (Far Too Loud rx)
  14. Eat Static – Tractor Beam
  15. Cyantific – Flashback

Download (100MB 192k MP3 72’12”) [downloadcounter(live_on_nsb_20080811_last_minute_cover)] downloads

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