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Mix: Psylekbreaks

19 April 2009

It’s been far too long since I uploaded a studio mix. Partly this is down to increasing numbers of gigs and radio shows which occupy a large part of my time plying the decks these days. But it’s not as if I haven’t been making studio mixes from time to time, I was just never quite happy enough with them to upload.

Well, time for that to change. If there’s one message I’m receiving loud and clear every time I play out, it’s that there are people out there who are desperate to hear the kind of stuff that I play. Whatever that is! And even if I think a mix is flawed (usually because I think the tune selection could have been better rather than any technical error these days), you’d rather have that, than silence.

So here you are. This mix covers a fairly wide selection from across the spectrum of progressive, psychedelic, tech and electro flavoured breakbeats that float my boat. It’s plainly more of a home or car listening CD than the sort of journey I would construct at a club or festival, but it should take you to some interesting places. Enjoy 🙂

Download (108MB 192k MP3 78’37”) 2416 downloads

  1. Espion – MKYF
  2. Starflower – Process the Future
  3. Espion – Petrol Bomb The Fuckers
  4. Meat Katie – Can’t Hear Ya
  5. BSD – Intoxikated Muzik
  6. Future Funk Squad – Sorcerary (Lawgiverz rx)
  7. Marc Adamo – Throttlefunk
  8. Marc Adamo – Krakupz
  9. D-Ranged – Sins of Claire (Lawgiverz rx)
  10. Digital Base – White Lines (Robosapiens rx)
  11. Robosapiens – Robots
  12. C-Vaughn ft Annalyze – Straight Up
  13. C-Vaughn – Waste Away
  14. Vent – Turn The Page
  15. Livin So Fast – HandBreak
  16. MKM & GBX – I Don’t Think So
  17. Myagi – Giorgio Marauder
  18. Espion – Architektur (Liquid Stranger rx)

Download (108MB 192k MP3 78’37”) 2416 downloads
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Mix: Live on NSB 9th Mar 2009

9 March 2009

Covering for Ali again tonight as his PC’s broken… I felt in a bit of an experimental mood, so we started with some slower funky stuff, went all epic progressive for a while, then settled into a kind of electro-techfunk-psybreaks circuit for the second hour or so.

Thanks as always to all those who tuned in and the ever-random chatroom crew. Love you all, you mad people.

Download (167MB 192k MP3 121’22”) 1983 downloads

  1. Smoove & Turrell – I Can’t Give You Up (A-Skillz rx)
  2. Mr No Hands – Chuggy
  3. Rektchordz – Tramp Stamp
  4. Ottone – Lush
  5. Johan Soh & Myagi – Still (BETA rx)
  6. Hybrid – Formula of Fear (Hybrid rx)
  7. Abakus – Indu (Shiloh rx)
  8. Jinx – Twilight 2000 (BETA rx)
  9. Seth Vogt – Don’t Turn Away
  10. Under This – Tonight
  11. BP and One – Revolution
  12. BSD – Funkdation
  13. Access Denied – Lucky Bitches (Adsorb rx)
  14. Elite Force – Godfather (with a Groove)
  15. (unknown) – Champion Hounds
  16. Omar Santana & Evan Lewis – Hayley’s Comet
  17. Robosapiens – Infected
  18. Calvertron & Banga – Turn It Up (Karl Sav rx)
  19. Beatman & Ludmilla – Lizarb The Sad Clown (Plastic Shell rx)
  20. General Midi – Nuone
  21. Quadrat Beat – Hive Inside
  22. Mr Frisk – Escape (Matt Harder’s Transform rx)
  23. Omar Santana & Dre Hectik – Slutronica

Download (167MB 192k MP3 121’22”) 1983 downloads

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Mix: Live on NSB 27th Oct 2008

27 October 2008

Previously on NSB I’ve tended to stick to breaks. Tonight though I decided to loosen that rule: while still centred on psy/tech/elek-breaks, I moved freely out to chill, electro-house, and even a bit of progressive trance. I think it paid off, this was definitely my best and most enjoyable NSB show so far, and the chatroom crew seemed to like it too 🙂 Cheers to everyone who tuned in, and thanks to Ali for asking me to cover.

Next show: next Monday, 3rd November, Brap FM.

Download (188MB 192k MP3 136’11”) 2131 downloads

  1. Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Kleijn – The Rhythmshaker (Eelke Kleijn ambient mix)
  2. Dreadzone – The Warriors
  3. Pitch Black ft KP – Rude Mechanicals (PZ 3-beat mix)
  4. Spoon Wizard – Spoonkey
  5. Skein – Renegade
  6. Under This – Tonight
  7. Statyk – Rise & Fall
  8. Tomcraft – Loneliness
  9. Rehab Riot – Dirt Kontrol (5Eleven rx)
  10. unknown – Champion Hounds
  11. Robosapiens – Acid Reign
  12. Koma & Bones – Morpheus
  13. Soul Of Man – Dirty Waltzer
  14. 30Hz – Consume Daphne (Lee Coombs rx)
  15. Lowrider – Pitchdown (club mix)
  16. Chunk’n’Attack – Rocka Revolution
  17. Agent K – Can’t Hold Back
  18. Devine & Emilyplay – Kome Into My World
  19. DB3 – Baader (Dreadzone rx)
  20. Retroid – Origin (Plastic Shell rx)
  21. Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Kleijn – Fat Dragon
  22. BETA – Trojan
  23. Channel Surfer – Mega Bomb
  24. Myagi – Payback
  25. General Midi – Nuone
  26. Headphonics – Phase Dreamer
  27. New Order – Blue Monday (Hardfloor rx)

Download (188MB 192k MP3 136’11”) 2131 downloads

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Next radio show: Monday 6th October

3 October 2008

Once again Quextal seizes control of the airwaves of Brighton (101.4FM) and the fibreopticwaves of the interfrob ( this Monday, 8-10pm. This month I have mostly been eating trippy minimal space techno and tech-house, so expect plenty of that, alongside the usual finely-crafted melée of doof, blurble, fizz, swoosh, thump, wonk and flip-trip-swizzlestick. You knows it.

Tune in, spazz out.

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