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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #062:
live on NSB 15th Sep 2012

26 September 2012

This time around we start out on a deeper vibe – glitchy, techy and trippy – rolling smoothly up through some sunny progressive breaks with a funky twist – and finishing up with proper chunky psybreaks. Go with the Flow.
Download (165.0MB 192kbps MP3 120’08”) 1211 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Brujo’s Bowl Feel Broken
2 Steve Maccabe Minimalisms VIM [promo]
3 Steve Maccabe Scare Tactics VIM [promo]
4 Guau Thar Elektroshok
5 Brujo’s Bowl Reality Ripples Broken
6 Growler Quark Jet (Spaced Out mix) Box Set
7 Skaarj Dead Toy Need4Beat
8 Skaarj Collider NFBmusic
9 Tee-Ex A Bit Complicated Scarcity
10 Tee-Ex Bring It On Morphosis
11 Growler Head Stereo Box Set
12 Bl1tz Under My Skin (orig) Diablo Loco [promo]
13 Wardian Fun Ride (Guau rx) Funndark
14 Too Dusty Welcome To The Future (Bad Tango rx) Hard Hits
15 Guau Politicks Elektroshok
16 Fletric Bioskanner VIM [promo]
17 Electrocado Hass To Be Haas (Itsu rx) soundcloud [free]
18 Sonic Element & Trance Arts Reformation (Monk3ylogic rx) Perfecto Fluoro
19 Hedflux & Neurodriver Energy Vibration (Too Dusty rx) Broken
20 Fletric Bioskanner (Clandestine rx) VIM [promo]
21 Helskanki Nikata (Quextal rx) [final released version] VIM
22 Forufreezer Floating Balloon (Kwah rx) In Bloom

Download (165.0MB 192kbps MP3 120’08”) 1211 downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2012-09-15

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Artists: Bad Tango, Bl1tz, Brujo's Bowl, Clandestine, Electrocado, Fletric, Forufreezer, Growler, Guau, Hedflux, Helskanki, Itsu, Kwah, Monk3ylogic, Neurodriver, Skaarj, Sonic Element, Spaced Out, Steve Maccabe, Tee-Ex, Too Dusty, Trance Arts, Wardian, orig

Labels: Box Set, Broken, Diablo Loco, Elektroshok, Funndark, Hard Hits, In Bloom, Morphosis, NFBmusic, Need4Beat, Perfecto Fluoro, Scarcity, VIM, soundcloud

Mix: Live on NSB 9th Mar 2009

9 March 2009

Covering for Ali again tonight as his PC’s broken… I felt in a bit of an experimental mood, so we started with some slower funky stuff, went all epic progressive for a while, then settled into a kind of electro-techfunk-psybreaks circuit for the second hour or so.

Thanks as always to all those who tuned in and the ever-random chatroom crew. Love you all, you mad people.

Download (167MB 192k MP3 121’22”) 1438 downloads

  1. Smoove & Turrell – I Can’t Give You Up (A-Skillz rx)
  2. Mr No Hands – Chuggy
  3. Rektchordz – Tramp Stamp
  4. Ottone – Lush
  5. Johan Soh & Myagi – Still (BETA rx)
  6. Hybrid – Formula of Fear (Hybrid rx)
  7. Abakus – Indu (Shiloh rx)
  8. Jinx – Twilight 2000 (BETA rx)
  9. Seth Vogt – Don’t Turn Away
  10. Under This – Tonight
  11. BP and One – Revolution
  12. BSD – Funkdation
  13. Access Denied – Lucky Bitches (Adsorb rx)
  14. Elite Force – Godfather (with a Groove)
  15. (unknown) – Champion Hounds
  16. Omar Santana & Evan Lewis – Hayley’s Comet
  17. Robosapiens – Infected
  18. Calvertron & Banga – Turn It Up (Karl Sav rx)
  19. Beatman & Ludmilla – Lizarb The Sad Clown (Plastic Shell rx)
  20. General Midi – Nuone
  21. Quadrat Beat – Hive Inside
  22. Mr Frisk – Escape (Matt Harder’s Transform rx)
  23. Omar Santana & Dre Hectik – Slutronica

Download (167MB 192k MP3 121’22”) 1438 downloads

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