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Mix: Late Nite Tech Trip

3 April 2008

Well. I got back from the pub about midnight, and then instead of going to bed like any normal person who has to be up at 7am next day, I stayed up and did a mix from the CDs I’ve just burned of the minimal techno I bought online yesterday and haven’t listened to yet. I’d inscribed the CD “Techno and/or Minimal” but it now seems the “or” was superfluous. This is not deep, chilled minimal like the middle part of this mix, and neither is it full-on hard stompy techno. It occupies that perfect centre of afterhours music (as far as I’m concerned) where it is equally suited to dancing around the lounge, hipswinging while seated, mild head nodding, or non-motile appreciation in a more horizontal and relaxed position (but definitely not sleep.) Most importantly of course, it progresses, it journeys, it trips, and takes you with it through different places and spaces in your imagination. It is alchemical – by means of sound, it creates images, feelings, sensations. Or, you create, it facilitates. I merely facilitate the facilitation. And I LOVE doing it.

There’s probably a couple of rough edges due to the fact that I was (and am) a bit mullered (could you tell?), I’ve never played these tunes before, and I couldn’t hear very well as I kept the volume low out of respect for my neighbours at this hour. But sod excuses, I managed to blow my own head off repeatedly both during the mix and listening to it back afterwards, so I thought I’d share it with you. Hope you like it, and as always your feedback is always welcome (add a comment or send an email).

Download MP3 (83MB 192k 60’21”) [downloadcounter(quextal_late_nite_tech_trip.192.mp3)] downloads

This mix is also known as:
If you don’t love minimal techno… You Will.

  1. (00’00”) Bigger Than Jesus – Itchy Glitchy Spider (Fergie rx) – Silver Planet
  2. (05’24”) Bread and Butter – Kartoffel – Hot Slice
  3. (10’35”) Cabal – All In Off – Subtronic
  4. (14’03”) Patrice D’Angelo – Happy Lab – Freaky Cabs
  5. (19’59”) James Unk – Drop – Lessizmore
  6. (25’34”) Javy Union – Gate 9 (Pascal Feos rx) – Plain
  7. (31’42”) Jesse Voorn ft ZoXenia – SeeMe (DJ Lion dub) – USB Digital
  8. (37’13”) Sara Galli – Machete – 303Lovers
  9. (41’25”) The Junkies – Uneasy Feeling – PBR Recordings
  10. (47’21”) The Touch – Heart Of The City (Pig & Dan rx dub version) – Trunkfunk
  11. (53’32”) Utku Dalmaz – Little More – Bosphorus Underground

By popular request, I’ve upped the audio quality: from now on studio mix MP3s will be 192kbps.

Download MP3 (83MB 192k 60’21”) [downloadcounter(quextal_late_nite_tech_trip.192.mp3)] downloads

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