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Next two weeks swapped on NSB

6 April 2010

Short version: I’m doing next Saturday on NSB (10th April), instead of the one after (17th).

As you ought to know, Quexotic Adventures, my fortnightly show on NSB Radio, is partnered with a show from those brillo Brightonians the Slackers Convention. If you haven’t yet checked it out, I suggest you do: if you share some of my taste in progressive, psybreaks and/or chunky techno, you should find plenty of tasty choons to chew served up by LuQas, Pav and friends.

Anyway, due to various plans, schemes, plots and conspiracies, not to mention those villainous wildcards Happenstance, Serendipity and Inability To Be In Two Places Simultaneously (despite all the advances in quantum chromodynamics), we’re swapping over the 10th and 17th.

So the final schedule for April is:
3rd: Quextal (you missed it, archive here)
10th: Quextal
17th: Slackers
24th: Slackers

Normal flip-flopping pattern resumes in May until further notice!

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