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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #004:
live on NSB 2nd Jan 2010

9 January 2010

NB: Because there’s no talking, I’ve filed this under Promo Mixes as well as Radio Archives – but unlike the other promo mixes, it won’t fit onto an audio CD.

An extra rare treat for the first show of 2010… I lost my voice on NYE, so there’s no mic/talkover, I just had to let the music speak for itself… 🙂 Also, as we were all still in the recovery zone from the New Year shenanigans, I pulled back the tempo and kept it deep, techy and rolling for the most part, gradually fattening up towards the end of course 8)

Download (165MB 192k MP3 120’17”) 941 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Abdomen Burst Underwater Cave Proton Music
2 Rhino Drum Shake It Choo Choo Ltd
3 Espion Witches Bass4Bots
4 Blim Crazy Things (Koma & Bones rx) TCR
5 Chris Carter Turkey Jerky REC Records
6 Dascyllus Tokamak Glack Audio
7 Dopamine & Chris Carter Cognoscenti In Stereo
8 Dopamine & Chris Carter Quite Posh (Cognoscenti Re-Rub) In Stereo
9 Lifecycle Techno Notice (Chris Carter rx) Ricochet
10 Roxiller Revelations REC Records
11 Thomas Penton & DJ Thee-O Slip And Slide (Khainz rx) Tribal Vision
12 Cannabinoid CB2 Receptor [unsigned demo]
13 Cuncic & Malcevic Sonic Strum [unsigned demo]
14 Vlad Sokolov & Diverted Bananamy Sokolov Sounds
15 Diverted Scorch Sokolov Sounds
16 Grouch Latex Knuckle Kids Disconekta
17 Robosapiens Bodies Dead Famous
18 Meat Katie & Elite Force ft Roland Clark The Answer (Force Mass Motion rx) Lot 49
19 Invincible Mean Streets Sound Of Habib
20 Depeche Mode Peace (BSD rx) [unreleased]
21 Underworld Cowgirl (Atomic Hooligan rx) [white]
22 General Midi Further TCR
23 Unconscious Mind(s) FD PsYbreaks [being signed]

Download (165MB 192k MP3 120’17”) 941 downloads

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