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New reminder services

23 August 2008

Chatted to a few people recently who’ve said they keep meaning to tune in to a show but forget. They might have just been saying that of course… but anyway, as I’m a helpful sort of a chap, I’ve set up a few new options that you can sign up to to receive a memory jogger.

  • If you’re on Facebook, as well as the Fan page which sends “Updates”, which are easy to miss, you can now join the Quextal Group which will send occasional news and reminders directly to your inbox (no more that 3-4 per month, I won’t drown you).
  • If you’re on MSN or use an Instant Messaging client which supports it, such as Pidgin (formerly Gaim), add (without the Xs and Ys) as a buddy, and if I see you logged in just before a show, you’ll get a reminder right there.
  • If you’re on Twitter, you can start following me here, and I’ll try to remember to actually update it once in a while…
  • If you have a UK mobile number, you can email it to me at and I’ll send you a text message.

Privacy statement: I will not pass your details on to anyone without your permission, ever, unless people beat it out of me with sticks, and even they they’d have to be really big sticks.

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