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Quextal recommends:
The Art of Psychedelic Tech-Funk
mixed by Hedflux

25 July 2011

The fact that this is only the second time I ‘ve gone to the trouble of recommending someone else’s mix on this site, should tell you I don’t do so lightly. Frankly it takes a very special mix to motivate me to the effort of writing a post about it!

But there’s no question that this is just such a mix, and who better to deliver it than someone who repeatedly delivers the goods in both his DJ sets and his outstanding productions: Hedflux. From the first few seconds of the opening track, his own Introversion — which, by the way, he has now kindly offered up as a free download — to the blistering finale, we are taken on a beautifully evolving journey whose variety of sounds and landscapes offers a far greater range of stimulants for body and mind than you (or I) might have thought possible from such an apparently narrow focus on one subgenre.

In the past I’ve tended to find the majority of tech-funk rather dull – it often fails to add sufficient interest, rhythmic melody or groove to its instrumentation to make up for its simplistic beat structure (relative to breaks), earning it the nickname “plodstep” among its detractors. But Hedflux has often produced exceptions to this rule, and this is a mix of the exceptions (his and others’); while I might not personally like every single tune on here, there’s no plodding here, no dull moments, which is really saying something when there’s hardly a broken beat in sight for the whole 80 minutes. This is truly the state of the art.

Hedflux – The Art of Psychedelic Tech-funk (July 2011 Mix) by Hedflux

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