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My work here is done…

20 January 2011

If you’ll permit me a slightly smushy aside. Here’s an email that arrived this morning and made my day/week/year, quoted verbatim:

Heya Quextal, not sure were to start on this, so ill go from the begining!

raving about in the perth doof scene, mixing here and there, i was slowly going off good ol psy-trance, and my CDJ’s were slowly gaining dust as they sat on my desk, un-used… untill at around the beggining of 2010, i stumbled upon one of your earlier mixes on and had a listen.

well, i was blown away, and quickly downloaded and smashed out mix after mix from your site, (particularly love your NSB shows), and better yet, got onto the tracklists and has a look around on beatport.

and in September, i played my very first psy-breaks set at Earthdance WA and another at a new-years party out in the country. playing the likes of luqas, kiwa, far to loud and loads of other goodies from lables i discovered from your little website! the crowd loves it, and many people referred to the sets as “the best of the party”, and 3 more gigs are lined up in the next couple months!

i use my decks daily again, and my breaks tunes now totally fill up the CD wallet, and its all thanks to you! im writing this basicly to tell you, that your tunes are tops, and you’ve inspired a small, but growing wave of psy-breaks love in Western Australia, the most isolated city in the world! keep it up!

As you’ll know from my biography, I had a similar moment of epiphany in 2007, when I was inspired to get back into DJing after a long absence by encountering the sound of psybreaks, courtesy of a DJ called Giani. I’m so chuffed to be able to pay that forward, and I’m sure the author of this email will pay it forward again.

This is what it’s all about. Be inspired, inspire others, feel the passion, spread the love.

Thankyou to everyone who has given me feedback over the past 3 years. You kept me going, helped me to know that I was on the right path. I dedicate it all to you.

Right, that’s enough smush for now. I’ve finally got broadband back after my house move, so radio shows will resume shortly. I’m not going to wait until my normal slots (and in any case I’m changing the Psymusic slot) so watch out for announcements. As usual, the Facebook Page is the most reliable way to keep in the loop.

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