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Mix: Live at Technosis vs Decayed 2011-04-28

20 July 2011

This is a recording of my DJ set at Technosis vs Decayed at the Cellar, Southampton on 28th April 2011.
Download (79.3MB 192kbps MP3 57’45”) 1615 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Kwah Proton Perspective RUNE [pre-promo]
2 DBF Going Back (Quextal remix) VIM [unmastered pre-promo]
3 Hunter Vaughan Ragnarok Aux
4 Fletric Plasma Funk (Blazer rx) Ego Shot
5 Mesmer Bold Beat Scarcity
6 BSD Don’t Do Dat Mental Machine Muzik
7 Hedflux Rhythm Prism Broken Robot
8 Spectral Theory Metre soundcloud [free]
9 Big Mistake A Law Against The Law [unsigned]
10 Audiohazard First Contact Bombtraxx
11 Bad Taste Malaka Funndark

Download (79.3MB 192kbps MP3 57’45”) 1615 downloads

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