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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #055:
live on NSB 21st Apr 2012

17 May 2012

After a few weeks away, normal service is thoroughly resumed as Quextal serves up a stack of the fattest brand new promos and releases, with a focus on epic progressive and psychedelic breaks, including a world exclusive new remix from Kwah 🙂
Download (162.0MB 192kbps MP3 117’57”) 1821 downloads

# Artist Title
1 ? People Just Seem To Know [WIP] [unreleased]
2 Choc St Clair You Ride It You Jump It (Llupa’s Knievel rx) VIM [promo]
3 Access Denied Deaf Grandmother (Bass Rockers rx) Bass Reflections [free]
4 Hironimus Bosch I’ve Got A Feeling (Rebel Sketchy rx) Diablo Loco [promo]
5 Cannabinoid No Words No Music (48K rx) VIM
6 Geon Perpetual Motion (Colombo rx) Straight Up
7 Hedflux & Neurodriver Energy Vibration (MartOpetEr rx) Broken Robot [promo]
8 Alter Form Black Furies (Audiohazard rx) Ego Shot
9 Beta Headspace Sound of Habib
10 Pryda The Illusion (Grade-E Dark Breaks rx) soundcloud [free]
11 MadoxX Hopi Diri Da (electro bootleg rx) soundcloud [free]
12 Break The Box Roc The Mic (Fisso & Spark rx) Dead Famous [promo]
13 Beta & Hironimus Bosch Reality Grinds AUX
14 Clubsonica Holmes On Acid (Vida G rx) [promo]
15 Blazer Low Gravity Ayra
16 Circuit Breaker Droppin This (Metachemical rx) Dead Famous [promo]
17 Snook Reality Junction (Too Dusty rx) Warped [promo]
18 Forufreezer Floating Balloon (Kwah rx) In Bloom [exclusive]
19 Blazer Skill Cypher Distorsion
20 Shockillaz When I Play Expand [promo]
21 Parallax Breakz Scream (Project Synthetic rx) RUNE
22 Bad Tango Arecibo Spank Broken Robot
23 Abdomen Burst Epinephrine (Hedflux rx) Scarcity

Download (162.0MB 192kbps MP3 117’57”) 1821 downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2012-04-21

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Artists: 48K, ?, Abdomen Burst, Access Denied, Alter Form, Audiohazard, Bad Tango, Bass Rockers, Beta, Blazer, Break The Box, Cannabinoid, Choc St Clair, Circuit Breaker, Clubsonica, Colombo, Fisso, Forufreezer, Geon, Grade-E Dark Breaks, Hedflux, Hironimus Bosch, Kwah, Llupa, MadoxX, MartOpetEr, Metachemical, Neurodriver, Parallax Breakz, Project Synthetic, Pryda, Rebel Sketchy, Shockillaz, Snook, Spark, Too Dusty, Vida G, electro bootleg

Labels: AUX, Ayra, Bass Reflections, Broken Robot, Dead Famous, Diablo Loco, Distorsion, Ego Shot, Expand, In Bloom, RUNE, Scarcity, Sound of Habib, Straight Up, VIM, Warped,, soundcloud


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