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Mix: Quexotic Cover for Hubie Sounds
live on NSB 23rd Aug 2011

9 September 2011

Jumping on for another cover session, taking in everything from funky midtempo to the freshest and phattest psybreaks, progbreaks and techfunk promos, a bit of 140 jungle and ravebreaks, and finishing up with some oldskool classics!
Download (151.2MB 192kbps MP3 110’06”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2011-08-23.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 48k High Cat soundcloud [free]
2 Cannabinoid I Am Not A Robot Red Robot [promo]
3 Bob Marley Exodus (Kimmy’s Reggatronic rx) soundcloud [free]
4 Beauty School Suicide (The Scientifics rx) VIM
5 Meat Katie Bizarre Is Beautiful (MartOPeter rx) soundcloud [free]
6 AP3X Power Struggle (Retroid rx) Ridiculoud [promo]
7 Hedflux & LuQas Reptoid Broken Robot [promo]
8 Ear Drum Kru 24 7 (Macho rx) [promo]
9 Word The Crunch (Mobius rx) VIM [promo]
10 Unconscious Mind(s) vs Peak Unconscious Peaks Psychoactive [promo]
11 Hironimus Bosch The Pulse (Home Alone rx) VIM [promo]
12 Cannabinoid The Buddha Red Robot [promo]
13 Hedflux & Neurodriver Energy Vibration Broken Robot [promo]
14 Hironimus Bosch The Pulse (0rig) VIM [promo]
15 Unconscious Mind(s) vs Peak 5D Hologram Psychoactive [promo]
16 Strange Rollers There’s Something Out There Hardcore Lives Digital [promo]
17 Eddie Voyager Runaway (orig) Held2Ransom [promo]
18 Citadel Of Kaos Ronnie’s Revenge Boombastic Plastic
19 Electronic Experienced I.Q. Basement
20 Metalheads Terminator Synthetic

Download (151.2MB 192kbps MP3 110’06”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2011-08-23.mp3)] downloads

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Artists: 0rig, 48k, AP3X, Beauty School, Bob Marley, Cannabinoid, Citadel Of Kaos, Ear Drum Kru, Eddie Voyager, Electronic Experienced, Hedflux, Hironimus Bosch, Home Alone, Kimmy, LuQas, Macho, MartOPeter, Meat Katie, Metalheads, Mobius, Neurodriver, Peak, Retroid, Strange Rollers, The Scientifics, Unconscious Mind(s), Word, orig

Labels: Basement, Boombastic Plastic, Broken Robot, Hardcore Lives Digital, Held2Ransom, Psychoactive, Red Robot, Ridiculoud, Synthetic, VIM,, soundcloud


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