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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #037:
live on NSB 4th Jun 2011

15 June 2011

A dubstep track to kick things off… yes, really, dubstep. I have a near embargo on the genre but I do break it on the rare occasions that I find something worth breaking it for, and I hope you agree that this track is worth it. The rest of the show takes the more usual course through the latest and greatest of psybreaks and dnb.
Download (163.8MB 192kbps MP3 119’14”) 621 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Trukers Beyond Place (Parallax Breakz dubstep rx) Rune
2 DBF Going Back (orig) VIM [pre-promo]
3 Mesmer Seductive Scarcity
4 Jeroen Van Aken Switch The Flip (Andy Faze rx) soundcloud [free]
5 The Analogeeks Psychofunk [promo]
6 Blazer Robotek Ayra
7 Retroid Last Seraphim (orig) Ego Shot
8 Liam Shy ResistDance soundcloud [free]
9 Parallax Breakz ft Nadi Silk Way (Geon rx) Flextone
10 Blazer Requiem Ayra
11 Mspark Crysis (Parallax Breakz rx) Flextone
12 Retroid Last Seraphim (Peter Paul rx) Ego Shot
13 Re:Creation String Theory (Unconscious Mind(s) rx) Psychoactive
14 Kid Chameleon Make It Right soundcloud [free]
15 Mage I Need It Now Kill Inc
16 Nemanoe Ice Planet Kill Inc
17 Parallax Breakz & Mspark Dimension Flextone
18 Parallax Breakz Financial Hitmen Kill Inc
19 Dr Fish vs Glenn Miller In The Mood soundcloud [free]
20 Bowser Protons Mindtech
21 Sauna Boys Pastor Skinstrom Hybridize
22 Paperclip Obscurantism Aura Mindtech
23 Phace & Bulletproof Hypersleep Cyanide
24 Xilent Irreversible Beta

Download (163.8MB 192kbps MP3 119’14”) 621 downloads
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Artists: Andy Faze, Blazer, Bowser, Bulletproof, DBF, Dr Fish, Geon, Glenn Miller, Jeroen Van Aken, Kid Chameleon, Liam Shy, Mage, Mesmer, Mspark, Nadi, Nemanoe, Paperclip, Parallax Breakz, Parallax Breakz dubstep, Peter Paul, Phace, Re:Creation, Retroid, Sauna Boys, The Analogeeks, Trukers, Xilent, orig, s)

Labels: Ayra, Beta, Cyanide, Ego Shot, Flextone, Hybridize, Kill Inc, Mindtech, Psychoactive, Rune, Scarcity, VIM,, soundcloud


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