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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #013:
live on NSB 1st May 2010

6 June 2010

\ Download (189MB 192k MP3 137’46”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-05-01.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Amb Romeo Chi
2 Flack.Su (?) American Beauty (TN Tribute mix) [unreleased]
3 Youthful Implants Asteroid Storm (Phrakture’s Eternity Complex rx) Flextone
4 Hybrid Empire Distinct’ive
5 Johan Soh & Myagi Still (BETA rx) Sound of Habib
6 Blazer Nautilus 42 Ayra
7 Andro Le Jaguar (Beatman & Ludmilla rx) Ching Ching
8 Colombo Inzekt (Kultur rx) Metamorph Muzik
9 Hedflux Mind Cell Broken Robot
10 Cuncic & Malcevic Mafia (remaster) [promo]
11 Freerange DJs Back To The Old Jack (Jinx rx) Ape
12 Squarefeet Air Squirrel Exogenic
13 Monosurround Hello World (Monosurround’s Club Rework) MS
14 Prince Kiss (Fashion Victim rx) via soundcloud [free]
15 Killahurtz Kiss For The Dying (Hybrid Matrix dub) Audio Therapy
16 LuQas Altered States [promo]
17 Asset Peak Limiter (Ion Driver 2009-2-10 rx) [promo]
18 DJ Sean Timothy Electric Sex via soundcloud [free] [unreleased]
19 Zipmix Hypnodelica VIMtronica [promo]
20 El-Tron Chianta Darkdance
21 Two Lone Swordsmen Brootle (Simulant rx) Warp
22 Bop Forms, Ideas and Chips Med School
23 Synkro Departure Med School
24 Error Response Serenity
25 LM1 Frontier Offworld
26 Skynet Ascension Skynet
27 Chook & Phace Frozen Full Force
28 Mr Dan & Sparks Body Slam (Modified Motion rx) Can You Feel It Media

Download (189MB 192k MP3 137’46”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-05-01.mp3)] downloads

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Artists: Amb, Andro, Asset, BETA, Beatman, Blazer, Bop, Chook, Colombo, Cuncic, DJ Sean Timothy, El-Tron, Error Response, Fashion Victim, Flack.Su (?), Freerange DJs, Hedflux, Hybrid, Hybrid Matrix dub, Ion Driver 2009-2-10, Jinx, Johan Soh, Killahurtz, Kultur, LM1, LuQas, Ludmilla, Malcevic, Modified Motion, Monosurround, Mr Dan, Myagi, Phace, Phrakture, Prince, Simulant, Skynet, Sparks, Squarefeet, Synkro, TN Tribute, Two Lone Swordsmen, Youthful Implants, Zipmix, remaster

Labels: Ape, Audio Therapy, Ayra, Broken Robot, Can You Feel It Media, Chi, Ching Ching, Darkdance, Distinct'ive, Exogenic, Flextone, Full Force, MS, Med School, Metamorph Muzik, Offworld, Skynet, Sound of Habib, VIMtronica, Warp, via soundcloud


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