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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #011:
live on NSB 3rd Apr 2010

6 April 2010

Yep, I’m afraid it’s another four-hour double-Quex feature! I can’t help myself… I had kinda hoped that the extension might happen this week, because otherwise I’d have had to make very, very difficult choices as to which of the massive pile of superlative new tracks making my hard disk groan and wheeze under the sheer weight of their super-heavy dopeness, would be selected to be played straight away; and which would be sent back down into the dungeon in tears after learning that, through no fault or inadequacy of their own, but just because it happened to be a bumper couple of weeks for decent releases, and the DJ had caught a bit of Bank Holiday Fever and gone somewhat manic with his Crate, they must wait another fortnight, or pray for a cover slot to bring them out of the darkness sooner…

Download (316MB 192k MP3 230’21”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-04-03.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 El Tron Chianta Darkdance
2 CJ Prometey Theatre Candy Rush Music
3 Chris Micali Schiphol Aurium
4 Lady Packa Funk Soul Now VIM Breaks [promo]
5 DJ Fen The Last The End (Reconstructed version) Spektra
6 Damien Heck Morning After (D’s Futurology mix) Electrofly
7 Youthful Implants Asteroid Storm (Phrakture’s Eternity Complex mix) Flextone
8 Squiddhartha Vector Selector
9 Squiddhartha A Beginner’s Guide To Encephalopod-Step
10 Dicepeople Wormsign
11 DJ Madd Don’t Want To Be Med School
12 Electrolyte Ray Of Light Med School
13 Lm1 Frontier Offworld
14 Blazer Nautilus 42 Ayra
15 Colombo Inzekt (Kultur rx) Metamorph Muzik
16 Odissi Dirty Secrets (Hedflux rx) Lot49
17 Ricky Ambilotti Construkt (NotoMash rx) 3 Liquid Hz
18 Flippers Looking For Tribal Vision
19 Cursor Miner Mad Cow (Free Range version) Uncharted Audio
20 Anarchy Rice Return Of The Wang Acidphonic
21 Felix Stone ft Astra Solvent (Lunar Shift rx) Flextone
22 Elite Force The Law Of Life U&A
23 Blazer Toxic Girl (Unconscious Mind(s) rx) Ayra
24 Hybrid Empire Distinct’ive
25 Hybrid Break My Soul (Hybrid’s Kill City Sounds Dub 01) Distinct’ive
26 Monosurround Hello World (Monosurround’s Club Rework)
27 DJ Sean Timothy Electric Sex ST-101
28 Cannabinoid No Words, No Music [unsigned]
29 Cuncic & Malcevic Rollin’ Tekknology Music [promo]
30 Anarchy Rice Running The Show Acidphonic
31 Mad-Tek & Jan Fix Micro Riddim (VIP) Digital Distortions
32 Meat Katie Lucia (VENT rx) Lot49
33 Cannabinoid Put In The Crystals [unsigned]
34 Blazer Dream Machine Ayra
35 Anodyne Body Weapon [unsigned]
36 Audiohazard First Contact Bombtraxx
37 Chris Carter Turkey Jerky REC Records
38 Digital Base Radio Magnetic II iBreaks
39 Lady Packa Pretty Bop (Runriot rx) VIM Breaks [promo]
40 Andro Le Jaguar (Beatman & Ludmilla rx) Ching Ching
41 Plastic Shell Foley (Beatman & Ludmilla rx) Ayra
42 Depeche Mode Peace (BSD rx) [unreleased]

Download (316MB 192k MP3 230’21”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2010-04-03.mp3)] downloads

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