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Mixes: Live in Bristol and Southampton

12 January 2009

Finally, here are the recordings of my sets from the Void vs Brap Tour in Southampton and Bristol, way back through the mists of time in November 2008. I haven’t listened back to these in full yet, I hope they’re ok!

The Southampton gig was loads of fun, not least because most of the tunes I played I’d bought only a few hours before the gig, so they were almost as new to me as the punters. There was a great atmosphere on the dancefloor for my whole set. So yeah I got carried away and played a really lame remix of What Time Is Love, but these things happen sometimes…

The Bristol gig was an odd one from the DJ’s perspective: inside a pub, mid-afternoon, low volume, speakers in front of the DJ projecting away and no monitors, so basically I couldn’t hear the main mix at all, yet somehow I seem to have pulled off a reasonable quality of mixing; possibly even better than Southampton’s where I occasionally got a bit lost in the moment…

I wasn’t in charge of recording these so they’re only 128k, sorry. But the quality is pretty reasonable.

Live @ Southampton (55MB 128k MP3 59’59”) – chunky progressive into psybreaks into psytechno 2619 downloads

Live @ Bristol (42MB 128k MP3 44’56”) – techno and chunky progressive

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    lolarcher December 22, 2010 @ 20:01

    Don’t worry that What time is love was ok.I’m a massive fan of Psyklebreaks 20 btw.I played it at a beach party in Palolem,Goa last December.It went down a storm.Cheers,I didn’t make money,I was just bored wiv the headphone parties there so I just decided to do something about it.It wasn’t massive but there was at least 250 big smiley faces and it was the 1st party I had organised and I loved every minute : )

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    Quextal December 23, 2010 @ 11:25

    That is awesome… I love hearing that my work is spreading out across the globe 🙂 My evil plan for world domination is proceeding on schedule 🙂 And great to hear there’s still some good parties going on in Goa! Personally I’m a fan of the more intimate gatherings anyway.

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