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Mix: Live on NSB Radio, 21st July 2008

22 July 2008

My most excellent friend, superstar DJ and now budding co-producer of most excellent tuneage Ali Rutt, asked if I would like to cover his show tonight. Fortunately I’ve been catching up with the tune shopping recently anyway, and I had baskets full of new stuff at DJD and Juno already.

Mostly not breaks though. Breaks releases seem to have dried up a bit of late (while the tech-house and techno proliferate with over 1000 releases a week on DJD alone… mostly of badly produced shite that would never have made it onto vinyl… the cross I must bear for it being easier for me to sell my tunes when I resume production, is to trawl through this great haystack of dross looking for the tiny handful, 10 on a good day, but often just 2 or 3, diamond-tipped needles shining amongst them. It takes hours, so I don’t do it every week, and then suffer the FEAR that I have missed the GREATEST TUNE OF THE YEAR, the one that puts goosebumps the size of molehills in your skin, that sends rushes of colour and sparkles of electricity radiating around and through your whole body…)

I digress. It’s been a while since I’ve played 2 hours of breaks. I tried to bring as much variety as I could within the genre, but it ended up staying on the fairly full-on side of tech-breaks, psy-breaks, electro-prog and glitchy wrongness. All good dirty fun.

Download MP3 (171MB 192k 123’47”) [downloadcounter(live_on_nsb_20080721)] downloads

  1. Uberzone – Germs
  2. Blim & Rennie Pilgrem – 2 Freaks (unreleased dub mix)
  3. Flack Su – T-Break (BETA rx)
  4. unknown – The Nomad Track
  5. DJ Stranger – Requiem (Access Denied breaks mix)
  6. Hyperion – On The Expressway
  7. General Midi – Further
  8. Sam Hell – Soft
  9. General Midi – Nuone
  10. Devine & Emilyplay – We Get Funky
  11. Electrotec – Total Bass
  12. Plastic Shell – Foley
  13. BETA – Trojan
  14. Rob Reng – My Flava (Force Mass Motion rx)
  15. Skeetaz – Nein
  16. Boogie Army – Sex Drugs Rock And Roll
  17. Vandal – Idiots
  18. General Midi – Good To Go (extended)
  19. Digital Base – Don’t Get Tired
  20. Elite Force – Engine
  21. Robert Armani – Circus Bells (Lee Coombs back to the future rx)
  22. Robosapiens – Acid Reign
  23. Pete Houle – Apollo (breakbeat mix)
  24. Far Too Loud – Play It Loud

Download MP3 (171MB 192k 123’47”) [downloadcounter(live_on_nsb_20080721)] downloads

In a new development, this show was the first successful test of archiving at a higher quality than the broadcast. The show went out at 96k mono as always (Yes, mono; NSB seems to think it’s 1950), but the download here is at 192k stereo. Yay for darkice, and for my 7-year old PC coping with the extra load. I’ll do this for every show now, unless I get told off. You deserve quality, dear listeners. Your ears are a holy shrine, a temple devoted to music, and they should no more suffer a 96k mono stream than listen to music on AM. In my not very humbly-expressed opinion. The several artists who contacted me to thank me for including them on Late Nite Tech Trip, which is at 192k, suggests that they understand that having their tunes included on high-quality mixes means more people get to hear their tunes, more people like their tunes, more people go and buy their tunes. No-one over the age of 12 is so tight that they’d rip a tune out of a mix instead of buying it, which would be the modern equivalent of making a compilation tape from bits of songs you recorded off Radio 1 and attempted, not very well, to edit out the bit where Bruno Brookes talks over the end.

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