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Mix: Live on NSB 23rd June 2009

25 June 2009

Evidently the 4-hour stint on BrapFM wasn’t enough, cos the next day I jumped on to cover for Wax Equestrian on NSB! Not the full 2 hours this time, by the time we’d played paper-scissors-stone to decide who was going to cover… Greetz to the chatters 🙂

Download (111MB 192k MP3 81’30”) 1761 downloads

  1. Cuncic & Malcevic – Mafia
  2. Break The Box – Test The Bass (Attack Release rx) [Dead Famous promo]
  3. Kultur & Colombo – Elektromolekula
  4. Frost-RAVEN & MDFX – Input Potential
  5. Terratopin – Acid Balls
  6. Erik Jackson – Return Of The Breakbeat
  7. Jinx – Twilight 2000 (BETA rx)
  8. Orbootal – Impact
  9. SL2 – Way In My Brain 2009
  10. Stepsine – Transparent Body Breaks (Version)
  11. Robosapiens – Infected (LuQas rx) [Dead Famous promo]
  12. Kiwa – Drop Control
  13. Kiwa – Fire Escape
  14. Scorb – Ipso Fvcto
  15. Mood Deluxe – Lucid Juice
  16. Mr Dan – Body Slam (Modified rx)

Download (111MB 192k MP3 81’30”) 1761 downloads

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    electroUK June 29, 2009 @ 01:49

    AWESOME MIX! loving number that guys music

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