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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #100:
live on NSB 17th Jan 2015

8 February 2019

Here it is at long last, the 100th and final episode of Quexotic Adventures. I had so much fun doing this show for just over 5 years, and what was best about it was the wonderful NSB community, especially the chatroom crew, who always made me feel appreciated. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and supported live, and to those who downloaded the shows afterwards.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: If you want to download any of my older shows, get them now. I’m about to move to a new server with less diskspace, so I won’t be able to keep them all online anymore. The Promo Mixes will stay online, but most of the NSB and Psymusic shows will be taken down, so get ’em while you can!
Download (169.3MB 192kbps MP3 123’18”) 305 downloads

# Artist Title
1 3kstatic The Big Space (Channel Surfer rx)
2 Evgeny Minin Gravitation (Oleg Zubkov rx)
3 Roger T Lovely Room
4 Keith303 Last Movements Of A Drowning Smurfbaby
5 Kwah Proton Perspective
6 Blazer Infected
7 BSD You Must Find Strength
8 Rektchordz Left Behind (BETA rx)
9 Beatman & Ludmilla Lizarb The Sad Clown (Plastic Shell rx)
10 DBF Going Back (Quextal rx)
11 Skein Renegade
12 Eltron Chianta
13 Espion Witches
14 Espion Apophis
15 Metabreed Metabreak
16 LeftRight Concete Bounce (KiloWatts rx)
17 Colombo Drop Da Beat
18 The Fixionist One False Move
19 The Fixionist Pho Li Ho Mist
20 Aeron Aether Aeristhesia
21 Re:Creation String Theory (Unconscious Mind(s) rx)

Download (169.3MB 192kbps MP3 123’18”) 305 downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2015-01-17

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Artists: 3kstatic, Aeron Aether, BETA, BSD, Beatman, Blazer, Channel Surfer, Colombo, DBF, Eltron, Espion, Evgeny Minin, Keith303, KiloWatts, Kwah, LeftRight, Ludmilla, Metabreed, Oleg Zubkov, Plastic Shell, Quextal, Re:Creation, Rektchordz, Roger T, Skein, The Fixionist, s)


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