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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #099:
live on NSB 13th Dec 2014

11 August 2016

Apologies for the extreme delay in uploading these last few shows; it’s taken a while to get my upload scripts working again on my new computer. Anyway here we are with another 2 hours of fine tuna for your consideration, including several tracks from Maxim Hix’s great album “Elixir”.
Download (167.2MB 192kbps MP3 121’43”) 583 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Mad Tek Promised Deep Garnet [promo]
2 Maxim Hix Shuttle Break Wind [promo]
3 Alt-A Sonic Overload VIM [promo]
4 Hedflux Rhythm Prism (OOOD rx) Luminus
5 Resistor EV SixtyNine VIM [promo]
6 Morato Warrior City Sewer [promo]
7 Oneway Warrior (Dirt Revolver rx) VIM [promo]
8 Hedflux Diversion (Bad Tango rx) Luminus
9 Half Space Funk Break VIM [promo]
10 Maxim Hix Motion Break Wind [promo]
11 Sloth Contact Game [promo]
12 Maxim Hix The Fall Break Wind [promo]
13 Hoffman & Savannah ft Sanna Hartfield Don’t Go Unstable [free]
14 Hedflux Pyramid Eclipse Luminus
15 Sloth Funny Travel [promo]
16 Hedflux Fractal Funk (Nanoplex rx) Luminus
17 Hedflux Catharsis (Split & Jaxta rx) Luminus
18 Stereodots Certainly Crazy (Frequency Less rx) VIM [promo]
19 Maxim Hix Clouds Break Wind
20 Loaded Fist Code Zero (MDK rx) Ego Shot
21 Maxim Hix Milestone Break Wind [promo]

Download (167.2MB 192kbps MP3 121’43”) 583 downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2014-12-13

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Artists: Alt-A, Bad Tango, Dirt Revolver, Frequency Less, Half Space, Hedflux, Hoffman, Jaxta, Loaded Fist, MDK, Mad Tek, Maxim Hix, Morato, Nanoplex, OOOD, Oneway, Resistor, Sanna Hartfield, Savannah, Sloth, Split, Stereodots

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