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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #092:
live on NSB 16th Aug 2014

8 October 2014

From the leftfield to the rightroyalrave, via heavy electro and psybreaks.
Download (152.0MB 192kbps MP3 110’39”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2014-08-16.mp3)] downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Alien No155 Music From A Faraway Planet Deep Garnet [promo]
2 Wolfaktiv Pause Cafe (Vortecx rx) [promo]
3 Frequency Less Hallucinogen Effect (Forufreezer rx) VIM [promo]
4 Acidova Cosmic Flow (Blazer rx) Tek [promo]
5 Poxymusic Our Break Hussle n Bussle
6 Audiotoxin Sunrise Spektra
7 Max Hertzz Sunrise Ego Shot [promo]
8 Alt-A Delusions Ego Shot [promo]
9 Stefano Prada Funkytown (Purple Project re-edit) Under Pressure
10 Nanoplex Baby Gravy (Tongue & Groove rx) Shifty Disko [promo]
11 Nanosphere Alien Flirtation Broken Robot [promo]
12 Martopeter Into Oblivion Broken Robot
13 Nanosphere Dark Energy Broken Robot [promo]
14 Akash Aliens vs Machines (Al(UK) rx) VIM
15 Frequency Less Real Drugs Tek [promo]
16 Toefinger & Soulah Reality Tunnel (Too Dusty rx) Yellow Finger [promo]
17 Madmind Reptilian (Blazer rx) Neom
18 Martopeter Irony Broken Robot [promo]
19 Alt-A Never Meant To Be VIM [promo]

Download (152.0MB 192kbps MP3 110’39”) [downloadcounter(quextal_live_on_nsb_2014-08-16.mp3)] downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2014-08-16

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Artists: Acidova, Akash, Alien No155, Alt-A, Audiotoxin, Blazer, Forufreezer, Frequency Less, Groove, Madmind, Martopeter, Max Hertzz, Nanoplex, Nanosphere, Poxymusic, Purple Project re-edit, Soulah, Stefano Prada, Toefinger, Tongue, Too Dusty, UK), Vortecx, Wolfaktiv

Labels: Broken Robot, Deep Garnet, Ego Shot, Hussle n Bussle, Neom, Shifty Disko, Spektra, Tek, Under Pressure, VIM, Yellow Finger,


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